Education of daughters in Russia


Education of children in Russia has long been surrounded by a variety of beliefs, rituals and traditions. Many centuries ago, as now, the parents want to protect their children, to educate them hardworking and polite, to learn to read. Childhood was considered only source upon which the quality of all adults. This was a Russian saying: "Learning is a child — as a stone carving", "STI tree until bends, teach my child while the listening." His eyes were our ancestors and to the questions of discipline. Children were taught to obey the will

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Artania — Rus Aryan

Artania — the state of the ancient Slavs-Aryan Russia, whose territory stretches over a vast area stretching from the North Sea to Tmutarakanskoy land (north-south), and from the Volga to the Bryansk forests (west to east).

Confirmation of such boundaries is very Rousseau-Aryan culture, expressed in the form of a special pattern — Yargi. This "bow-legged" yargo-svasticheskaya ligature had its own characteristics, reflected in the plex chetyrehrozhkovyh Yarg in diamond. A similar pattern is found on the towels, skirts, bibs, tablecloths, towels, shirts and Kichko, only in the following areas: Ryazan, Tambov, Penza, Voronezh, Bryansk, Smolensk, Vladimir, Vologda, Arkhangelsk,

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Chronicle evidence of forcible baptism of Rus

Laurentian Chronicle. The ancient text see:

Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles (PSRL), Vol.1, v.1, Moscow, 1962; repetition ed. PSRL, A "1926, or in the book. "Literature of Ancient Russia 1X-XII s." , 1978. B. Kresen translation.

6488 (980). And he began to reign, Vladimir in Kiev alone, and put the idol on the hill outside the court Terem: Perun Wooden — Silver head, mustache and gold, and Horse Dazhbog and Stribog and Simargl and Mokosh … Vladimir planted Dobrynya, his uncle, in Novgorod . And he came to Novgorod, Dobrynya put idol on the river Volkhov, and sacrifice the

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Slavic and Indian Vedas

In recent years, we have broken out in the country interested in the ancient history of our ancestors — the Slavs, their beliefs and culture. There were many publications Pestryaev such phrases as Russian Veda Slavic arias, etc. Many are attempting to linguistic and cultural parallels with India and find out who influenced whom.

Indeed, the similarities are many, and I will give the brightest of them. Of the vast family of Indo-European languages are most similar to each other Russian and Sanskrit (ancient Indian language), and there is an amazing similarity of pre-Christian cults of the

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Burial. Star Bridge.

When someone close dies, we pity the dead, and at the same time … afraid of him! Even those of us who have never heard of any of the Slavic paganism to Christianity or any other religion. Why so? Scientists claim: mythological beliefs of various peoples somehow derived from the laws of psychology, common to all mankind. If the Chinese and the Swede in red, pulse quickened both — here on what the deepest level on the border between "animate" and "neodushev-industrial" lie the roots of religious beliefs. That is why the myths very distant tribes are remarkably similar,

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The film Rurik. Lost profits and why zabaltyvayut Zadornov

Instead of introduction, let me remind the reader one ancient axiom, a wise con: as soon as sprouts hand, allowed people to recognize their place in the universe, and realized — to jump out of the System of slavery (slavery) opponents Truth first seeks to downplay (hide) it, if hush you can not, try to IGNORE the truth, if this is not possible, then try to lead it, because the lead — is to manage and lead the wrong way! If you can not lead the opponents are trying to mix up the truth to disgust to the majority of

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Orthodox Russia, before and after the adoption of Christianity

Menology 1714. Read the last 2 lines

  Lives of the Saints, Kiev, 1714 Th? Article-mine? And or Mine? And what? TII — The same as the Lives (that is to be read, but not for worship) of the book Lives of the Saints of the Orthodox Church, and these stories are set out in the order of months and days of the month, hence the name of their "Saints" (Greek?? ?? "monthly, one-month, month-long"). Works of this kind are five:

"Great Lives of the Saints" were composed by Archbishop Makarios Novgorod, later Metropolitan of all the Russias,

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Russia Vladimir Kagan — red sun. Who baptized Rus?

After the violent hristinizatsii Rus, Prince Vladimir, still alive in Russia, only one out of six. The remaining people were mercilessly killed. Orthodox Church Communion it to the "saints" and called — "Vladimir — red sun."

First, the question of the origin of Prince Vladimir who had Kievan Rus. Mother of Vladimir, the housekeeper of his grandmother, Princess Olga, Malusha was Jewish (according to the chronicle of her father was one of Malka Lubech). In the book by Kozlov "Lament for Jerusalem" (1999) reads: "The Grand Duke Vladimir Holy according chronicles was the son of a slave named Malusha

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Russian is not barbarians! All Russophobes dedicated!


We can say that the first Normanism historical falsification of Russian history, created for mass propaganda. Norman theory (Normanism) — the idea that the state was not created by ancient Russia ancient Russians themselves, and some outsiders, known in Russian chronicles named Vikings (for this role "assigned" Scandinavians). This strange to any unbiased opinion issued Normanists hypothesis for hard fact, allegedly had a tremendous influence on Russian culture. Catches the eye that the disputed hypothesis rests on purely Russophobe foundation — under all sayings shines clear political message: the Russian people is incomplete and is not able to independently

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Prince Vladimir and forcible baptism of Rus

Prince Vladimir "Red Sun" was not Russian, his mother was Jewish Malka, the daughter of a rabbi, too, bears the name of Malcolm, from the Russian city of Lubitsch, who was a vassal of the Khazar Khaganate.

This was a Jewish prince Svyatoslav Igorevich housekeeper who once drunk, and became pregnant by him. Successor of the prince's power was Yaropolk, son of Svyatoslav and lawful wife. But Vladimir Yaropolk killed and usurped power in Russia. So the Jew became king and baptized Russia in the form of export spetsiaalnuyu Jewish Christianity. When people forced baptism of Rus was

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