Our president — a miracle. Just not enough money

Society According to the Gallup poll, one in five people in Belarus is ready to leave the country permanently, and every third — to work abroad. What do you think — why? What people think about it Grodno passers?

Elderly man: "The fact that salaries are low. For example, I work here in the executive committee, we have typists, secretaries, they do not get five hundred thousand. Even I, a steward of the executive committee, also get about five hundred thousand. This is a very little, I want to earn more. That's why people are leaving. "

Young man: "Just

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Belarus also lit

Society In Belarus, for the last day eliminated 6 peat fires in the area 1.24 ha.

"For the last day in Belarus was 9 fires — 6 on the moors and 3 — because of a fire of dry grass and bushes. All fires are eliminated, "- said agentstvu" Interfax-West "in the ministry.

There clarified that "one of the peat fire was in the Brest region — one in Grodno and four — in Gomel, the total area was 1.24 ha."

Depth pragarannya peatlands in Belarus This year, up to 10 cm "This is not a situation where peatlands burn

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Tomorrow in Belarus 30-39 degrees Celsius

Society According to the Belarusian hydrometeorological, August 7, the day is expected in Belarus from 30 ° C in the west to 39 ° C in the east. Patchy rain, thunderstorms.In Minsk, August 7th day will be 35-36 ° C, without significant rainfall.

On August 8-9, the air temperature in Belarus during the day will reach 28-34 ° C in the eastern half of 35-39 ° C, in the extreme western parts of the Brest and Grodno regions of 24-27 ° C.

In Minsk, 8 August daytime temperatures reach about 34 ° C.

9 August afternoon in Belarus is

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The case of Andrei Poczobut — in court

Society Criminal case against journalist Andrei Poczobut transferred to the Grodno Regional Court. There decide — where, in what court specifically it will be considered. Later, appoint the date and start the process.The investigation of the case against the Polish journalist of "Gazeta Wyborcza" Andrzej Poczobut spent Grodno Oblast Prosecutor's Office. All of his petition, which he filed after reading the case materials were rejected. He asked to stop criminal case for lack of evidence, to invite the court "victim" of Alexander Lukashenko and Lydia Yermoshina — as a witness. The reporter also asked to adduce refusal of accreditation, which

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Baykova examined at a hospital KGB

Society August 6 senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Prosecutor General Svetlana Baykova, February 24, is in the KGB detention center, passes the examination and goes for tests at the hospital KGB. BelaPAN learned her lawyer Michael Volcheck.

It is hoped that the results of this survey Svetlana Boikov either admitted or released from custody because the state of her health "critical." She developed renal failure.

M.Vovchak due to the deteriorating health of the chairman of the KGB sent Baykova Vadim Zaytsev and Attorney General Grigory Vasilevich petition asking her to change the measure of restraint

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How is life Belarusian pensioners?

Society In Belarus 2,464,000 pensioners — every fourth resident of the country. A quarter of older Belarusians, reaching retirement age, continue to work. As far as socially protected feel Belarusian pensioners?On August 1, pensions in Belarus increased by about 12%. Thus, the pension will increase by an average of 58,600 rubles ($ 19) and the amount to 528,000 rubles (176 dollars). This is the second increase this year: in January, pensions rose by 9%.

Noticed any increase in pensions pensioners themselves?

In the People's Artist of Belarus Zinaida Bondarenko pension is not very different from the usual retirement Belarusian: "Oh,

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In Russia — the police. And in Belarus — police

Society Russian President Dmitry Medvedev proposed to rename the police to the police.

"On the I think, it's time to bring back its former police naymenavanne and call in the future our law enforcement by the police, "- said D.Myadvedev at the meeting on amendments to the law" On Police ", RIA Novosti reported.


Russia, Medvedev

Dead man who revived the art of vytinanki

Society was born Vyacheslav Baton December 17, 1941. In the 60's he worked as photographer for Luban, and Logoisk Salihorsk district newspapers. Having been working in the newspaper "Zvezda", "red shift" in the studio "photos and the life" of the Union of Journalists of Belarus, in the restoration workshop of the Ministry of Culture. Since 1981 — in the magazine "Belarus".

Vyacheslav baton was a member of the Belarusian Union of Writers and Artists Union of Belarus. He is the author of photo albums, books, journalism and prose. Vyacheslav Baton revived the art of trills in Belarus. Talented artist

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The inauguration of the new President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski

Society The ceremony, which took place in the Polish parliament, attended by members of both its chambers — the Sejm and Senate, cabinet members, members of religious denominations, as well as former presidents — Lech Walesa and Aleksander Kwasniewski.

Taking an oath, the new president Komorowski said: "I want to assure you that I will do everything in order not to deceive your expectations. well I remember that because my competitor voted nearly 8 million Poles. so I will try to perform the functions of the President, to get their understanding and acceptance."

Bronislaw Komorowski — The fifth president

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Julia Timofeev


What is your freedom?

Neadchuvanne boundaries of unfreedom.

What is most limiting your freedom?

Has incorrect beliefs.

What is happiness for you?

Harmony and balance with the environment.

What are you most afraid of?

War as a loss of balance.

What a talent you would like to have?

Talent to understand themselves and the world.

Who of his contemporaries do you admire?

People admire difficult, precisely because they are human and therefore not without flaws.

What do you most enjoy doing?


If you could live your life again, what would you change?

It's nothing.

What's the best

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