The social structure of the dolphins is comparable in complexity to human

June 6, 2012 17:58


Biologists from Australia and the United States presented recent data on social interactions in a population of bottlenose dolphins (bottlenose dolphins genus Tursiops), wrote "Kompyulenta." The first article, which is to be published in the journal Biology Letters, is dedicated to male Tursiops. It has been established that male bottlenose dolphins are organized in groups of two or three individuals, who are guarding the female competitors from attacks — a so-called first-level union. Opponents, however, still persist in their attempts to "steal" the female, and in the battle pair or three males may

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Space Day stories — The great mystery of the apocalypse

November 5, 2012 4:47

Among the threats to the Earth — asteroids, black holes, supernova explosions … but scientists still can not agree on how to save our planet. Why?

Postscript Parallel Worlds

February 1, 2012 16:06

UFO 2005 — 2011 года

November 8, 2011 11:24

Oceanographers have found a whale that can mimic the human voice

October 23, 2012 0:01

MOSCOW, Oct. 22 — RIA Novosti. American and Canadian marine scientists have found the white whale in the coastal waters of the Territory of California, able to imitate the sounds of the human voice, according to a paper published in the journal Current Biology.

"Our observations show that the whale had to change the principle of his vocal cords to produce sounds similar to human speech. Such apparent effort suggests that the whale would make contact with us, "- said the head of oceanographers Sam Ridgway (Sam Ridgway) of the National Marine Mammal Foundation in

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Mysteries of History: Aliens and Zombies

October 18, 2012 18:13

Zombies risen from the grave. Eternally damned vampires. Accidents, stuck between life and death. For millennia, flashed stories about collisions of people with strange soulless creatures. What is it — just a fiction? Or on our Earth really inhabit the living dead with extraterrestrial origin?

Belarusian Chupacabra holds in horror Starobin

October 9, 2012 17:17

Mysterious creature has destroyed virtually all the chickens, rabbits and ducks in the village with a population of 6000. Attacks occur almost every night. People after dark afraid to go outside.

Olga Aderikho not for one second releases the three year old daughter. After all the nights she literally afraid to leave little Sasha unattended. In the darkness someone or something attacked their farm. The yard was literally covered with the carcasses of dead chickens. The birds were not just, as they say experienced hostess, smothered — in layers drained blood.

Completely destroying the economy of

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The strange phenomenon of nature

October 6, 2012 21:48

Aliens. Hidden Threat

November 28, 2011 10:56

Incredible! Legendary Frosya Burlakova embalm herself in grave

September 30, 2012 13:38

Body of a star of Soviet cinema Savinova Catherine lay in the tomb for several decades, but the actress still looks as if alive.

Actress Catherine Savinov found incorrupt 30 years after burial. Time always circumvent the legendary Frosya Burlakova party, and after her death, she also has not changed.

In 1970 Burlakova buried near the railway crossing, where patients with schizophrenia actress threw herself under a train. After many years, native has made the exhumation and reburial at another cemetery. When the coffin got, kind of body shocked relatives Savinova.

Anatoly Novopashny,

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