Milinkevich to take part in the inauguration of the President of Poland

Society Today in Warsaw, chairman of the Movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich and leader of the Committee for Protection of the repressed "Solidarity" Ina Cooley will participate in the inauguration of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski.During his visit to Poland Alexander Milinkevich also hold a number of bilateral meetings.

Belarusian opposition and Russian money

Society This subject is now perhaps the most popular. How much noise at the time caused a publication in Newsweek with sensational reports that the rate of Moscow on the Belarusian elections — Andrei Sannikov. Mr. Sannikov himself mysteriously smoked his pipe, not patsvyarzhyuchy, but nor denying the sensation that in the eyes of some made her even more believable.

Other recipients of countless millions of the Moscow Kremlin and thus creature rumored dubbed the leader of the "Tell the Truth" Vladimir Neklyaeva. Now and foreign experts pick her: American expert Govbl Paul says: "Who can be a pro-Russian candidate

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Brother of the former president of Kyrgyzstan is in Belarus

Society Brother of former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev Janybek as Bakiyev is in Belarus.

This was stated by the head of the Kyrgyz State National Security Service Keneshbek Dushebaev, Interfax reports.

"Janybek Bakiyev, to our knowledge, is near an older brother — Kurmanbek, the former president of Kyrgyzstan", — said Dushebaev at a press conference.

He denied rumors that the J.Bakiyev moved together with the militants the border with Tajikistan.

On Dushabaeva, "Some of his brothers and close associates are in a neighboring country and are trying to influence events in the country."

Almost all of the brothers and a large

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Want a loan? Sell the family silver!

Society Statement of Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, Russia's readiness to allocate credit for the $ 6 billion estimated by experts as ambiguous. On the one hand, Lukashenko is falling so that the Kremlin is not whether on its own initiative wants to "impose" financial assistance, which in Minsk still think, to accept or not. On the other hand, the explanation of Russian officials give a different vision of the picture — Russia will give money to the conditions of the privatization of a number of assets to maintain the balance of payments. In fact, it signals the start of the

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Already today, August 6,

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


Cloudy, with prayasnennyami, temperature +31-33 C.

Do not pass:

Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky will meet with representatives of the Israeli holding Fishman Group.


Bronislaw Komorowski will take the oath as the new president of Poland.

The Acting President of Moldova Mihai Ghimpu will visit Georgia.

In Khabarovsk (Russia) and Colorado Springs (USA) start of US-Russian anti-terrorist exercises.


1517: In Prague Skoryna Francis published his first book, "Psalm."

1945: The atomic bombing by the United States of Japanese

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As advice dekulakize Larissa Heniyush



Larissa Heniyush. Picture of Valeria Palikarpava.

Rhode Miklashevich of which occurred Larissa Heniyush has considerable plots of land. First of all, thanks to Paul Franzevich Miklashevich — the grandfather of the future poet on a ball that was a good manager. Grandfather did not hurt any of his sons, each helped to his feet. All the children received the manor: Vladimir — Gudevichi, Gregory — meadow, Paul — Sabalevshchynu, Anton — Zhlobovtsy.

The large family of Anton Miklashevich (in which 9 August 1910 Larissa was born) was a wealthy and industrious — laborers were hired only in

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Poettering I urge the opposition to choose a single candidate

Society The representatives of the Belarusian opposition has not yet decided on the procedure of nominating a single candidate from the democratic forces in the upcoming presidential election. European experts attribute this to the change in the mood of opposition politicians more pragmatic, as well as the reluctance of consolidating.In an interview to "Deutsche Welle" German expert on Belarus Sean Martin notes that the opposition is not attached to the upcoming presidential campaign of great value and more work on their image in the future. Most opposition politicians to soberly assess the situation and does not expect to win this

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The Story of a miracle: Volkov


Vladimir Volkov. The picture of Artem-terminated.

Volodya"I saw a beautiful girl who sang beautifully, beautifully danced. And so I woke up feeling that we should know more about Belarus, about the people who speak the language perfectly. It was an interesting time of my youth, which helps me and this day. Artisan — a school of life, a great way to samavdaskanalennya. And it was great. "

DubovetsVolodya is working in a firm that specializes in media and issues pazharatushennya music literature. In other words, to put out of passion ignites the spiritual and material.


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Belarus cut a million men

Society Excessive consumption of alcohol undermines the demographic situation in the world in general and in particular in Belarus.

This opinion is the BelaPAN, expressed the chairman of the Belarusian public association "sobriety-Optimalist" Valentin Tolkachov at a press conference in Minsk on August 5.

"In globally for every 100 girls born 105-107 boys — said the pusher. — But over time, mostly in Christian countries, where it is cultivated using alcohol, the number of men decreases. We were recently in Lepel (Vitebsk region) with 10 thousand. pensioners only 2 thousand — men. Relatively speaking, rounded to the 9

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Aphorisms: Conscription

Society Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: Have you heard the army although occasionally some proverbs, folk sayings?

Frantisek Vyachorka: I've heard. For example: "From work and horses die," "Live — see", "Work is not a hare, not run away", "The language of grind — no bags to carry." The soldiers interpreted the proverbs in their own way and jargon: "The work begins with a smoke break, and a lot of work — from the big smoke break." Instead of "playing the fool" talked "to build girls', for example:" What are you girls from himself to wallow? "

Conscription "Better Homes scythe to

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