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Khinevich Alexander Y. — a loving son of Russia

Khinevich Alexander Y.

Khinevich Alexander, aka Pater Dy (patriarch) Alexander, head of the Old Russian Old Believers Church and the spiritual leader of the Old Believers living not only in Russia, but also in Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other countries. In Russia, millions of conservatives, living as they bequeathed to their ancestors. They are not the heathen, as they are called illiterate people and the media, and deeply religious, decent, working people all my life, do not use alcohol and other stuff, peace-loving people.

Apart conservatives many people watched a lot of lectures, Father

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The era of the Fox, an era of the Wolf

Slavs since the pre-Christian era has its own calendar periods, this "calendar Christmas Carols." In 2012, according to the calendar comes to an end the era of Fox Carols — the era of lies (as the fox is associated with concepts such as lying, cunning, deceit). The patron of the Fox era — the goddess of death Morena. Then the era of the Wolf, his sponsor — the god Veles. Wolf — cleaner, it is even called orderly forest. And the arrival of this era is associated with the purification of the world. According to the beliefs of the Slavs,

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Ancient secrets of the Russian North Zharnikova SV

Russian North — its forests and fields are not trampled hordes of invaders, its free and proud people are mostly not aware of feudal oppression, and it is here preserved in purity and integrity of the ancient songs, stories, were in Russia. It was here, in the opinion of many researchers, to keep such archaic practices, rituals and traditions that are not only ancient Greek, and even recorded in the ancient Indian "books of knowledge" — the Vedas, the most ancient monument of culture of all Indo-European peoples. On the next large Slavic and Vedic mythology wrote in the

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In Crimea, the largest festival began Slavic Rodnoverie

"Swa Glory" going near Evpatoria for the sixth time

"Swa Glory" going near Evpatoria for the sixth time.

September 6-9 at the Black Sea coast of Crimea (Evpatoria, pos. Zaozerniy, sanatorium "Seagull") will be the most numerous rally Slavic Rodnoverie — VI International Festival of the Vedic culture of the Slavs "Swa Glory."

At the biggest event of the Slavic Rodnoverie Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries will come to the magicians, nymphs, priests and magicians Slavic Faith; Rodnoverie (conservatives) and confessors Vedic teaching; Rodoljub (Patriots), representatives of public and political organizations, the Slavs from the conceptual projects

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Historical traces mysterious Hyperboreans

In ancient written sources, Greece, India, Persia and other countries there is a description of the peoples inhabiting the territory of Russia circumpolar over 2.5 thousand years ago. Among the ancient states there was also a mysterious country of the Hyperboreans, virtually unknown and unexplored today.

The encyclopedia says that the Hyperboreans — it's the people who live on the other side of the north wind Boreas, which blows from the caves of the northern mountains.

They are fabulous people, who lived in a paradisiacal country, forever young, not knowing the disease, enjoying uninterrupted by the "light of heart."

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In? Mr. and Religion


We invite the reader to think about the semantic difference between the two phrases:

1) in reference to the Slavic gods:"…… Lead us into temptation ……";

2) of Christian prayer:"… Lead us not into iskuschenie …".

In this short example shows the differences between the different approaches to life. The first involves the pursuit of development and advancement in the knowledge of something, the second excludes the thought of the action outside the established framework.


Who were our relatives before us

We say "my home", "My Family", but who

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