About Russian philosophical Vedic worldview

What initially narrated in the future will be discussed in this article is a synthesis of several world exercises and called the Russian philosophical Vedic worldview or Slavic-Aryan Vedic-esoteric philosophy. It is necessary to warn that does not call anyone to join a religion, as he did not manifest myself a supporter of any of the religions, just because I understand the difference between religious doctrine and the religion itself. Doctrine — is not so much a set of knowledge, but the methodology for their preparation and interpretation. That is, the doctrine promotes cognition and consciousness. Religion is based

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Old Russian sevenfold. Facts prove that the ancient fathoms dimensional system is a worldwide

Our ancestors possessed such knowledge, from which today's "civilization" of the Earth unbelievably far. Yes, it's hard to believe and even harder to imagine, but it is true. Evidence in the text below …

Table size yards. Old Russian sevenfold. Photo: http://alchalet.ru/

We are always trying to convince Russia that the "educated" a thousand years ago in baptism, we are so primitive, "barbarians who speak the language is not clear …", and all that we have achieved all this only due to the more ancient civilizations: Egyptian, Greek and European. Unfortunately, this point of view, enforce domestic "pseudo-historians" who

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Warrior of Ancient Russia — this is not soldiers

Warrior of Ancient Russia — this is not "soldiers" in the modern sense of the word. Warrior — a state of mind, is a recognized vocation. Modern "soldiers" — faceless, bezynitsiativen and often bezduhoven. He — a craftsman of the war, the inhabitant, protecting philistine values. His face hidden by a mask, and he sees only the enemy through the scope of his gun. He fights, not looking into the eyes of the enemy, but only by pressing the trigger button on the remote control or by a "means of mass destruction." Warrior Spirit, personal heroism, which featured Warriors

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Artania — Rus Aryan …

Artania — The state of the ancient Slavs-Aryan Russia, whose territory stretches over a vast area stretching from the North Sea to Tmutarakanskoy land (north-south), and from the Volga to the Bryansk forests (west to east). Confirmation of such boundaries is very Rousseau-Aryan culture, expressed in the form of a special pattern — Yargi. This "bow-legged" yargo-svasticheskaya ligature had its own characteristics, reflected in the plex chetyrehrozhkovyh Yarg in diamond. A similar pattern is found on the towels, skirts, bibs, tablecloths, towels, shirts and Kichko, only in the following areas: Ryazan, Tambov, Penza, Voronezh, Bryansk, Smolensk, Vladimir, Vologda, Arkhangelsk,

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Nonalcoholic Russia

Native history we all know for the most part poorly. Russia emerges from a distance of something like: "… fun in Russia is Petey …" and other "goy-Thou." It seems, in connection with an anecdote about the choice of faith. Supposedly, Prince Vladimir, precisely because Islam would not accept that it is forbidden to drink wine …

Moreover, historical films and even touching children's fairy tales contribute their mite to the formation of ideas about the Old "Golden Age": endless feasts prince with his retinue, cups and Bratina, everywhere "… flow through mustache", but in the mouth, which is

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Baptism of Russia. How it bylo.Tochka view

I.Akimov "The overthrow of Perun Novgorod." It is shown as a tragedy, and not as a joyful event.

Christianity captured Rus in 988 AD. e. during the reign of Prince Vladimir. How did this happen? You can read the official version of the official history of Russia, for example Ishimova of "History of Russia", Novosibirsk, 1993 brief picture was supposedly was. Prior to Prince Vladimir paganism reigned, and Russia boomed.

Neighboring nations persuaded Vladimir to go to their faith, and to him came many ambassadors from Kama Bulgars, of German Catholics, the Jews and the Greeks, and everyone

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Tradition of treating the ancient Slavs

Ancient Russia had developed a healing tradition, which was based on conspiracy and herbal medicine. Currently preserved ancient medical reference, and herbalists tselebniki containing knowledge of the pagan period of Russian history. Ancient traditional medicine represents a sorcery and witchcraft, which owned the magicians, nymphs, and healers. Nymphs, use spells, charms, talk. They were based on the belief in the mysterious forces of nature, personified in the Slavic deities, such as Perun, Hors, Yarila and others.

Slavic ancestors practiced animistic ("anima" — soul) view of human life, that is, the idea of reincarnation.

After death, the soul left the body

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Methods to capture the city in ancient Russia

In Russia, there are two basic ways to capture cities and fortresses, "have traveled" or "Banish" (equestrian squad broke into the strengthening of the gate, which did not have time to close, or through holes in the walls left by the recent siege) and immediately the siege (long, sometimes passive "oblezhanie").

The main meaning of "oblezhaniya" was to deprive the city of food and water when thirsty and hungry opponents give up without a fight. In ancient writings of the siege was also called "hardships", "obsedaniem", "The Society" or "obstupleniem." It was the most common way to mastering the

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Unknown Ilya Muromets

Ilya Muromets — a fighter with the Christian plague. Konstantin Vasilyev

This painting by Konstantin Vasilyev not find his albums released Doronin, can not be found in the online collections. It does not appear on the walls of Kazan museum artist, as there was on the walls of the Moscow Museum of the deceased. Only black and white drawing pictures, reprinted from the book Emelyanov "Desionizatsiya", made not by Emelyanov, not melee Belov, wandering forlornly from the edition to edition. From the "Brawl Ilya Muromets with Prince Vladimir":

And it takes something like a taut bow razryvchatoy, And

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Holy Wood

Photo from pomorets.blogspot.com

Our forest … What could be more mysterious our northern Dubrova? What a prompt imagination delve into native, overgrown bylem profit Russian man? The beauty of the forest is infinitely varied in its apparent monotony. She blows a mighty breath of life, and she breathes fragrance of pristine freshness. It is testament to yourselves under mysterious vaults of shady trees. She whispers soft posheptom herbs, spreads his feet traveler colorful flower carpets, echoes shrill twittering of birds, halloo to one another with the excited voices echoing memory of antiquity.

North dense forest says

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