Drop bombs on Chechnya was easier than putting out fires

Society In Belarus approaching presidential campaign of the country. Preparation of potential candidates for this event — the theme of many calls to the "Freedom":

Nicholas Chibis: "The one politician or presidential candidate, who is running in Belarus and is talking about how he would defend the rights and challenge the square rigging after the elections, in my opinion, has bought the regime!"

Listener from Minsk: "It is necessary that the election of the president of his powers are limited, and the most important issues for the country decided parliament. A person can not know everything, and when to sow,

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Michael Bashura held in jail in Akrestsin

The matter was brought into the society of the Soviet Militia district of Minsk. Michael Bashura their involvement in illegal activities denies.

Bashurov still held in the Minsk detention center Akrestsin Street.

"The question of release of Michael Bashura will be decided on August 9 in the second half of the day. Can hold up to 8:00 pm, but no more than that, if you do not put up against him and did not take the appropriate decision. But I hope that this will not happen" — said " freedom, "the lawyer Tamara Sidorenko. An activist of the campaign

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In April, the products in Minsk rose 5,6-40%

Society The food prices in Minsk in April compared with March, the average increased by 5.6%, but for some items grew by 40 per cent — BelaPAN.

Thus, according to the General Statistics Office in Minsk, prices of cereals millet rose by 38.9%, oil — by 25.3%, tea — by 23.7%, mayonnaise — by 20%, rice — by 16.1%, buckwheat — by 12%, fish and fish products — by 10.4%, pasta — by 8.6%, canned fish — by 6.7%, bread and bakery products — by 5.4%, alcoholic beverages — by 3.5%, wheat flour — 3%, eggs — by 2.6%, dairy

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Lebedko: joint position to develop and sign

Society Among the participants were the ones who met in Vilnius pre-Uladimer Nekljaev, Sergei Kalyakin Yanukevich, Anatoly Lewkowicz, representative of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, the representative of the candidate from the "Green" Yuri Glushakova, as well as representatives of the organizing committee of the Labour Party and the women's party "Nadzeja." Was not among the participants Ales Mikhalevich and representatives of the movement "For Freedom." Chairman of the UCP Anatoly Lebedko said:

"We agreed on 12 August to work out a common position and lock it in writing as a joint decision of those who want

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Western intelligence does not support the sale of S-300 to Iran

The Company previously reported the Iranian news Tehera that Tehran purchased two S-300 systems from Belarus and two — in another state, BelaPAN.

State Military-Industrial Committee of Belarus has denied information about the sale to Iran of two anti-aircraft missile systems S-300.

The representative of the Committee Vladimir Lavrenyuk said in an interview with "Freedom" that "Tehran is not addressed and negotiated the purchase of the complexes in Belarus. And, accordingly, Belarusian side did not supply any anti-aircraft missiles or elements of these systems to Iran. "



The vagaries of weather in Ukraine: the heat, wind and hail

About the Company This was announcedand the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus. As of the morning of August 9, remain without electricity were more than 1,250 communities.

In addition, the wind on Sunday affected more than 240 communities in 22 districts. Wind damaged the roof of nearly 400 homes, 25 buildings and social amenities, 9 industrial buildings, more than 500 farm buildings.

"In Bobruisk, resulting in a strong wind, a tree fell on a car in which was driver. Killed a man born in 1961 ", — reported in the MOE.

Gusts of wind on Sunday in

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Belarus will do without Russian wheat

Society "Here there is no problems. This internal matter States. They probably felt like a rational use of available resources, saw the balance, "- said in an interview to" Interfax "M.Rusy.

The minister said that the decision of the Russian side, "we did not have any problems with Russia and Russia — with us. Would not have any problems in the internal market", — said M.Rusy.

According to the National Statistics Committee, in 2009Belarus imported from Russia of 5.6 million tons of wheat at $ 1.3 million and 1.1 million tons of barley to 125,000 dollars.

In January —

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Already today, August 9,

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


…yet 25 — 30 ° C.

Do not pass:

Prague to host evening of the young Belarusian literature devoted to the 100th anniversary of Larissa Heniyush. Restaurant Krasné ztráty, 19.00.


In Geneva, the International Conference begins on razbraenni.


Celebrate 100 years of the famous Belarusian poet Larissa Heniyush, which fell a martyr's fate.

August 9 at different times in the light of the German philologist and popularizer belarushchyny in Germany Rudolf Abiht, who translated in German poetry

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Whose Heniyush?

I love the company Birthdays, and a fortiori yubiilei. This is a good opportunity for all to show his best side — to show love and respect, to forgive injuries, to come to terms. This touching tradition is equally important to the individual, family, community, and for the whole country, which can also come together in good feelings for those who celebrate …

Otherwise, Larisa Heniyush. Honeycomb years from her birth to every Belarusian gave rise not only to express their feelings to him face and creativity, but also to establish itself. Honoring the memory of poetess happened so differently

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Artem Gribkov


Artem Gribkov  

Artem Gribkov born January 6, 1989 in Karelichy.

He studied at the Minsk College of light industry.

In no parties was not keen on politics.

He worked at the mall, "Hippo" prasavshchykom loader and a hydraulic press.

19 detained December 2010. In the detention center in Zhodino served 10 days. January 12 from work was taken to jail on Volodarskogo. Then released and arrested a second time, were kept in KGB jail.

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