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Blacks couples son was born completely white

April 6, 2012 13:36

In a dark pair in England, who lives nedaleno of Loughborough had a second child, which is the surprise of all was fair, even though Mom and Dad — nee Congo — a dark color. Doctors say it is a genetic malfunction.

Francis Tshibangu and his wife Arlette and the eldest son of a two-year Seth all blacks, as befits the African natives, but just recently born Daniel, was Belenky. Daniel is now 11 weeks, and both doctors said he was not albino, but just had a failure in the genetic code.

Francis shares

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How the brain encodes thoughts

November 23, 2012 20:39

Clearly, all our thoughts and feelings are accompanied by changes in neuronal activity, but this kind of change? As occurs, for example, switching between two possible answers to the question "to drink or not to drink?" Now we have the data in hand, allowing to present some of the neurons that accompanies the decision: researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) was able to see what happens in the brain of a change in behavior (although the details and all sorts of special cases of this mechanism still have to work and work.)

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Pulkovo Observatory: the aliens look at us like we were idiots

March 20, 2012 22:58

Maybe aliens do not come in contact with the inhabitants of the earth, because they consider us underdeveloped and dangerous creatures, says senior researcher Pulkovo Observatory Sergei Smirnov.

"The aliens are looking at us as idiots, as undeveloped. Maybe they have fenced the original screen on the galaxy, and all of the hundreds of billions of stars warn of that civilization near the dwarf star we call the Sun is dangerous. There better not to approach, because the knowledge that you will give earthlings can be used to create them once the Super superotravy or

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Mysteries of History. Aliens and fathers — founders of the United States

March 18, 2012 18:20

What do the secret message, which now and then find in Washington? Is it possible that the great founding fathers knew more about the aliens than the general public? And if so, can this knowledge be enclosed in architecture, symbols, or even the founding documents of the United States?

Strange thing — the pirates (03/10/2012)

March 14, 2012 6:11

Henry Morgan, Edward Teach, aka "Blackbeard" … Who are the numerous pirates, what did you do in fact, were not you rich as we think? …

Secret area. Dragons star race.

October 30, 2011 15:05

Word of the desires

September 16, 2012 20:13

You may wish to all, but be aware of the consequences.

You live in a wonderful world of collective illusion which seems to you in your life where your every thought, desire becomes, has the ability to manifest in the mind as a material object or event. Thinking about something, you create the intention, providing an impact on the formation of a collective illusion, influencing the future course of events in her apparent. Thinking about the desired or undesired, you attract it into your life. And what you have now — this is just what

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02/12/2012 Mysterious sounds of the Earth

February 19, 2012 19:32

The hum of the Earth. Preparing for the birth of a new world. Discreteness. Dimension. Processor Earth. Magnetic-gravitational resonance. The core of the Earth. Megaglobul. Displacement of the magnetic field. Filling discrete worlds. The density of the mind. Parade systems. Tensions in the fields.

Robot android in a Japanese shopping center

February 15, 2012 21:08

In the windows of one of the most prestigious shopping centers in Japan appeared humanoid robot with the telling name — Android. Manipulators — Geminoid-F. Function — to communicate and interact with people passing by.

UFO over of Chelyabinsk

February 10, 2012 22:47

In the skies over the Chelyabinsk locals had seen unusual.

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