Football toss was the play-offs in Europe

Society In Nyon, Switzerland was the draw play-off stage of Europa League football.

BATE rival in the fight for a place in the group phase of the tournament will be the Portuguese club "Maritimo". The first match will Belarusian champion in his field.

Dinamo Minsk will meet with the Belgian "Bruges" and Mogilev "Dnepr" — with the Spanish "Viyarealam." First fights and Minskers, Mogilev and will play on the road.

Matches the play-offs in Europe will be held on 19 and 26 August.

Belarus — one of 14 dissidents stranglers

Society June 15 in Geneva at the UN Council on Human Rights, the U.S. envoy Eileen Chamberlain Donagyu expressed concern about the repression of peaceful protests "in some countries." This is the BelaPAN to the website of the U.S. Mission to the UN.

According to Ms. Chamberlain Donagyu, "governments must be held accountable for the violation of fundamental freedoms" of their citizens — such as freedom of assembly, expression, conscience and expression.

Chamberlain Donagyu read out a list of the countries, the situation with human rights in the United States who are concerned. The list also appears Belarus.

"Belarus has

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For arson KGB prosecutor demands of 7 ½ to 8 years

Society The Court of Bobruisk Bobruisk district and continues the criminal investigation into the arson of the local KGB building. In the dock Eugene Vaskovich, Paul Syromolotov and Artem Prokopenko. They are charged with hooliganism and attempted damage to property on a large scale.   The trial is presided by judge Paul Kartsinina. At today's meeting were announced losses from the attack of the defendants in the KGB building. They were slightly more than 253 thousand rubles. This amount already paid the relatives of the accused.   Debates were held and the accused began performing with the last word.  

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The opposition is seeking unity without a single

Society The Belarusian opposition has once again tried to join forces for a presidential campaign. Representatives of the main political forces and potential candidates yesterday held a meeting in Vilnius. Early next week, they expect to continue consultations on the overall strategy and tactics during the elections.More than 20 Belarusian politicians were invited last Thursday to Vilnius for the presentation of the results of a sociological survey conducted in Belarus, the Baltic service of Gallup. According to them, by the way, 52% of respondents believe that Belarus is the time for major change. A 9% of respondents said they would

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In the east — the glow of fires

Society The Russian Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the fires are burning in the Bryansk region near the border with Belarus and Ukraine, which have been contaminated with radiation after the Chernobyl nuclear plant in 1986. Transferring these areas fires may cause radiation emission to the atmosphere.Particularly worried in the neighboring district of Bryansk Dobrush. Here is an unprecedented drought. Over the past summer, in no little sensitive precipitation. The heat on the vine dies about a quarter sown corn.

In Dobrush district, like the rest of the Gomel region, emergency services and forest guards have moved round the

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Echo of Moscow: the Union with Belarus — a laughing stock

Society Despite pazharavybuhovae position, the Russian media did not forget about the Belarusian subjects. On Friday, readers offered another piece antilukashenkovskih materials.

"Nezavisimaya Gazeta" published analytical material on the basis of a study Gallup: every fifth citizen of Belarus is ready to leave it forever. According to this indicator, the nominal ally Russia beats even troubled Kyrgyzstan. Thus, concludes the edition, the Belarusians have dispelled the myth of his "blossoming." According to the newspaper, for many in Russia such sentiments seem strange: in the eyes of most Russians, Belarus looks a country very attractive for life — stable, with

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Lukashenko gave at least a little, but everyone: the poor, and miserable

Company's General Prosecutor's Office Cledchaya Svetlana Baykova, which led to a series of cases against high-ranking corrupt officials, including customs, border troops and KGB, arrested in February this year and is still in jail.

Victor Butoh Minsk: "I believe that such as Svetlana Baykova must not only be free, but not in the KGB jail cell, but they should lead the anti-corruption department in the Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus!"

The Iranian news agency Fars initially reported that Iran has received from Belarus, two Russian S-300 installation, and then gave up the information. On this occasion, a listener asks:


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Thomas Ventslova. I can not breathe

Society In mid-July, the magazine IQ (The Economist partner in Lithuania) published an article by the famous Lithuanian journalist, poet, translator and human rights activist Thomas Ventslova "I can not breathe." The article provided an opportunity for active discussion among the Lithuanian intellectuals, which continues to this day. We offer you the pieces of paper.

(…) They talk about the traditional Lithuanian values that are hostile to bad European and global values. Globalism — this is supposedly a cover and the nickname of predatory capitalism, and benefit from this predatory capitalism only get darker international force — usually they are

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The activists were dismissed from work

Society Recently, in the Brest region more when socially active people laid off from work, referring to the end of the contract. Human rights activists believe that behind this political motives.

Gregory Creek, activist of the movement "For Freedom" from Baranovichi, lost his job. Leaders Baranovichsky train depot did not extend the contract with an activist. Over the past two years, it is fired a third time. How convinced another activist Baranavichy Victor Syritsa, reason for firing every time it active citizenship.

The activists appealed to the Committee for the Defense of the repressed, says Victor Syritsa"We have appealed

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Winners of the competition for the 100th anniversary of Larissa Heniyush uganaruyuts in Minsk

Society The results of the poetry contest for the 100th anniversary of Larissa Heniyush declared the union of Christian writers "Ringing of church bells." Participation in the contest by 26 authors from Belarus.

The jury determined the seven winners and seven winners, as well as the owners of two special prizes.

The grand award winners will be held on August 9 at 18 o'clock in the Minsk office of the Company Belarusian language.



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