In September, will be the next constituent assembly BCD

Society In September, the next will be held the founding congress of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" (BCD). This decision was taken on August 7 National Rada committee of the BCD.

As BelaPAN co-chair of the organizing committee of the BCD Paul Seviarynets, This congress will be "more technical, rather than a full-fledged":

"It is planned in the first place, to approve the Vital Rymasheuski as a candidate for the president of BCD, as well as to endorse his political program and the electoral team. " Delegates Congress must approve the documents for registration BCD.

Seviarynets"But because the

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In Dobrush detained activists of the movement For Freedom

Society In Dobrush August 7 12:30 Nadia and employees of the Department of the Interior Ministry detained "the Movement" For Freedom "movement" Sergei Stsepantsa and Evgeny Suvorov.

As the BelaPAN chairman of the Gomel branch of the movement "For Freedom" Pyotr Kuznetsov, young people distributed in the local market envelopes with theses election program Milinkevich and questionnaires. Distribution of information materials held in the framework of the campaign "The People's Program." In familiarization with theses programs Milinkevich anyone can fill out a form, make suggestions and additions.

"The guys managed to give about a thousand envelopes, as they were

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Belarusians and soon got used to the heat

Society Mr."I just say for example that from the Stock Exchange work on the farm and in this heat I spend the whole day on the field under the sun. What might be ready? "

Mrs."Of course not prepared. We're just not used to this heat. "

Her friend"We are just suffering from the heat. We're not in Australia, for example, where such temperatures — is the norm. "

Mrs."Yes, it's hot, but I have not thought of."

Mr."And I think that's not so hot, you can still suffer and endure."

Mrs."Why are not prepared? Prepared. And among other things,

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The prison administration did not fulfill the agreement on the treatment of Autuhovich

Society Autukhovich sent information about yourself with Ivatsevichy colony. Chamuel Vladimir Osipenko stopped correspondence with the house? The judges got interested in business Andrey Bondarenko.

Lawyer Paul Sapelka complained that because the prison authorities foiled another attempt to cure the teeth for Autukhovich:

"Before, it was agreed that Autuhovich brought for treatment. Previously, I wrote it down to see a dental surgeon in a clinic. But, unfortunately, these agreements are not violated, and Nicholas was transferred. Furthermore, it seems to me, is problematic is the treatment because I can not pluck the work of medical dental institutions. Not the

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Minsk hosts 13th football tournament memory Gennady Karpenko

Society August 7 in Minsk on the street BSATU naturalists, held the 13th soccer tournament "Cup of Freedom" Memory policy Gennady Karpenko. In This year, take part in the six-team tournament — the United Civil Party, the Belarusian Left Party "Fair World", the BPF, the movement "For Freedom", the Belarusian Association of Journalists and the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy". The latter is the debut tournament.

Team members after the draw were divided into two subgroups, which will be held circular mini-tournament. Outsiders teams in this competition will end. And the teams that took in groups

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Epistolary record of Larissa Heniyush


With friends on the porch of the house Zelva Alex Marochkin, Eugene Kulik, Peter Sventahovski, Larissa Heniyush, Vladimir Basalyga; sitting — Irina Marochkina. 1981

Correspondence — a natural need of the human soul. Poet was right when he wrote that both joy and sorrow are not encouraging and not worry if they do not share with anyone. Letters to swim away from a deserted island in a closed bottle. Letters are sent to the free sky with beleaguered fortress under the wing pigeon. Even from the gallows akupantskay written letters — for the better future, the future of

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In Minsk, detained activist campaign Tell the Truth

Society August 6 near his apartment was arrested activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura. This is Radio Liberty reported Bashura colleague Oleg Snowstorm.

A 17-hour door to the apartment rented by Michael Bashurov knocked a man in civilian clothes. He is familiarly offered Bashurov get to talk. He refused and the doors did not open. But the man in civilian clothes did not leave.

When 19 hours Bashura had leave the apartment on business, he was greeted and offered a hard drive to the Soviet police department.

There Bashura asked to call his lawyer and

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Doctors advise on how to behave in a smog

Society According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, only in forests and peat bogs of the country recorded 420 fires that engulfed more than 260 hectares. Meanwhile in some areas of Gomel and Vitebsk region, where fires had also pulled smoke. As they say Representatives of hydrometeorological, it has brought winds of Russia and Ukraine, which is still raging forest and peat bog fires. MOE specialists among others noticed a very flammable circumstances in Chernobyl zone. According to them, the fire in the radiation-contaminated forest there is a risk that radioactive substances razlyatsyatstsa with smoke over long distances.


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Already weekend, August 7-8


The third wave of heat over the summer …

Temperature vznimetstsa to 35 — 39 degrees, in Minsk will be 35 — 36. On Sunday, a little coolness increase — less than 35 ° C.

Do not pass:

August 7

On the field, the Agrarian University of Technology in the street naturalists held in Minsk on behalf of the football match Gennady Karpenko. Beginning at 9:00.

In Zelva in the family estate of the family Heniyush held the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the poet:

10.30. Prayer for the dead and a memorial exhibition. Holy Trinity Church.


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Svetlana Baykova returned to prison KGB

Society In the afternoon, August 6, Svetlana Baykova after examination at the hospital back in the KGB KGB prison — "American." Told lawyer Michael Volcheck who met with his client after the survey:

"The doctors checked her tests and was told that her health improves. Former worsening hunger strike explained. Svetlana Baykova hopes that it will indeed be better. "

For nearly six months the former investigative contain custody, accused of abuse of office during the investigation of corruption cases. Many people in Belarus suggests that the former investigative revenge for anti-corruption activities.



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