Bloody baptism of Rus. As it was

Christianity captured Rus in 988 AD. e. during the reign of Prince Vladimir. How did this happen?

You can read the official version of the official history of Russia, for example Ishimova of "History of Russia", Novosibirsk, 1993 brief picture was supposedly was. Prior to Prince Vladimir paganism reigned, and Russia boomed.

Neighboring nations persuaded Vladimir to go to their faith, and to him came many ambassadors from Kama Bulgars, of German Catholics, the Jews and the Greeks, and everyone praised his faith. Vladimir initially evaluated these faith in beauty invented. Consulted with the boyars. They told him, "Everyone

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Russian — one of the most pure-bred people in Eurasia

Contrary to the famous dictum of Karamzin significant admixture of Tartar blood "pure Russian" scientists find traces failed. The results of a large study showed that the largest ethnic group in Europe is composed of two small mixed groups among themselves, and the Poles and Ukrainians genetically closer Russian central Russia than their fellow-northerners.

For a long time the main method of distinguishing the different ethnic groups of human civilization is the comparison of languages, dialects and dialects used by whether other populations. A fundamentally different approach in defining relationship of certain people demonstrate genetic genealogy. It

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For the etymology of the terms orthodox and orthodoxy. Concept as a substitute?

Today, many would agree that the process of the development of mankind goes through various stages and levels, which vary according to many parameters and indicators. Equally, it applies to ethnic entities, whose interest in the development in modern Russia is quite high. Trace the qualitative changes in the life of the ethnic group can, in particular, and on the change in the language, which is one of the fundamental attributes of any ethnic identity formation. Of course, of particular interest in this regard are the words and phrases used to describe the important concepts that, for example, are associated

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Chimera normannizma

Does not aim to audit the settled view of the emergence date of our state, we must recognize that the Norman theory, like all the concepts that have emerged on the basis of it, from the point of view of modern historical science can not give a complete picture of the origin of the Russian state. Sergei Chernyakhovsky published in "file-Russia" article "A matter of opinion. Getting started Russia? "Raised a very important topic to rethink the origins of the Russian state on the basis of new information. I hope the discussion will continue and suggest to the reader

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Wood carving in ancient Russia

Craft wood carving, used in Russia since ancient times. True to have survived only a few samples. This is due to their low cost and the fragility of the material of which they are composed. Of wood craftsmen and ordinary people were made figurines of animals, birds, various amulets, which are passed from generation to generation. The inhabitants of that time believed that the tree is a link between the sun and the ordinary people. However, very often the wood products were purely practical or were religious objects, which were used by almost all the family.

According to some

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