ROC captured another childrens clinic

Vedagor — Damn

Hood. Movie Legend of Princess Olga 1983

The film — the legends and stories evoke images of Princess Olga, activist state of Kievan Rus (the end of X — the beginning of XI century). The film is about the falsification of history written by Christian preachers.

Bezdrozhevogo baking bread, sourdough to hop in the home. Training film.

Educational film on self bezdrozhevogo baking bread.


Shocking facts about Russia

Lukashenko. Press conference

Information matrices in products and things

October 1917: Who was behind the scenes of the Russian revolution?

Film resource of the 1917 revolution.

Kama Sutra for children captivated bookstores

In the Urals, a scandal erupted around the book about puberty. The publication of the capital's detailed explanation of terms such as "rape" and "homosexuality." And nothing, if not the target audience — children from eight years. Many parents are outraged as frank conversation and need to remove the novelty from the shelves. NTV correspondent Ina Osipova learned about the costs of education.


The Kremlin put facial recognition system, inspection and scanning

Cnews reports that employees sign on one of the Kremlin's special objects are now monitored by the 3D-face recognition, established in Russia. It is likely that such a system will come soon and a number of other Kremlin objects. Mobile System, in addition to the face recognition system, X-ray system also includes a personal inspection, baggage system and radiation detectors, says

Recognition system for three-dimensional face image reads biometric information about the geometry of the human face and compare it with existing biometric templates that are registered in the database. It uses the method of structured

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