India has aimed at Belaruskaliy

Society The agency BelTA, the diplomat recalled that India — one of the largest importers of Belarusian potash fertilizers, and she is interested in "the development and strengthening of" cooperation with Belarus in the field.

Chander said the Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko invited to participate in the Energy Forum to be held in India in October 2010. If he accepts the offer, it will give the Indian side to discuss issues of mutual interest, including the opportunity to participate in the privatization of "Belaruskali" the ambassador said.

According to Ramesh Chander, This topic will also be discussed at the

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Russians — were fined, Belarusians — was given a chance to justify

Society Today, the Central Administrative Court considered the case of Gomel Russian citizen Alexander Konovalov and Gomel resident Ruslan Vstsimenki.

They were arrested on June 15 in the city park, where there, in Lenin Square, conducted action "Revolution through social networks" and sent overnight to the detention center, and today brought to court. Both were charged with disorderly conduct and disobeying police.

Judge Elena Tsalkova fined Alexander Konovalov, 20 basic units (700,000 rubles), although a citizen of Russia was not involved in the action.

The trial Ruslan Ustsimenkam postponed to June 17.

"I did not recognize that screamed some

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Minsk trolley broke in Moldova

Society About 70 percent of the trolley purchased for use in Chisinau became unusable. Defective vehicles purchased in Minsk, taken out of service and sent to repair, — "Novosti-Moldova".

Total repair is 16 out of 25 new vehicles. Minsk Plant of reported malfunctions.

Municipal officials say the problems with the new electric units have appeared right from the beginning of their operation.

In 2010 Chisinau prymeryya and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed an agreement under which the Moldovan side has received 13.7 million euros for the purchase of 102 trolleybuses production Minsk "Belkommunmash." The cost of each

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Hurricanes destroy the Belarusian forest in geometric progression

Society As told at the press conference, First Deputy Minister of Forestry Nicholas Crook, the damage caused to the forest fund Belarus hurricanes are increasing every year. On He said, in 2008 as a result of a natural disaster or a continuous partial cutting subject to more than 700 million cubic meters of wood. Last year the figure has exceeded 1.2 million cubic meters. Since the beginning 2010 already damaged more than 1 million 410 thousand cubic meters of timber.

Mr Crook said that only in the last weekend in Belarus hurricane destroyed 465,000 cubic meters of forest plantations,

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Will Belarus to sell grain in spite of Russia?

Society Russian Prime Vladimir Putin August 9 announced data: projected grain harvest this year will be 60-65 million tons, which is one third less than last year. The internal demand in the Russian grain is 78 million tons. Putin said that "count on a quick removal of the export ban is not necessary."

According to First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov, grain export ban applies to all states, including partners in the Customs Union — Belarus and Russia.

In this case, Shuvalov said that so far, the creation of a single economic space, in contrast to the import

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A.Vardamatski: Orientation Belarusians to weaken Russia at the EU — is growing


About the latest developments in this matter, told the BelaPAN leader Professor Nowak Andrew Vardamatski.

Vardamatski: July survey confirmed the positive trend: in Belarus, there was a return to public consciousness

traditional bivektarnastsi. It existed prior to May 2004, then focus on Russia and the West, too, was in fact equal.

In May 2004, I recall, was the expansion of the EU, and begun to strengthen the orientation of the Belarusians to Russia. By January 2010, the gap persisted, and now we have documented the steady weakening of the orientation of the eastern neighbor. That's the

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Belarusians make love domestic beer

Society At the meeting of the Council of Ministers Chairman of concern "Belgospischeprom" Ivan Danchenko, Belarus is going to reduce the share of imported beer in the domestic market to 5% from the current 30%.

However, it does not happen tomorrow, but over the next five years. Today, government officials considered the outcomes of the program for the development of the brewing industry2006-2010 years and came to a disappointing conclusion — Belarusian beer market is actually divided between the Russian and Ukrainian producers.

Given the disappointing for Belarusian Brewers trends outlined goals for the next five years —

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The visa-free border regime with Latvia may start in August

Society The agreement on visa-free regime for residents of border areas of Belarus and Latvia may sign in August. As told to "ERB" head of the consular department of the Belarusian embassy in Latvia Oleg Andreev, fully coordinated and all questions with Latvia, serious differences in the positions of Minsk and Riga's not.

Belarus and Latvia had to sign a contract before, but there was a delay so that the border passes not only from Latvia, but also with the European Union. Therefore, we first needed get a "good" from Brussels. The decision of the EU headquarters was positive.

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Lukashenko — for the stage, Latushko — for theater

Society Alexander Lukashenko Meets with Minister of Culture Pavel Latushko. As BelTA, the President instructed to intensify work on the adoption of the State Programme for the Development of Culture of Belarus for 2011-2015.

Lukashenko also welcomed the initiative of the Government on the establishment of the Public Council for Culture and the Arts. It is expected that this structure will include both well-known creators and talented youth.

Lukashenko called for the development stage and cinema Belarus. In the near future it is planned to hold a presidential meeting with the representatives of the creative intelligentsia and analyze

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Collect signatures for Neklyaeva banned

Society Bobruisk City Council does not allow to August 15 rally to gather signatures in support of the director of research and educational institutions, "Moving Forward" by Vladimir Neklyaeva delegate to the Fourth Republican People's Assembly.One of the applicants picket Elena Medvedev"Failure argued that the application does not indicate the date of the meeting. If it takes place, is unknown. Moreover, in the response of the Executive Committee stated that we have broken the application process. It must be submitted not later than fifteen days before the rally. I filed an application on July 30. Basically, I did not expect

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