Reported poetry contest winners named Larissa Heniyush

Society Poetry contest was announced in March to support talented youth. The contest was organized association of Christian writers "Ringing of church bells." Participation in the competition was nearly three dozen artists from all over Belarus.

The authors evaluated the ability of a jury of journalist Paul Sevyarinets, poet Branches Korzeniowski and writer Nicholas Trofimchuk. As a result, were declared winners of two special awards, seven winners and seven winners.

Spetspryzami awarded Galina Yaroshevich from Baranovichi — the author of a song cycle on poems of Larissa Heniyush, as well as historical and patriotic club "Heritage" from village

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Gomel — the hottest city in Belarus

Society The highest temperature recorded this summer on August 8 in Gomel. The mercury rose to 38.9 degrees is heat. This information provides the Gomel Regional Center gidrametearalogii and radiation control. A similar anomalous temperature was observed in all the previous decades meteorologists summary observations.

Close to the current temperature — 38 degrees plus — recorded in the summer of 1946. Then in Vasilevichy temperature reached to 37.9 degrees Celsius.

8 August and it was hot in Zhlobin — plus 37.8. In this day, except Zhitkovichi and Vasilevich, the absolute temperature maxima recorded at all weather stations Gomel.

Abnormally high

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Belarusian businessmen — not the richest in the CIS

Society Ukrainian newspaper "Delo" published a study on "The richest of the CIS." The rating included businessmen six post-Soviet republics, including Belarus and Moldova. Evaluation of wealth main business of the two republics published.

"It" has found out, in whose hands the largest in post-Soviet republics focused most reputable business assets, and with the help of experts evaluated their market value.

The largest — in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Representatives of the three countries of the former Soviet Union come up regularly

Most transparent assets compared with other countries of the Commonwealth — the Russian and Ukrainian businesses.

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NN against the Ministry of Information: Editorial denied the petition

Society Revision of "Nasha Niva" appealing warning the Ministry of Information. Today held a preliminary hearing on the case.

The basis for the issuance by the Ministry of Information, was the publication in the newspaper "false information that one of the victims of the terrorist attack on April 11 allegedly was at the station until late in the evening." According to the Ministry of Information, dissemination of this information is causing harm to the public interest, discredits the public authorities, rescue and medical services that participated in providing assistance to victims.

Representatives have filed a petition for revision is to

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Michael Bashura questioned

Society An activist of the "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura from Saturday 7 August held in prison in Akrestsin unaware of actions that could take place two years ago.

Currently Michael Bashura, who was detained in the evening on August 7, is interrogated by the Soviet police department of Minsk. Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko that protects activist, said that he could be free today 9th August under certain conditions:

"It should bring to an investigator for questioning, or have already brought. According to his wife, who spoke on Sunday with the investigator, if the charge was brought against him. If

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New film scenario Wisniewski will be removed in Belarus

Society Evening of August 8 in Minsk signed autographs one of the most famous Polish writers today Janusz Leon Wisniewski. Autograph session took place in a music store, "The Mystery of Sound", which sought to get a few hundred fans of the popular writer. However, many have not been able to get through to his idol through the crowd.

Janusz Leon Wisniewski has gained European recognition for his debut novel "Samotnasts the Web» (S @ motnosc w Sieci). History of virtual love that in Poland alone published edition of 300,000 copies in 2006 year was filmed and napavnyalnastsi halls

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On the state of these entities can not speak


Bite: The situation is different in the two republics, but one thing unites them — for these two years These republics are no closer

to independence, but rather showed that Russia's efforts to gain recognition have been in vain.

In Abkhazia and South Ossetia became more and more people. It would seem that after the recognition of the independence of many to return to. But the population remained roughly the same. And this despite the fact that there were large contingents put Russian troops. The outflow continues and this is particularly evident in the case of South Ossetia.

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In August 2008, we beat the Americans

Society Radio Liberty: Why have recognized the independence of Kosovo, dozens of countries, almost half of the UN, and Abkhazia and South Ossetia — but Russia Venesuela and Nicaragua and the island of Vanuatu. Why Russia is in such isolation on this issue?

Dubnov: Kosovo managed global experiment to create a world from scratch. The world was ready to apply for the sovereignty of a little bit different, and the former Yugoslavia was the best opportunity to overcome the age-old barrier. The world has been forced to take responsibility for Kosovo, even if he wanted her to lose, it

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Last year, after Hurricane nobody helped. So now would be …

According to the MOE society, even today, more than a thousand villages remain without electricity. In the 22 areas damaged houses and outbuildings, as well as crops in home gardens. Today, reporters visited the affected areas, "Freedom." Many people complain about the lack of help.


Destroyed by wind

Wind gusts on Sunday reached 24 meters per second. In Bobruisk this time The shuttle driver was killed.

Killed a man born in 1961, worked on the shuttle. At the final stop, he decided to rest:

"Settling in the passenger seat. Opposite was a tree — Poplar eighty centimeters

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Fire-based chemicals: In the dog house flies are gone, and people say everything is normal …

Society At the base of chemical production of "Zelvenskiy Selkhozkhimiya» More July 18, there was a fire at the warehouse, storing more than 300 tons of obsolete pesticides, taken away for storage here from all over the region in 2006. Prior to pesticides under the open sky, the wind carries them around the neighborhood. Work to deal with the past few days are not conducted because there is no special barrels to pack them in there.

Externally-based chemical production of "Zelvenskiy Selkhozkhimiya" Today everything looks easy. But when you approach closer, you can feel an unpleasant chemical odor and

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