On the Bulgarian resort of wounded Belarusian students

Society As the local police, covered in blood Belarusian Dmitry S. was picked up at night on the main street of the village of Kranevo.

Young man time to announce that he assaulted a drunken man, who struck him a heavy blow on the head with sticks east of knives. In neyrahirurgichnym department of the clinic in a good victim was made emergency surgery, which lasted four hours. As explained by one of the surgeons, head of the Dr. Ruslan Nicolas, Belarusian state is still heavy. The attack guy got "multiple skull fractures, brain contusion and epidural hematoma."It is

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Nekljaev: If the Belarusian — this is not a diagnosis, we need to get out of the hospital for the spiritually sick

Society Today in court the Frunze district court of Minsk ended the debate — were three lawyers accused Anastasia Palazhanka and Vladimir Neklyaeva, and all six of the defendants acted with the last words.

Nyaklyayeu in his final statement drew attention to the fact that the court ironically located on the street Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, and read the excerpt from "Pinsk gentry" Svidetselyam had seen Draco and raznyali derushchyhsya — 10 vines on the carpet and a fine of 10 rubles in favor of vremennaga prysutstviya, all off which are not seen fighting for something that is not seen … "And hereafter

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In Mogilev detained activist Tell the Truth

Society In October police department of Mogilev, which brought Sergei, do not miss the activists of the "Tell the Truth" and do not say, what's going on Sergei Laputina. According to unofficial information, the department being interrogated.

13:50 The police car drove into the yard activist police department to search. At the moment, there is no record of the arrest of Sergei, and to still knows what he is accused of. Among those who expected an activist about the department, has been an independent trade union lawyer Sergei Fomin, who took over the police witness.

15:00Ended inspection machine Sergei Laputina.

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Belarusian falshyvamanetchyki choose Dollar

Society Cashiers Belarusian banks in January-June 2010 revealed 483 counterfeit banknotes.

About This was announcedand the correspondent BELTA in the management of the National Bank of Belarus.

Total identified fraud Belarusian rubles and six types of foreign currencies. The vast majority of fakes — about half — found in Minsk and the Minsk region.

According to the National Bank, in the first half of the year there have been attempts sales 49 counterfeit notes of the National Bank of Belarus vs. 73 bills during the same period last year. The most often found false 20000th bills. As a rule, the

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The price of gas rose by 13.2%

Society In Belarus, the price of gas for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities from August 11 this year increased from 632 505 to 716 000 rubles per thousand cubic meters without value added tax, or 13.2%.

This is stated in the decree of the Ministry of Economy of August 5, 2010 Number 122, BelTA informs.

The increase in cost due to rise in price of the purchase price of Russian natural gas, as well as changes in the general economic conditions of management for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

Belarus has increased the supply of petroleum products in Ukraine

Society Belarus exports amounted to diesel and avtabenzin AI-92. Also on the Ukrainian market of Belarus exported avtabenziny marks "Normal-80" and 95 octane, reports "Interfax".

"Belarusian Oil Company" supplies to Ukraine entire volume of petroleum products from the Venezuelan oil. Growth in exports of petroleum products due to the "active marketing policy" of the company.

"Belarusian Oil Company" has its wholly owned marketing structure — the company "BNK-Ukraine".

Moreover, Delivery was doing and "Belorusneft" that recycles at Belarusian refineries all the oil that is produced in Belarus under processing.

According to experts, the Ukrainian market is promising for

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Alexander Romanovich convicted

Society Judge Pinsk Dmitry Svitsin Court reversed the decision of the Brest and upheld and the appropriate punishment Pinsky activist Alexander Romanovich.Originally, back in June activist movement "For Freedom" Alexander Romanovich was sentenced to pay a fine of 30 basic units for the production and distribution of printed materials. Later, his complaint to the regional court satisfied by canceling the penalty. The matter should review another judge.

Nevertheless Today activist found guilty under Article 22.9, the second part of the Administrative Code — for the manufacture and distribution of printed materials.

Alexander Romanovich intends once again to appeal the verdict

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The Story of a miracle: Eugene Volosevych


When friends Belarusian Artisan mention his youth thirty years ago, they also compare themselves with the previous generation of their children. When they talk, what was the Artisan — the first an informal association of young people, they think, why such associations are not born today? What do young people really different, or the time of an adverse, the stars in the sky went the wrong order. Again, if a lot of reasons, and not a single comprehensible.

The designer and builder Eugene Volosevych believes that the most important thing for young people — Wednesday, and in today's

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Wprost: How Minsk can answer Father's happiness?

Society, writes the Polish edition "Wprost".

On once the picture will be a game in its genre, and belong to the soft porn. Predicting the response of the official Minsk on the Russian film production titled "Father's happiness," the Polish observers do not rule out the possibility that the reaction Belarus' can be "scary."

Polish edition at the beginning of the plot stops for a straightforward new film by Russian director Alexander whose shafts, he is the creator of porn Saakashvili and Tymoshenko.

The head of one of the Belarusian state farms once Luke learns that his farm is

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Young Belarus wants to legalize

The founding congress of the Society "Young Belarus" took place on July 10 2010 in Minsk.

"We have applied for registration in order for everyone to understand our desire and good will to act within the legal framework", — said the leader of the "Young Belarus" Artur Finkevich.

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