Gomel: Two major problems in graduate — working and housing

Society Mrs."Employment! University graduate and get a job hard — no seats. Who attended for free, to send to the village, and who paid for — there is a dating service. "

Mr."First of all — financial. After graduation I was assigned to the Zhlobin. There I was given no shelter. I lived in a hotel, paid 21,000 rubles a day. Young professionals at small salaries. Not enough push to start living independently. "

Mrs."If a graduate distributed, this distribution as far as possible, in the countryside. That is the problem. "

Mr."The main thing — do not quit your

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The film is about Larissa Heniyush on Belsat

Society "Belsat" made a film about Larissa Heniyush. In the tape, consisting of two parts of 30 minutes each, which took off for the 100th anniversary of the birth of large Belarusian, used productions, the unique film and record a great poet, as well as rare and little-known photographs.

His thoughts on it are divided Vladimir Orlov, Michael Cherniavsky, Danuta Bichel and others. The film was shot using the technique of productions: a young Larissa Heniyush in Zelva and Prague played by actress. Tape is rich with rare photographs and documents, when it was created using unique newsreel footage showing

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There is money — will diploma

Society In the Belarusian State University on a budget enrolled 2,093 students, 2,134 students will study for a fee. Of the total received, 811 (48%) have a total score above 300. To become a student of international relations, you had to dial the budget department 360 points to law school — 348 points, on a specialty "computer security" — 340 on Actuarial Mathematics — 338 points. In order to learn a fee, passing scores could be 100-150 points lower. In other words, the money students can become almost anyone. The former rector of Belarusian State University Anatoly Pavlov says:


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Nyaklyayeu: We have to get out of the hospital for the spiritually sick


— Investigator on my case, if ended questioning and could In more or less a human being, told me a story about his young son.

His son goes to kindergarten. The father takes it and drives home, as usual, asked: "What's on Today did what was interesting? '"In learning to speak English!" — bouncing, responsible son. "Come on! — Surprised father. — And what words you have learned? "" Thank you and goodbye! "- Meets Belarusian Belarusian father-son.

The investigator of the Committee of State Security, Colonel of Justice told the story as a fun — and long

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Khalip received a journalism award

Society As the site of "European Belarus", the winner of the competition was the Romanian journalist Adrian Mogosa, He was honored for his research on the topic of human trafficking, forced labor, illegal logging, bullying of Romani children, etc. Special Diploma of the contest were awarded Belarusian journalist Irina Khalip and Bulgarian journalist Lidiya Pavlova.

In determining the winners of the jury took into account the personal risk, which was a journalist, quality of reporting, as well as the effect that the publication made on society.


award Khalip

Milinkevich required to correct the Electoral Code

Society The leader of the movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich called the House of Representatives to adopt the amendment to the Electoral Code, which guarantees the candidates' representatives participated in the vote count.A letter addressed to the chairman of Milinkevich House of Representatives Vladimir Andreychenko, the press service of the Movement.

Milinkevich recalls in his address that the country is still a postymperskaya threat of loss of independence. In order to protect the sovereignty and develop the economy, the country needs to reform the system of political, economic and social spheres. The main partner in the transformation, according to the

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Now Saakashvili politically stronger than it was before the war

Society 2 years ago the Georgian-Russian war. About its impact, including its impact on the Belarusian-Georgian relations, says the director of Radio Liberty Georgian Service David Kakabadze. Radio Liberty: As far as viable entities were Abkhazia and South Ossetia?Kakabadse: I believe that the existence of the self can be no question. Especially it can be said of South Ossetia. All of its budget is from Moscow. This is acknowledged by the separatist leaders. In Abkhazia, the position a little more. There's even own income from tourism, which were in Soviet times. But Moscow is spending a lot of money and

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Shouted lawsuit against the police do not want to be considered

Society of Journalists complained of police, who confiscated the latest issue of its publication. Judge Antonina Kachanova demanded that the complainant testified to the police a copy of the police report and confirmed that the newspaper "Free City" exists in Krichevo and that he her publisher.

Vladimir Kudryavtsev considers that the judge — is evidence of the fact that she does not want to do an action considered.

"Do the police have no proof of our guilt. Besides protocol inspection of the administrative offense, they were no more. Not even a seizure of newspapers. Against me no administrative or criminal

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Heniyush returned to Vimperk

Society Czech Senator Tomas Yirsa in his speech about the vernisazhu expressed the belief that the Czechoslovak state, giving Heniyush in the Soviet Union made a mistake.

Moving Heniyush from Prague to Vimperk at the end of 1947 was not actually their decision. From 1945 the Soviet authorities sought Heniyush edition, putting them accused of "anti-Soviet nationalist activities" during the war. When the poet did not yield to the entreaties of moving, attempts were made to her physical abduction. Heniyush in desperation wrote a letter asking for protection to the President Edward Benesha, as well as the American ambassador

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Tuition paying thousands of dollars, and are looking to work three or four …


Girl: "No, I myself am, I get a second degree paid properly, and I think it is not very expensive. Wailing half a million a year. I work, it's easier to me. When I came, I did not have pavbala, and I was in front of choice was problematic. But I think it is better now chymstsi used to be, because you have more opportunities to get an education. "

Student: "Expensive, definitely expensive. I am a student at the college in absentia pay eight thousand per year. I will continue to learn on a paid and

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