Cancers develop from self-hypnosis — doctors

Doctors advise all people to try to quickly leave the state of stress. Photo GettyImages

Some believed that cancer cells develop from autosuggestion and samonastroya now confirmed. People who love to cheat yourself on the development of disease in your body, its progression, and so on do these diseases and suffering. Mystical phenomena are absent, all scientifically explainable. Since man himself set up, so be it. Being desperate, the brain sends signals to each system, every cell in the body, which responds appropriately to the momentum and begins to develop. No wonder they say that all diseases of

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Do not be a slave, but slavery remember!

Do not be a slave, but slavery remember! An excerpt from the documentary film by Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist) Zeitgeist Part 3: The people behind the curtain which examines Christianity and two conspiracy theories: September 11, 2001 and the U.S. Federal Reserve. As all men cheat and eksplatiruyut like cattle!

Assault awareness

Americans will seek the disappearance of the Russian language

Evgeny Fedorov, MP. United Russia party. Why lie to the history books and why distort the Russian language?

Democracy around the world (TVC)



In St. Petersburg, held hearings on the unprecedented case: Prosecutor's Office to the police demands to include a book of military retiree Oleg Vinogradov "Vedic Russia" in the list of extremist materials. In Vasiliostrovsky court reporter along with dozens of residents of an hour standing in line at the metal detector to be able to get to the scandalous court. The administration of the court chose a small room, which originally could not accommodate everyone, so many expected adjournment of the meeting in the corridor.

Trying to hide the unseemly picture from the public, local police


Nikolai Starikov: To escape from the juvenile justice system?

A run something and nowhere … Juvenile Justice works everywhere in our country usually leave. Now, with all this, and economic problems.

UN recommends that countries in the world to legalize marijuana


Does legalizing soft drugs? For example, marijuana. What is the cause unexpected UN recommendations — Lanna Varsimashvili tried to understand.

Forum Friends: Press conference of Lukashenka 10/01/2010

The last battle second company. The shocking details of the death of Pskov paratroopers, Black Panther

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