Weapon of genocide begin ban throughout Russia

So far — only at night. Sales ban will take effect — in Russia in the new year, and in Moscow this summer. The initiators of this step are sure he will improve citizens and reduce the number of crimes committed in an alcoholic haze. Statute of limitations selling beer supported even brewers.

Go dry at night for spirits has already borne fruit. In Moscow, for example, the number of alcohol poisoning declined by 10 percent. Fight, figuring someone who respects, too, have become much less frequent. But for the addition of all the running around actively.

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Terrorist attack in Minsk detained another suspect

In the criminal case of the attack on the station of the Minsk subway on April 19 arrested a new suspect.

"Just at the moment arrested four people. This is the main perpetrators of terrorist acts, he also created an explosive, his partner, a girl and a new suspect, who was detained in Vitebsk ", — said the" Interfax "a police source Belarus. According to him, this suspect helped in the making of explosives. The source also said that the location on one of the news portal to information about the detainees with names not entirely true.

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Who wrote our laws?

Why not just change the law on the Central Bank of the Russian Federation?

As written, Nikolai Starikov in his blog (we cited the video here):

Why is the "color revolution" and social upheaval suddenly occur in some countries?

It happens,when the leaders of this country decide not to sell oil for dollars.

Not only the social upheaval and revolution. U.S. still there sometimes send their troops — when nothing helps. So the question of the central bank is quite difficult, well, at least not much complexity that it seems at first glance.

Here's another video

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Native Spring — a wise song


Secret signs. Apocalypse. Coup Earth

Press Conference on June 17, 2011 Lukashenko g

Drunken priest tried to beat the traffic cop


The Holy Synod will decide about the priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, Nicholas Klimenko, who arranged in the center of Kiev drunken brawl.

On the drunken antics of the priest Nicholas Klimenko Kiev to find out the higher clergy of the diocese. Next week at a meeting of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Holy Synod, which will be resolved "the issue Klimenko," said the head of the Synodal Information and Education Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP), a spokesman for Metropolitan Vladimir Archpriest Georgy Kovalenko.

According to him, violent

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In the Perm region, archaeologists have found an ancient metallurgical plant

In the legendary Afkule archaeologists have found an ancient metallurgical plant.

On the surface is a chore to light unexpected results. 15 years of excavation and only now, archaeologists came across a major find. "Horn of the mountain, that is, it's been a single production, combined into a single complex," — says Natalya Krylasova, head of archaeological excavations in with. Christmas.

Permian archaeologists found an industrial plant from the early 14th century — then this place is abandoned people. And at a time anywhere in the Perm region of settlements existed at this level.

Find hidden underground

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With this plague today have to fight in the first place. This is the key to our future.


Vedic orthodoxy

Since at present our past is filled with dense vicious myths suggest learn in detail about the concept of "Orthodoxy", which really is an integral component of nationality Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian and other Slavic peoples.

Find out why truthful content ancient word "rights" and "Glory," which are the basis of the above dvukorennogo concepts. The native Slavic word "right" was the basis of such sacred notions as justice, truth, the right of the righteous ruler. All these words that we associate with good, light — all sorts of virtues. The reason for this is that in the ancient world,

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