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Belarusian Eurobonds reached $ 1 billion

Society As a result, the volume of Belarusian Eurobonds reached 1 billion. Additional bonds priced at 102% of par. Their yield was 8.251% per annum, reports "Interfax".

Belarus on July 26 for the first time placed a 5-year sovereign Eurobonds for 600 million with a yield of 9% per annum. Coupon vrovni was fixed at 8.75% per annum. The offering price of securities amounted to 99.011% of par. Eurobonds redeemed August 3, 2015.

The issue was BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and the "Savings Bank".



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The investigation did not rule out political motives behind the disappearance Zakharenka

Uliana Zakharenko society appealed to the Prosecutor General of Belarus Grigory Vasilevich to provide information about what was done prosecution authorities for 11 years in search of her son, and those who he was forcibly abducted, the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya".

On appeal Victor said Conan. He said the prosecutor's office of Minsk continues a criminal investigation into the disappearance of Yuri Zakharenko. The period of investigation extended to September 24 this year. We study different versions of wrongdoing, "in including because of self-interest, on the grounds of personal hostility, due to his political activities, as well as a number

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Salary for December — $ 500 April — 250

Society The currency crisis in Belarus is primarily reflected in the earnings. The amount that corresponded in December promised government $ 500 — half a million rubles — now in terms of the currency was halved. But they also have impaired salaries of public administration institutions are trying to cut, by performing a directive on budgetary savings.


Teachers will be taken away from 20% of salaries in rural — 18%

A resident of Brest Ludmila said, "Freedom", the teachers who work in the city, have to relinquish 20% of their earnings, and rural teachers — 18%:

"We state

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Tell the Truth campaign activists acquitted

Society The policeman asked to see passports, but the activists had not. Young people detained for identification. The department drew up a report on them for allegedly using foul language.

October District Judge Court of Minsk Sergei Germanovich found that the actions of the activists had no violations and no witnesses of any violations. He dismissed the case.


Tell the truth

Already today, August 10



Night storm, all day until the evening — rain. The temperature +22-24 C 

Do not pass:

Minsk, the meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers

Minsk, the meeting of the working group of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly House of Representatives Human Rights, National Relations and Mass Media. Agenda — On the Draft Law of the Republic of Belarus "On citizens and legal persons" (first reading).  


Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Acad visit Kazakhstan

In Geneva, the conference will continue the UN Disarmament 


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How do the authorities want to dismantle the monument Larissa Heniyush


Monument Larissa Heniyush. Author — Michael Inkov.

The idea to establish a monument in Zelva Larissa Heniyush was first announced in the pages of "Polack" in 1996. To her addiction treated with the Belarusian Diaspora, began raising funds.

The Organizing Committee wrote to the executive committee with a request Zelvenskiy determine the location for the monument, on which the work was finishing sculptor Michael Inkov— A native Zelva. Soon came the answer: "The District Executive Committee decided to allow the installation of the bust of Larissa Heniyush the street Soviet, in the square in front of the

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Michael Bashura leave behind bars

Society An activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura from Saturday 7 August held in prison in Akrestsin unaware of actions that could take place two years ago. He was arrested on charges of forgery and falsification of sales documents, stamps, seals and letterheads. It was later revealed that Michael Bashura allegedly suspected of forging documents to obtain credit.

August 9 in the Soviet district police interrogated activist and lawyer Tamara Sidorenko hoped that after questioning him released. However, hopes were dashed.

Ms. Sidorenko reported Radio Liberty, that the charge Michael Bashurov did not show. And

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No Man's Hole Kohanovo

Society Petrushenka"Kohanovo is now preparing for the arrival of Lukashenko, but it's power. We are well aware that we are not called. Most will be put under arrest, and my house will stand policeman … "

Population in the settlement, which is the railway track Brest — Moscow has always been very colorful. Me about it 5 years ago, said an unemployed engineer Yuri.

Yuri"In Kohanovo local resident, the ones that came out of Chernobyl, a former collective farm chairmen, former director, former officer and ex-cons …"

However, the situation that caused me to fall apart here, were politically extreme.

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Cure or prayer?

Society In order not to rely solely on the statement of the experiment, doctors have used special equipment. It was found that two people had improved the quality of hearing, and three people — sight. Researchers cite examples of the impact of prayers. For example, one elderly woman with Mozambique, which could not see the hand of a man at a distance of one foot, vision improved significantly after eye she put a hand on the man who prayed for her. Similar results were observed in experiments in Brazil.

Research scientists from Indiana caused a wide resonance.

Many people,

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The police were concerned shirt Homel activist

Society Gomel social activist, a member of the United Civil Party, Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh received a summons to appear Aug. 10 at 15 pm in the Central district police station. As said, for the decoration of the administrative case. What specific — not specified.

As suggested by the activist, the call likely connected with his T-shirt with the inscription "For Belarus without Lukashenko." Because of her Nepomnyashchikh, by the way, a retired police officer, the staff of the Central police station arrested July 27 — the feast day of Belarusian independence:

"Prydralisya to my t-shirt that says," For Belarus without Lukashenka

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