Ukrainians turned into slaves

The new draft of the Labour Code, which already had a long discussion in the Parliament, the transformation involves working population almost as slaves.

The draft of the new Labour Code, which MPs can take after the fall elections, there are many moments, leveling the rights of workers. According to "The newspaper Kiev", the document allows the employer to increase the time and load. Article 143 of the new Code gives the right to establish a 12-hour day.

According to the doctor of medical sciences and head of the department of the Institute of Occupational Medicine Antonina Monti, the document

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Bin Laden: Was there a boy?

The U.S. government responded to the request for the body of Bin Laden

A few months ago, according to the Freedom of Information Act, I asked the Pentagon about the visual recordings of Osama bin Laden's burial at sea. Today I got an impressive package of assorted 'no' — complete denial that any records exist.

That's what the U.S. government responded to the request for the body of Bin Laden!

The main idea is to answer the following: office of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Special Operations Command and the Department of

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Mikhail Zadornov — Joint statement at the club Edelstar

This show is hardly ever be shown on television. In it, for more than an hour, Mikhail Zadornov, changing all the usual line that seriously is their point of view on what is happening in our country, in the world, in history. Neat, elegant, no one hurt and not demeaning, Zadornov gives very interesting information on zlobodnenye such topics as alternative Russian history, hard life of Russian, Slavic influence on world history, etymology of many foreign words, religious issues. You will also learn very intriguing about Pushkin, about Hyperborea, of the Roman Empire, about the bad words. It will be

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Paul Esipov: ROC declared a monopoly on faith?

September 15 press office Arkhangelsk diocese asked the public of the city of Arkhangelsk in celebration of "Pomeranian new year." This treatment caused a wide resonance in the public and the environment Pomeranian complaints about unfair accusations and claims of its authors. "In two words meaning to the residents of Arkhangelsk treatment can be summarized as follows: Some pagans stole the Orthodox holiday, celebrated its not that, is not there and when it is necessary. Be careful! This guy, you know, do not like that "rites are presented in the fire and the river," which clearly refers to a pagan

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The world of e Slavery (new video from Galina Tsareva)

In this movie, you can hear the expert in the field of computer technology — Vladimir Medvedev, who for the past 20 years has been at the center of development and implementation of e-government in the U.S. and Russia, was an expert e-government programs.

The film tells how to change the basic values of the people, how to destroy Energy and Coal Industry of Russia, why build a NATO base in Ulyanovsk. How the electronic archive for people across Russia, that is e-government and e-government, as is the collection of personal data,

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Real weapons of mass destruction

Fast food is bad for the male reproductive system. This conclusion was the British scientists who conducted a large-scale study. They analyzed the patients who visited the clinic study of fertility. And so you think, poor sperm was in those patients who are not on a diet and eat burgers and fries.

If there is an overabundance of the male body saturated fats, fertility is reduced almost in half. There is something to think about!

But that's not all. In extreme cases, the scientists warn, fans of fast food at all can become infertile. And this is

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Fantastic stories — Extraterrestrial technology. Cancel the Apocalypse


July 3 — Day of Victory over Svyatoslav Khorobrit Jewish Khazars

July 3, the 964 Duke Rusov Militia — Sviatoslav Brave kind of Rurik won a crushing victory over the Jewish army of the Khazar Kagan. The capital of the Khazars — Itil was taken and destroyed by the army of Svyatoslav, then were taken and destroyed key strength of the Khazars, who formed the basis of its parasitic power!

July 3 — Day of Victory over Svyatoslav Khorobrit Jewish Khazars

So, who is he, kaput army Russes enemy? In addition to mediation and usury slave trade was huge and the main source of income Khaganate throughout its history.

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Vedic symbols on temples Russia

Vladimir city — the capital of Vladimir-Suzdal. Dmitrov Cathedral end of XII — early XIII century. One of the most unique temples of ancient Russia.

It is a stone carving found peacefully stories of Christian and Vedic cultures, confirming the dual belief that time. On the cross, amazing detail — Duckling. It is mentioned in the Book of Veles — is the world duck that keeps Earth with Dazhbog. Also on the walls of the famous cathedral there are images of Slavic Gods Dazhdbog, Veles and Slavic mythical bird Gamayun. This cathedral is famous for its white-Velma

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