What nationality were the Russian tsars?

We're engaged in a simple nededuktivnoy rhymes and it was long. Information is a matter of amusing and presented in excellent book on the history of Russia Catherine the Great http://www.ekaterina2.bnd.ru/konf/konf_060.shtml, but for some reason no one has so far not add up. We list who were ethnic Russian tsars. It seems totally stupid question — of course Russian. But, we'll let us for a moment and let us take a pedant and simple, with a pencil in hand, to check who an ethnic Russian tsars? Moreover, that is not classified.

History of Russia, written by Catherine quite beautiful: the

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Who are Russian? Went from Russian Land?

Hundred times revived Russia, and a hundred times was broken from midnight to noon (from north to south) … And then we have come to this place and settled ognischanami on Russian soil. And so were two hundred thousand thousand, twenty thousand years …

"The Book of Veles" Rod I, 1 Where did we come from? How did the Russian Land? How they lived and what they believed our ancestors? Usually we remember in this connection the words of the first Russian chronicler Nestor Christian era, which began its record as follows: "Behold the hold Tale (past) years, from

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Christianity — Judaism Trojan Horse

Christianity emerged from Judaism.

It again became a Jew. "

Karl Marx


1. Crushing the Khazar Khaganate.

"Khazar Khanate was the first state faced ancient.

The outcome of the struggle between these two states depended the fate of not only the Eastern European tribes, but also of many tribes and peoples of Europe and Asia …

From the very beginning, the Khazars adopted its power over the most important trade routes from Eastern Europe to Asia. However, to a large extent, this trade was the intermediary. A significant portion of the proceeds were to trade duties outposts

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NS Gordienko Baptism of facts against myths and legends (Putyata baptized sword and Dobrynya fire).

"Chronicle" states that he was baptized in Vladimir Korsun captured them. A monk in the work of James' memory and praise of Vladimir "states that the city was taken by Vladimir Korsun in the third year after the baptism. On this basis, many researchers and some church historians believed Korsun version began the Christianization of Ancient Russia unreliable. However, both supporters and opponents of the versions agree on the fact that the real beginning of the "Baptism of Russia" should not be considered Korsun event, that is, the baptism of the prince, and the conversion to the new faith Kiev

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Scientists: mammoths — the first characters of Russian fairy tales

In December 2010, in Moscow, in its report on the scientific and practical conference "Historical and cultural heritage and contemporary ethnology", held at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, I spoke about the depth of Russian mythological memory. The most respected scientists for his research indicates that Russian fairy tales were composed when our ancestors were still hunted mammoths, that is, in the Paleolithic. This is in the range of 50 to 15 thousand years ago.

Based on the study of archaeological data sets academician BA Fishermen discovered the deity that he

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Ratibor childhood. Animated cartoon

Served as an epigraph citation of valor and courage of Rousseau and Rossich allegedly belonging Zacharias Rhetor (VI century).

Cartoon begins with a lullaby, lulling Ratibor newborns, but then comes the news: Aneyushke have to ride a horse in another village, treated the boy Rastislav. Passing through the obstacles and dangers Aneyushka gets to the village and the prayers of the Slavic gods heal small Rastislav.

Ratibor growing and exploring the world. His father, the great hero, teaches his son to ride a horse, shoot a bow, tells the story of ancient Russia

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Slavic and Indian Vedas

In recent years, we broke out the interest in the ancient history of our ancestors — the Slavs, their beliefs and culture. There were many publications Pestryaev such phrases as Russian Veda Slavic arias, etc. Many are attempting to linguistic and cultural parallels with India and find out who influenced whom.

Indeed, the similarities are many, and I will give the brightest of them. Of the vast family of Indo-European languages are most similar to each other Russian and Sanskrit (ancient Indian language), and there is an amazing similarity of pre-Christian cults of the ancient Slavs and Aryans religion —

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Svidomi ugrofintsy and historical truth

Now that history in Ukraine is in a rather difficult position when she pressed simultaneously on the one hand the lack of financial capacity to conduct serious research, and on the other the need to consider a rather tough political konyukturu is trying to put all the history at a convenient channel for historical scene for all sorts of anti-scientific theory.

One of these theories is the so-called Finno-Ugric origin of modern Russian. In short, this theory states that in the period of the Old Russian state small group drevneukraintsev infiltrated the North-eastern (modern center of the European part

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The truth about the Matrix. Were trapped.

Matrix … How to get out of the system?

The movie "The Matrix" has earned a great reputation. He even managed to become a cult movie of our time. Surprisingly, just as the filmmakers saw many subtle philosophical points that were trying to convey to people and "enlightened" world, and many of the great philosophers.

People come out of the theater, a little shocked. It turns out that all that we see around us — no more than an illusion!

Computer program. Internet giant, a game in which we have gone to the head and no longer able to

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Fear of Russian language

Our language — the sole objective reality that exists in this world. All archaeological artifacts can be faked, chronicles written, all the arguments to challenge, but there is a common symptom that passes through the centuries. This is — the language, it can not be faked!

Often you can find publications that protect our language from borrowing. But rarely, studying the contribution of the Russian language in the world culture. Could it be that this approach can completely turn the existing world and Russian history? Chairman of the cultural history of ancient Russia Council on the cultural

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