Berlin German Chancellor sought in Russia

"Examination" arranged by geography, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the open class at a school. Pupils discuss migration and marked on the outline map of the city where they were born. Merkel also offered on the map to find the city in which she was born — Hamburg. However, Merkel decided to start with a simpler problem and tried to put on map Berlin. As a result, she pointed to a point on the territory of Russia. When prompted Merkel to navigate.

An example for children, as they say. Well … in Germany still doing quite well

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It is itself

Often children, when something broke or did some mischief still, justify, "Yes, I did not, it itself." But if it said only children, everything would be fine and good. However, this term is used by well-known scientists, officials and even entire institutions. Looking into school textbooks on history or biology, we can see that everything happens by itself: they formed the state, is revolutionizing themselves arise and evolve organisms … So what is this term that can explain almost everything, and most importantly — why?

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Children Svarog


Cleverbot — a new generation of artificial intelligence

The test involved people, pretend "chat robots." Computer with artificial intelligence Cleverbot, developed by Rollo Carpenter (Rollo Carpenter) was a great test of Turing (Turing Test), that is able to hold a conversation with the volunteers so that 59% of them could not distinguish it from the man.

Turing test, invented in the 50s by Alan Turing (Alan Turing), a British computer expert, is to keep a written conversation with people as if they are human. In this case, to complicate matters, the test involved people, pretend "chat robots."

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Military secret. Aired 4/23/2012


— Crime and punishment. Does Russia need a death penalty — Unique military developments African designers — Ordinary terror. How the U.S. and spreading democracy around the world — Viruses — unexplored neighbors of people — Small arms of Russia. The best examples of — Mysteries of History. Who actually first planted the flag on the Reichstag — Code man. Why intelligence agencies around the world, conduct genetic experimentation? — Eldorado. Where is the oldest country? — All the secrets Aykibodo, from the founder of a unique style

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2012 end of the world for the dark!

The End of Time of Darkness. Do the representatives of the dark world of the prophecies related to the Slavs "end of the world in 2012?" What do these prophecies and the dark to think of these lines? Watch and compare …

The point is that the "2012 scenario" described in the Vedas, the dark mark …. but they took literally described as shown in the trailer apocalyptic. In fact, no natural fires will not …. and "Fire" — will be. And more. Many missed the sentence that would "end of the world for the dark" and

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Grandfather of elections, council, copepods and future events

Grandfather tells predictor of elections, election, council, copepods, Catholic, and predict future events …


The power of the program of the 21st century. Bohumil II


ROC uses the swastika — photofact

Icon of faith

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Lies and Black Magic in Christianity

Employees of Christian religious corporations keep many secrets. If only people knew what the true face and acts of the gang, it would have avoided the "holy temple" very long journey and no one else, and never believed a word. The purpose of this film is not the desire to offend delicate souls of believers, trembling at the sight of the church and the mention of God in vain, and to show religious perversions as necrophilia and rites of black magic, which is presented as the highest spirituality and good deeds. The film is set out only part of a

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