Ratings of Putin and Medvedev fires do not damage

Society This was stated in an interview with Radio Liberty, the Russian expert sociological institution "Levada-Center" Denis Volkov. He denies the facts of the Russian newspaper "Vedomosti", which on Tuesday wrote that the ratings of President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin allegedly impaired:

"Newspaper" Vedomosti "is not quite correct to use our data, because, if you look at the trend, according to data lipenskimi the contrary, we have recorded some increase in ratings of Putin and Medvedev. Comparing the data of May and June, then there really is a drop in the four Interest Putin and Medvedev in one. For

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Even today, 11 August



Rain and a thunderstorm, the temperature of +19-24 C 

Do not pass:

Minsk. In the national press center — pressing the conference "The organization of trade in goods for the new school year," and "Making gidrametearalyagichnay security in a volatile environment."

Minsk. In Minsk city executive committee — press conference "Development of services in the city of Minsk." 


Visit of the President of the World Bank Robert Zoellick to Moldova 


480 BC — The Battle of Fermapilah Kserksa between the Persian army and allied forces under

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Chest Larissa Heniyush


Danuta Bichel, Alex Karpyuk, Larissa Heniyush, Vasil Bykov after a speech in Zelva health-forest school. 1963 In Soviet BelarusLarissa Heniyush sought to make ethnographic poet. After, in 1967 in the journal "Polymya" published his poem "Treasure Chest", all the criticism, as agreed, wrote about the camp, and rotifers in poetry Heniyush.

In the imagination Julian Pshyrkova lyrical heroine poetess "rastsila flax and wanted to weave rugs and belts for those who dream about it at night."

Danuta Bichel his preface to the book "On Chabar infusions" and began: "Larissa Heniyush creates his poems, as if spinning flax fiber

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One hundred passengers were evacuated trains

Society at the station "Zhdanovichi" one hundred passengers were evacuated. However, the audit did not find the police in the train bombing.

The police explained that the message that what will happen "Something terrible" was received from the railway station attendant 27-year resident of the village of Red Maladzechna district. Duty gave information to employees of the transport police, saying that, perhaps, the train can be mined.

Do I need to raise the retirement age for women?

Society members: former Minister of Labour of Belarus Alexander Sasnou and chairman of the NGO "Women's Independent Democratic Movement" Lyudmila Petina.

The economic feasibility of raising the retirement age?

Valery Karbalevich"Ukraine has decided to gradually raise the retirement age for women to 60 years. And now Belarus remains a country, probably, with the world's lowest retirement age for women. Is there a socio-economic feasibility for similar solutions in Belarus? "

Alexander Sasnou"This decision peraspela, it had to take a long time. After all, there is a tendency to increase the number of pensioners and reduce the number of people who

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Return to the post of General Yuri Iliev?

Society Former General Director of JSC "Gomelsteklo" justified Mogilev Regional Court in full. This was reported by media company BelaPAN.

The verdict has not yet entered into legal force — each party has the right to appeal against his or appeal.

General Director of "Gomelsteklo" Yuri Iliev was detained KGB at the end of May last year. He was suspected of receiving a large bribe from commercial entities for allegedly favorable resolution of issues related to sales of products.

In August of the same 2009and against Mr. Ilieva KGB initiated another criminal case — malpractice. This was done on the

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Europe refused Romanchuk

Society The administration of the Minsk hotel "Europe", despite prior agreement, refused to provide space for the presentation of the "millions of jobs for Belarus' potential presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk. The event is scheduled in Minsk on August 25, is still with the economic program of the candidate of the United Civil Party have already met people in other regions of the country.

As theand in the office of the United Civil Party, in an interview with representatives of the party and the hotel staff made it clear that the decision to refuse the presentation adopted under pressure from

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Belgian scientists have proposed a new method for diagnosis of Alzheimer's

Society According to scientists, the discovery of a new method for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's can be started a new era in the treatment nevralyagichnay disease, which was long considered incurable. The method allows to accurately determine whether a patient has Alzheimer's disease and what are the chances of getting sick on it in the future. With appropriate therapy is probably not enough to stop the death of nerve cells — a process in which people lose the ability to remember, think and reason. Investigation of a new technique was published on Tuesday, in a U.S. medical journal "Archives

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UCP: compromise with the authorities on the missing opposition can not be

Society As the site of the United Civil Party, in an interview with BBC radio BBC Party leader Anatoly Lebedko said that the theme of the kidnapped and murdered opponents of the Belarusian regime — perhaps the only issue on which there can be no compromise with the Belarusian authorities:

"And as long as those who ordered these crimes, organized and executed them, not punished, This topic always be relevant. "

Explaining why during the election campaigns of political disappearances question takes on added interest, Mr. Lebedko said: "Any election campaign — is the possibility of additional public

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Rust Marwan: Belarusian language to Czech — really intimate experience

Society Bushlyakov: Mr. Marwan, if your life, filled with a variety of languages, Belarusian broke?

Marwan: First of all I was interested in all Slavic languages — without exception. And I saw that some of these languages need special protection. All languages are at risk, I call not small, but rather a valuable (English precious).

If we become aware that something is valuable, as against the iron gold valuable, as it begins to fascinate us. And of course, that the Belarusian language was in my field of vision.

May interest in Belarusian — is a political gesture.

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