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The roots of Russian religious and Russian culture.

For our contemporaries in the Russian state and beyond the very name of the ancient faith and Slavic Aryan peoples — Ingliizm forgotten and seems to be something alien, a stranger. For in the modern world there is a distinct, scientifically proven opinions about so-called "traditional Russian religions" that have made their immense contribution to the creation of all the Russian history and the Russian state. These religions today include Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. But if you carefully consider this indisputable, scientifically proven opinion of "traditional Russian religions", it would appear that Christianity has been brought into the

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In the vicinity of St. Petersburg live mysterious people

In the five-hour drive from St. Petersburg is the village of Vinnitsa, where representatives of a few, but perhaps one of the most original and mysterious peoples of Russia — Veps. The earliest mention of Veps VI refers to in n. e. It is believed that they had come to Russia from the Baltic States and settled in what is now Karelia, Leningrad and Vologda regions. Despite the fact that Veps accepted Orthodoxy, their culture, and today is a plexus of Christian and pagan traditions.

The village

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The Vedas and the ancestral North Russia

From the Internet: Our ancestors came from the north. In Circumpolar lived first race of giants. This is stated in the "Book of Carols," in Khanty-Mansiysk tradition, the Vedas. There is a kingdom Bjarmia and mana. This is the realm of the god Brahma and his children — Mann and Mani. This is reflected also in the Vedas, surviving in India, Nepal, China, Tibet, the Himalayas, in the legends of the Mansi, Perm, as well as in Russian epics. This is not just a coincidence. According to Vedic knowledge, is also located here Belovodie, White Island and Mount White

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What is the difference of baptism and naming a baby?

When the children of Slavic and Aryan Clans was executed 12 years (108 months), and they achieved growth 7 genius (124 cm), for the children of the Great Race started a new phase in life.

All the younger generation held the ancient rites and ceremonies of majority Imenarecheniya, because our ancestors believed the name of an important part of the human person. Specifies the path name of the man, his destiny.

After passing the ancient rites of the Old Faith boys and girls are considered adults, adults who are prepared to carry on the traditions of their ancient birth.

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Harmony — the potential of all women of higher cosmic gods

Lada — Slavic goddess of love and beauty. Name Lada ancient Slavs called not only the original goddess of love, but the whole way of life — way, where everything was all right, that is good. All people should be able to get along with each other.

Beloved wife called Ludo, and he did — Okay. "Lada" — people say, when they decided some important business, and in ancient times was called ladnikom agreement on a dowry: frets — engagement, ladilo — Matchmaker, ladkanya — wedding song. Even pancakes that were baked in the spring

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Our family tradition

Creating a new family unit and all Slavic Aryan Clans had all historical times is very important, because every family unit — a continuation of life and the existence of the ancient clans of the Great Race, and all descendent of heaven.

Keep your family union, blessed by gods, in the timehappy and sad at the time, and may help you

Gods of Light, and will multiply your generations old.

More children will be in your Rodach, the more love, Joy and happiness will remain in your Rodach, for your children strengthen your generations and lead them

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A shock right Clans of the Great Race

"In all our deeds,

great and small, and in all respects

among their kinsmen

or community members of other genera-

Conscience and Truth is our sheaves,

should be the measure of all things "

Magus Velimudr.

Abyss of falsehood and deception that is shrouded Heritage (history) of the Russian government, the most insidious lie is defamation of political concepts People monarchical autocracy.

When sovereignty of the people itself holds, ie The self-government by the monarch, and a sign of truth in the original Russian autocratic right is One (one hundred percent) the

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Its time to declare a moratorium on Spies

It so happened that recently saw two movies about the same time — "Rurik. Lost profits "and" spies. " From each left their impressions. From zadornovskogo "Rurik" — mild euphoria from son of a bitch was able to say and show that many people know, but strangely did not find out in the wide public circulation. "Rurik", with all its "scientific lightness", due to turbulence interest in national history, and led the discussion of the narrow "canonical framework" for wide and free Russian expanses of breathtaking, and I want to believe that the Russia-Russian front same great future, which remained

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Our ancestors were wise and good-natured people. They knew a lot of rituals and customs, as commandments do them in their daily lives. We diligently forget its history, its tradition for many years, and then admire them, meeting other peoples. Many Belarusians rituals date back to the time, which is called paganism.

So long Belarusians consider building a great celebration. Claimed that Belarusian children are born with special abilities to carpentry.

Each owner thoroughly picked a place to build his house. This place put the jug and lowered back spider. If a spider weaves a web of night, here you

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Ingliizm, Paganism, Native Gods and Spirits

"Ingliizm" runes: Rune "Ingle" rune "The truth," Rune "Earth", and the rune "Peace", ie Ingle — this is true of the earthly world. So when we ask, "What is your belief — true?" We say, "No". — "Like — not?" — "We just — the original." Ie that which was from the beginning. And it is there where the truth? Truth is she is not on the Earth, it is there — from the gods in heaven. Therefore, we can only be the original, that was the beginning. And then, if someone argued — true, not true — even if

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