For officials importantly — that they did not touch or interfere deal with their own problems …

Society Belarus continued political trials of opposition leaders and activists. Many participants in the December protests in Independence Square in Minsk has sentenced to long prison terms. Others are still waiting for their turn. And all this is happening against the background of a severe economic and financial crisis, aggravated international isolation, which has led policy of the current Belarusian regime.

On the new economic and political realities in which over the last few months was Belarus, says in his letter to the "Freedom" Arthur Pasyakovich from Novopolotsk, of messages which will begin this conversation with. The listener writes:


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Features of the current election campaign, Alexander Lukashenko

Society to discuss political scientist Leading and a politician and public figure Alexander Dobrovolsky.


Alexander Dobrovolsky

Valery Karbalevich

Features of the current election campaign

Valery Karbalevich"The current president is on the campaign trail for months. At this time, it has a number of features associated with both geopolitical and to internal factors. What are these features? "

Leading"First, it is the official propaganda says nothing about political opponents of Lukashenko. In the minds of voters apolitical turns out that they do not exist.

From the official propaganda that Lukashenko leads the campaign against the Russian leaders. Sunday

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The triumphal procession of electronic books. Past Belarus

Society According to forecasts of the software giant, the American company Microsoft, and in 2020 90% of all texts will be available in electronic form, along with the PC one way to view the information will be e-book, which has already started a triumphal march around the world. Or flooded "reader" of Belarus? There is a high demand for "pocket library"?

Most of the Belarusian online stores can now be found a special section that advertises device for reading — so-called e-books. A year or two ago, it was difficult to purchase a novelty, it was necessary to make orders

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Responses to the challenge of an independent society of information warfare

Society What goals have Russia in the information war against Alexander Lukashenko? How to respond to the challenge of the new policy independent of Moscow society and the opposition? How to relate to politicians, supported by Moscow, the Belarusian society?On these topics in the "Prague accent" talk the owner of the publication "BDG" Peter Martsau, Deputy Editor of "Belgazeta" Victor Martinovich and a columnist for the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankovets.

The program will be aired on Sunday, 8 August (18.05, 20.05, 22.05).

And now we offer you the pieces of gear.

Martsau: A politician who can offer

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Belarus' gold and foreign exchange reserves declined in July

Society International reserve assets of Belarus, calculated by the standards of the International Monetary Fund, on 1 August totaled 5 billion 332 million dollars.

This is 193 million less than the state on July 1. From the beginning, the reduction is already 320 million.

FSA agency that provides these data, draws attention that if it were not for the $ 625 million sale of shares of "Beltransgaz" and 670 million IMF loan reserves This year, would have decreased more than to $ 1.6 billion.


money, finance, gold

Words of Heniyush — to museums Bykov

Society Larissa Heniyush today, a century which will be on August 9, recalled in Grodno in a public museum of Vasil Bykov.

The head of the museum Nikolai Melnikov read a poem, "The brothers in captivity," which Larissa Heniyush once sent him a letter. This poem is known poetess he later put in his memoirs. Mr. Melnikov also read words Bykov Heniyush.

Poetess Danuta Bichel, which is well known Larissa Heniyush, said that she "loved Bykov and trusted him." Once they vdvyuh went to the writer's apartment on the present street Large Trinity, then he came to hold them,

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Lukashenko said that embroil Belarusians and Russians can not

Society Alexander Lukashenko said that the people in Russia who want to embroil the Belarusians and Russians, "it will not wait." This statement was made head of Belarus during communication with the residents of Moscow, reposing on the recreation center "Drivyaty" National Park "Braslavsky lakes."

"Some people in Russia want us to quarrel with you, but I say — do not hold your breath. Whatever movies out there are doing, whatever wrote, all the same will not work. "

Lukashenko said that the Russian capital could participate in the creation of tourism infrastructure, and then we would come

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Mieczyslaw Mushroom: Make major step

Society The representatives of the Belarusian opposition appealed to the UN Security Council to consider the question at the Council level political disappearances in Belarus and an international investigation. The appeal says that human rights activists and relatives of the missing opponents of the current authorities used all the domestic, regional and international mechanisms for redress, but to no avail.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko "did not create the conditions for a reliable and impartial investigation of these cases and has bypassed international efforts to learn the truth about the fate of the missing." Independent investigation has revealed the

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Society We need and effectiveness of massage somehow unconsciously begin to believe just flipped through any dedicated his book. Naked, bald, covered with a thick suspicious rash of black dots, with atrophied sexual organs beings who brazenly smiling with illustrations clearly require urgent medical intervention — at least on the beach next to a man no one would lay down. And drink with him one glass of wine would be solved unless some saint — among fans washed the feet of the poor, and to kiss the plague.

Interestingly, massage, known since the time of Hippocrates, in medieval Europe,

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Pavel Sheremet: Ex-Minister Naumov lies in wait

Society Former police captain Vyacheslav Doudkin, who escaped to the West and was granted asylum in France, accused several high-ranking officials of corruption and obstruction in the investigation of corruption cases. What do they think about the allegations in the law enforcement agencies of Belarus?

The current head of the KGB Vadim Zaytsev Vyacheslav Dudkin named among high-ranking Belarusian officials suspected of corruption. "Freedom" is asked to comment on the statement by the Deputy Head of Public Relations Center of the KGB Arthur Strekha:

"No, it will not be any comments. If something is to be prepared, we are

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