About Liberty: Valzhina Tereshchenko



What is your freedom?

A stable state of positivity in everyday life, and full responsibility for all that you do and say.

What is most limiting your freedom?

Arrogance and lack of money.

What is happiness for you?

The absence of the state of unhappiness.

What are you most afraid of?

God's wrath and bankruptcy yourself as a mother.

What a talent you would like to have?

Already no.

Who of his contemporaries do you admire?

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What awaits Autuhovich in wolf dens?


Ablameyko: Mr. Valeri, you have visited different Belarusian prisons, including a year and a half sat in the years 2004-6 Ivatsevichy colony number 22 — the so-called "Wolf dens. " What makes it different from others?

Levaneuski: In this colony there are some negative and some positive aspects. One positive aspect — there is good air, it is in the woods, asphalt, at least there is almost none.

Negative — there is a very bad water, from her many itchy, it almost unusable for drinking because there swampy terrain. There's a lot of mosquitoes —

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Pentagon cuts costs

Society U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced plans to significantly reduce the governing apparatus of the military establishment, in particular, we plan to eliminate the joint command of the armed forces. According to Gates' plan is proposed cuts will save $ 100 billion over 5 years.

The Minister stressed that the reform plan assumes no reduction in defense spending, and their rationalization, reduction of inefficient management units armed forces.

9 years after the terrorist attacks on America September 9, 2001 annual U.S. military spending has almost doubled and are 700 billions of dollars, 170 billion of them — on the

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Russia is advantageous weak Lukashenko

Society Students discuss trips to the regions of Alexander Lukashenko, his statements about relations between Russia and Belarus, as well as talk about the different concepts of the origin of the Belarusians.

Student of Maladzechnaresents a publication that appeared recently in the presidential newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia":

"In Saturday's issue of" Security "printed" yesterday the president worked (PRATSAVAV!) in the Vitebsk region. "Yes, I have said that the president has once again demonstrated the performance, making it difficult to work the other, indirectly causing the show" Potemkin villages ", wasting public funds . "

The leader of the United Civil

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Another tanker from Chavez

Society The agreement on the supply of Venezuelan oil to Belarus was signed in May 2010. Until April 2011and plans to deliver four million tons of oil. Its first batch arrived in the port of Odessa in May.

The government is also considering the supply of Venezuelan oil through the Baltic ports. The fifth tanker arrived in the Estonian port of Muuga July 23.

Belarusians are retiring the youngest

Society Ukrainian authorities have decided to gradually increase the retirement age for women.

Now the pension age for men is 60 years in Ukraine for women — 55. For 10 years, starting from the next, the retirement age for women will be increased to 60 years.

This reform is one of the conditions for Ukraine's IMF loan in the amount of 15.3 billions of dollars.

In the longer term, Ukraine plans to bring the general retirement age to the average standard.

Today, the retirement age in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia is one of the most low in the

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Wolf's burrow for Autukhovich

Society Autukhovich prepared for transfer to the 13th squad Ivatsevichy colony number 22. According to human rights activist and lawyer Oleg Volchek, this should happen in the next few days.

How falls BelaPAN Volkovyssk businessman, was sentenced to five years in prison, was transferred to Ivatsevichy colony (Brest region) from the prison number 1 in Minsk on July 23. All this time He is in quarantine.

According Volchak, immediately after the transfer to the detachment Autuhovich doctor must examine the colony. "When will consider dentures Autukhovich outside the colony," — said the human rights activist.

As previously reported, Avtukhovich a

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Mogilev: the utility of human rights defenders

Society This decision was made Mogilev Regional Economic Court, where a claim addressed the utility. Such money from human rights activists there, and they will be forced to leave the premises.

According to a member of the Mogilev human rights center Boris Buhelya, underpayment of the utility calculated from April 24 2008. Since that day, a non-governmental organization denied preferential rate of payment of rent, but this did not inform the utility of human rights defenders. Within two years, according to Buhel, his organization was paying for those accounts that exposed the utility.

Mogilev Rights Center has repeatedly appealed to

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Designed papal legate to the anniversary of the Minsk Department

Society In his address to the Cardinal Josef Tomko dad Benedict XVI asked him to convey your kind words to all residents of Belarus, respectful of the church, freedom of religion, as well as to the person as an individual, BelTA informs.

The celebrations will be held in Minsk on October 9. Their motto — "The joy and hope."

Church-hero of the day was founded by the Jesuit order July 31, 1700.

Venezuelan oil can stop the plant in Mazheykyai

Society Klaypedki terminal, 70% of which is controlled by the Lithuanian government plans to get oil from Venezuela for Belarus.

It is planned to receive monthly to 160 tons. And it's almost more than lyagistychnyya enterprise features, reports DELFI.

The Lithuanian government gives the palm of Venezuelan oil, and shipments to Mazeikiai plant, run by the Polish concern Orlen, will be severely limited. As a result of these changes, the terminal can not meet its obligations to the Lithuanian plant. The plant is dependent on Klyaypedkaga port through it, he gets a raw material.

This dependence has become more

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