At Valery Shchukin seized booklets

Society Do human rights activist Valery Shchukin and activist of the civil campaign "Our House" Victor Kolesnik staff Leninsky police department seized booklets on women's rights. According to Valery Shchukin police drew up a report of illegal transportation of printed products. Booklets will remain in police custody, says human rights activist, to the court, which will determine what to do next.

How many were seized booklets, Valery Shchukin does not speak, said only that the police have taken away all that was in the car. Booklets produced by the civil "Our House".

In the Leninsky police department Shchukin

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Applicants for the post of president in Grodno think of a single candidate

Society On Sunday, the Grodno regional conference held coalition United Democratic Forces. It was 71 delegate almost all the districts of the region. The head of the regional coalition Yury Istomin said that they are following roles: BNF, UCP, "Fair World", BSDG (Shushkevich) and the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "G" (Lyaukovich). There were also representatives of the Movement "For Freedom" and other public organizations. At first there was talk about the experience of interaction in the last local elections of representatives of various political parties. The second part of the conference was devoted to the future of the presidential campaign,

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In Mogilev detained Valery Shchukin

Society In Mogilev detained human rights activist Valery Shchukin. He is being held in the Leninsky police department.

Public activist Christina Shatsikava, Shchukin and his companion, whose name is not known, delayed for about half of the thirteenth street Lenin Mogilev. What was the basis of the conclusions of activists, is not known. The police Christina Shatsikava not allowed, but confirmed that two activists await interrogation.



The intense heat breaks records every day


August 7

In Lelchitsy new fixed high of the day for the whole country— 38,2 °. The previous record — 34,7 °, recorded in Brest, lasted 58 years.

Another temperature record of the day Minsk — 33,6 °. The previous record — 32 °, held with 1994.

August 6

Updated absolute maximum temperature for the entire period meteanazirannyav in Belarus — 38,7 °. Naygaracheyshae places of the country now Slides. The previous record, Khaladov at 0,7 °, was placed in the Gomel region Vasilevichy 64 years ago, BelaPAN.


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Larissa Heniyush and Pesnyary


This snapshot "Pesniary" autographed by Vladimir Mulyavin kept in the archives of Larissa Heniyush.

Once in the capital, "bookstores writer" went soloist "Pesnyary» More mulyavinskogo of Alexander CATIC. From the stack of books he pulled Belarusian poetry collection in a soft green cover titled "Hell family members." The author's name to the singer and the composer did not say anything. Alexander opened the book uchytavsya in one poem to another, and I realized that with him there is something unusual. Read the text immediately combined in his soul with melodies that would immediately write to remember …


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Grodno police confiscated the newspaper of the organizing committee BCD Krynica

Society At the bus station in Grodno police arrested Nicholas Bavsyuka today — Coordinator of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy in the Grodno region. They explained that they "received a call", to which they "have to respond."

Nicholas Bavsyuka delivered in October police station, where he seized about a hundred copies of "Krynica" about seventy-chairman of the organizing committee of the BCD program Vital Rymasheuski, who expressed his desire to run in the presidential election, as well as dozens of forms for petition the transfer of the former Catholic convent in Minsk. The police made a

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Intense heat will return to Belarus

Society Day on August 13 forecasters predicting 29 to 34 degrees above zero. In the east, Belarus expect plus 35-37 degrees, BelTA informs.

At the weekend daytime temperatures again reach a record high values — plus 30-36 degrees to the east — to plus 37-39 degrees.

According to experts, the first ten days of August was unusually hot: such a high temperature was not in Belarus in the history meteanazirannyav.

The tournament memory Karpenko team won the Belarusian Left Party Fair World

Society The winner of the 13th soccer tournament "Cup of Freedom" memory Gennady Karpenko was the team of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Just World". In the final match she beat the team of the "For Freedom" with a score of 3:1. Belarusian left are winners of the tournament the second year in a row. BPF team in the match for third place with a 5-2 team beat the Belarusian Association of Journalists.

Following the tournament BAJ handed BPF traditional prize "pursue righteousness" — "for an honest and sincere football."

This year, the tournament took six teams:

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Andrew Rosinskiy — 5 of Belarusian books for the stage


Belarusian annals and chronicles.

Minsk, "Logos, 1997

Stories in this book successfully declared themselves on the Belarusian scene. And I have no doubt that they will still be put. In these yearsinventories — "Legend of the Polotsk princes", including the legend of Rogneda. By the way, the story of Rogneda was staged at the Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Is there a "Chronicle of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania", "Chronicle Byhovtsa", "Barkulabovskogo Chronicle", which will be enough not only to one "Vytautas". (This is a historical play Dudareva, embodied by Kupala scene). But the most fortunate, "The Tale of

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Artem fungus. Portrait against a grid.

Society I'm familiar with him recently, in September last year. He likes heavy rock, loves to play the guitar. She writes poetry, reads a lot. Go to concerts. In a letter he wrote from prison that he wanted to go to the speech's favorite band, which just came in the winter. He has what he wants, but in the near future it will not succeed.

We met him at work. Artem very good person, never refused to help in any difficult situation — I'm convinced of it personally. He quickly joined the group. Immediately all said what a good

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