Instead offered a burnt house doghouse

Society While the Belarusian rescuers to help the Russians fight the fire inside Belarus are increasingly starting fires in forests and peat lands, including in areas contaminated by the Chernobyl radiation. According to records management, every day there is up to 15 fires. The population is prepared for the worst. Many fire victims have not received compensation insurance since last year.


"Every outbreak threatens to turn into a fire with heavy consequences"

In Mogilev risk of major fires in forests and peatlands remain prevalent, while suffering thirty-degree heat.

Locate the individual fire firefighter and forest enterprises have

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What will bring the parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan?



The political landscape

Now the situation in Kyrgyzstan outwardly calm. The authorities even lifted the curfew in the city of Osh, where in June the scene of bloody clashes between ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks. The victims of the unrest in dozens of people, tens of thousands of refugees. Observers situation remains tense and the central government has little opportunity to take it under control. Many are calling the instigator and even the organizers of pogroms in Osh mayor Melissa Mirzatykava, but he remains in office.

Last week, the excitement has already taken place in the capital Bishkek. They

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Mandatory distribution: if you want to work — look for the place itself

Society In early August, young professionals, graduates go to work. Graduates of the budget offices must work on the distribution of 2-year to repay the state for the free education. Or guaranteed by each graduate first job?Mandatory distribution is particularly true of pedagogical, agricultural and medical schools.

In the future teachers are having problems even before the distribution.

The current graduate of the Faculty of Philology of BSU Anna told where razmyarkovvali her fellow students:

"In fact, nowhere. Like," no vacancies, look for yourself. "So bring yourself requests, each searching for himself. Our people were attached to the newspapers, one

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Four in a cell, one — on the bench

Society In court Condo district of Minsk started criminal proceedings against five activists of the anarchist movement, who are accused of arson attempts of the Belarusian government and public institutions, as well as the Russian embassy in September last year.

Before the Court Nicholas Dedok, Igor Olinevich, Maxim Vetkin from Minsk Eugene Silivonchik Salihorsk, Alexander Franzkevich of Novopolotsk. All of the defendants are charged under article 218 of the Criminal Code (intentional damage to property), even on Vetkin339-m (Hooliganism) and Franzkevich — by339-m, 349-m (Unauthorized access to computer information) and254-m (Industrial espionage).

In particular, young people are accused of

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In Gomel Prosecutor's Office issued a warning contingency correspondent


As the site falls Bazhan, the document from the Prosecutor's Office stated that T.Bublikova engaged in journalistic work illegally because there is no employment or other relationship with the media.

The prosecutor's office of the Gomel region interested in journalistic activities Tatiana Bublikava based on the application Victor Lebyashkova. Mr. Lebyashkov, an agronomist who works on the farm "Urickogo", 30 June gave Tatiana Bublikvavay and "unknown young man" comment on the impact of heat on plant and harvest. Later agronomist learned, that it was in an interview on Polish satellite TV channel "Belsat".

In a statement, Mr

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Female face Belarusian officials

Society Edition of "Tomorrow your country" has made analysis of how men and women work in the public administration of Belarus.

In 2009in bodies of state administration in Belarus more than 67% consisted of women. However, 80% of heads and deputies — men.

The share of women in the public administration, the higher the lower the level of management. If the national government agencies, according to the National Statistics Committee, about 58% of women, in the district, city, village executive committees, their share has already reached 75% or more.

Judicial and legal institutions are also predominantly female — 74%,

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The victims of the heat wave

Society Belarus has recorded increase in mortality due to heat waves. Doctors point out first of all deaths of elderly people, as well as increasing the number of drowning.

Back in early July, during the 35-degree heat in the route taxi in Minsk, died of heart failure 60-year-old citizen of Russia. Death from heart disease, according to preliminary information, recently suffered the driver of the car on the street Bogdanovich. The aggravation of diseases caused by heat, and then death was pronounced in other cases, said the deputy chief doctor of the Minsk Emergency Hospital Igor Grigoriev:

"I know about

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Among the foreigners Belarusians in Lithuania — in second place

Society According to Internet portal DELFI, the number of people with foreign passports, as well as the citizens of Lithuania recent years shrinking.

At the beginning of 2010 lived in Lithuania 3.29 million people, less than a year earlier. In 2009in the country had 3.3 million citizens of Lithuania, in 2001 — 3.4 million

Among the foreigners in Lithuania most Russians, who in the early this year there were 11,700 people. A year earlier, in Lithuania there were 12,300 citizens of Russia, in 2001 — 13,400.

Moreover, at the beginning 2010 lived in Lithuania 3300 citizens of

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Anton Astapovich — against on the Castle Hotel in Minsk

Society In a statement, Anton Astapovich refers to the planned construction of the Castle Hotel in the street. There, on the request of the municipal unitary enterprise (PMC) "Minsk heritage" and according to the project of the architect of creative workshop B.Kostsicha Building trust number 1, work began on the construction of a new hotel complex. Under the official title of the project building served as the "Restoration of monuments of history and culture of the 19th century. — Building number 25, number 27, and on the street. Castle into a hotel complex."

According to Anton Astapovich, developed and

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The court did not believe the witnesses, police officers

Society Judge of the October District Court of Minsk Sergei Germanovich stopped administrative cases against the volunteers of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Vyacheslav Flies and Paul Segawa, who police charged with disorderly conduct.

Unusually for the practice of the last trials of democracy activists in the result ended in the current processes in the October court of Minsk. Volunteers "Tell the Truth" Vyacheslav Fly andPaul Segawa acquitted, not finding them in violation of administrative action, which was discussed in the minutes of the police.

The events that have led to the court, took place the morning of

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