Day of cosmic history. UFOs. The hidden truth

March 8, 2012 15:00

Artificial underground structures

November 2, 2012 7:51

Video of the lecture was held on October 25 V. Chernobrov "Giant artificial underground structures and other megaliths in Russia" on the club's lecture "The origins of civilizations."

Scientists have discovered a new form of life

October 28, 2012 1:29

Scientists have discovered a new form of life

The sensational discovery made Danish scientists discovered a new form of life — electric bacterium. Multicellular bacteria on the bottom of the port of Aarhus together form a sort of "electric cable", which conduct current along the bottom.

Danish researchers from Aarhus University have discovered previously unknown life form — electrical bacterium. This sensational discovery is reported in the latest issue of the scientific journal "Naturi." Together with researchers at the University of Southern California, they found in the sediments in the Aarhus port of microorganisms

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UFO flies out of the volcano

October 24, 2012 20:17

Boy — a cat sees in the dark

October 19, 2012 21:33

Boy's name Yuhuy Nong (Nong Youhui). Brought him to the doctor's father, concerned that his son's eyes glow in the dark. Like a cat. And the color is green with a yellowish tint. Sometimes appear blue. But it is not as black as the other Chinese.

Boy cat

The survey revealed that the boy-cat — can read in almost complete darkness.

By the light of his vision is the same as that of other people, writes

Experts believe that Nong was born with a rare aberration. And I suspect

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Prove the existence of aliens on Earth

October 11, 2012 7:05

Multiple starts UFO Moon

January 12, 2012 18:37

At the country club Baganskogo district, the assurances of residents settled ghosts

October 5, 2012 15:12

Svetlana Martynets, head of the club: "The building is very old at all. Architectural. There used to be a church school, then children's home, then school, I also studied there. And now it's in our clubhouse. "

Few people Aleksandno Nevsky knows that this is one of the building, which, in fact, started the history Baganskogo district. It was built in the 19th century, when the Stolypin reform in Siberia flooded settlers. Children need to be taught. And there really was originally located parochial school. But this building holds another story. During World

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Mysteries of History. Aliens and epidemic

January 12, 2013 6:09

Human history is inextricably linked with outbreaks of terrible, previously unstudied diseases and viruses. But what if the source of the inhuman suffering is beyond our world? What if we — only laboratory material for extraterrestrial life?

The walking dead of Tana Toradja

September 28, 2012 2:17

If you think that this walking corpse fruit of the imagination of Hollywood make-up artist of genius, you are deeply mistaken: in front of you is not an actor, but a completely 'normal' resident of the village of Tana Toradja (Tana Toraja).

According to residents of the Indonesian villages, through black-prichernoy magic, like the tail of an ancient mammoth, all went to a better world homo sapiens can be revived and turned into a zombie … and without all the implications thereof, including devouring brains.

In addition, Toradzhiytsy claim that can easily raise the dead

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