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State Duma deputies have allowed themselves to move to the Federation Council

Ninth of September at a meeting of the State Duma approved amendments to the law "On the formation of the Council of the Federation." According to these amendments, the lower chamber will become senators. According to the website of the lower chamber of parliament, the bill was approved in the first reading.

Under current rules, only member of the municipal and regional level can go to the Federation Council. Due to the amendment is adopted, the MPs, previously included in the regional group on the subject of the Russian Federation will be able to become a senator. However,

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About substitution ethnicity in Ukraine

Ukrainians in the national costumes. Photo:

The population of Ukraine in September 2012 increased for the first time in 19 years. Well informed "Interfax" on November 18, citing data from the State Statistics Service.

As of October 1 in the country resided 45,378,000 880, which is 177 more than on September 1. Present population of Ukraine (that has everything, including temporary residents) was October 1 45,559,000 325 people.

The natural increase in the Ukraine remained negative (died in September 4000 at 60 Ukrainians more than were born), and the population has grown at the expense

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Idol, Pillar

Stone flower. The film — a tale

Master Prokopich took teaching teen Danilko. Daniel grew up and became a real master of the Stone case. His fiancee Kate Letemina preparing for the wedding. But the Mistress of Copper Mountain bewitched young man showing his treasure — a stone flower …

About the film: Year: 1946 Genre: Fairy Tale Made in: USSR Time: 1:23:30 Company: Mosfilm Director: Alexander Ptushko Cast: Vladimir Druzhnikov, Tamara Makarova, Mikhail Troyanovsky, Catherine Derevschikova, Alex Kelberer, Michael Yanshin Lydia Deikun N.Temyakov, A.Petuhova


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Nibiru in the sky, Australia, 2011. You also warned …

Workers in some cities, suburbs almost equally with the indigenous people

In the small suburban town of almost went to revolt. However, the authorities have allowed to hold a rally against the dominance of migrants. According to official figures from the Federal Migration Service, in the town Losino-Petrovsky of 20 thousand population 9000 — is visiting …

Slava awake Vedas!

Pictures of the sun on April 22-23, 2011. Nibiru?

To present you a photo and video of the sun, made in different places. We thank all who have sent materials. Ivan, Natalia — Many thanks for the photo.

Special thanks for the video to readers satan_claus and bakayara_012.

Here's a photo sent by Ivan. Location — Novosibirsk Region, Iskitim area s.Lebedevka.



But the pictures from Natalia 'ubi". Please specify location site in the comments. Thank you!




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History of the death chaise, pyramids, floods, the impact of forms


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