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Ancient chronicles Russia. Ruskolan

Long before the formation of Kievan Rus ancient Slavs had one of the largest state formations existed according to scientists from 1600 to 2500 thousands of years and was destroyed by the Goths in 368 AD, the move

Annals of the ancient Slavic state was almost forgotten by the German professors, who wrote in Russian history and aims to rejuvenate the history of Russia, to show that the Slavic peoples supposedly pristine clean, not tainted by the acts Ross, Antes, barbarians, vandals and the Scythians, of which very well remembered the whole world . The purpose — to tear

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Traditions and crafts of our ancestors

In studying the Old Ladoga centuries fragments of dishes and pots molded by ancient technologies. This is an experimental project of Russian archaeologists and reenactors from Lithuania. Neighbors in the Leningrad region led, ironically, excavations near Vilnius. The intertwining stories versed Marina Gordeeva.

Under the arches of the medieval tower and the atmosphere of a match — mystical. This board held, just as princes and boyars, archaeologists and re-enactors. Carefully show pots and cups, ordinary, but only at first glance. Staraya Ladoga reconstructed medieval pottery with an absolute accuracy of shards and Technology 8.9 centuries.

Elyana Alexeev along with

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Slavic heritage. Raseny and the path of the Slavs

All the history books tell us that before the baptism in Russia lived wild tribes — pagans. This is a big lie, as history repeatedly rewritten in favor of existing ruling regime — starting with the first Romanovs, ie history is treated as favorably at the moment the ruling class. The Slavs as their past is called the legacy or the Chronicle, not history (the word "summer" preceded entered Pet-set first in the summer of 7208 S.M.Z.H., the term "year", when instead of the Slav chronology introduced 1700 from the alleged birth of Christ). S.M.Z.H. — Is the creation /

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Clavyanskoe education

Raising children in the Slavic tradition. Lighter (Nevolina NA) Country: Russia Year: 2007 Genre: Rodnoverie Publisher: House of Crafts Zhukovskaya

Author: Clear, Nevolina NA Description:

Zhukovskaya Chamber of Crafts presents a series of "Ancestral Heritage" published in the form of talking books, video lectures, discussions and workshops. This series will be of interest to all who care about the native Slavic culture. Extension of type — duty of every Slavic family. But not enough to extend their family, most importantly the right to bring up children, to help them become decent people, to instill a love for their culture and

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But the path of the Government

"There is an ancient secret doctrine, the same age as the human race, it is passed on by word of mouth and to this day, but few people know it. "

"Svarog -" forever spouting spring "every Rod. He is the beginning, the source, the cause of all things. Rod of God — all the inhabitants of heaven. All born, things — the essence of Nature. Everything is born parent. And Svarog — the essence of the source, start-started, the cause is the cause of everything.

Above Svarog — God, the Creator of all the worlds, and each world begetteth

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Slavic writing 200 000 years ago

The sensational discovery scientists: our ancestors were able to read and write another 200 000 years ago — long before any other known cultures.

The secret stone Roseau

Detective story began with a letter sent to me by e-mail. Turned an old friend Vladimir Pakhomov, the professional mathematician, worked until retirement in major institutions: the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, the Space Forces of the USSR, the Institute of Physical and Technical Problems. He — the author of the amazing book "The Mystery of the Calendar — Message to the Unborn," of which "KP" told 28,

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Did Russ land of the barbarians?

"Red Star" have told on the pages of the history of ancient Russia, which in many textbooks adopted shortened, wittingly or unwittingly promoting the formation of the Russian population of the complex historical inferiority. So this topic is not purely informative and philosophical significance. Present today view on the issue of our two compatriots — Alexander Samsonov ("Black myth of the" wildness "pre-Christian Russia") and Yuri Ulyanov ("Artania — Rus Aryan").

Pre-Christian history of Russia is often shown in a dark color, our ancestors in it — "wild" barbarians in animal skins, live by hunting and fishing in the

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Never mind the Slavic dolls

They appear in our cradle and live with us all childhood. They help to digest our future life roles, they teach us to communicate and understand the world of adults. But is limited to the value of children's games dolls? Our ancestors of the Slavs dolls accompany life. A modern application of dolls, called kukloterapiya — is a single method of treatment of mental illness.

In anticipation of the VIII International Doll Salon, we decided to find out what are the traditional Slavic dolls, interest in which is actively being revived in recent years, and modern dolls, the interest

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Creativity heals

What is creativity? Why does a person starts something to paint, write, sculpt or sew? I am sure that, first of all, it is a state of mind. Something from deep breaks out in the form of poetic lines and delicate embroidery. I think you will immediately notice the things that are made with love. And not necessarily in this case to have a perfect technique of painting or poetic gift. If something is done from the heart, the piece you already live in the created your product.

It is embedded not just equipment and paints, but also a

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The revival of ancient crafts. Birch

The revival of ancient crafts. Birch gives people positive energy.

People appreciated for centuries and known medicinal properties of bark. Now called warm birch tree. Even in a cold room, a piece of bark or a product of it stays warm, as it has a great positive energy. Excited enough to man some time to look at it and hold it in their hands — and he immediately calms down. In Russia, said that the birch takes the pain and gives health. Many peasants in Russia were tramps and sandals made of birch bark was not from poverty, but

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