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Of towels


Towel word comes from the root "Rush", "ruh". The dictionary Vasmer "ruin" — break, tear, ie towel — torn piece of cloth cut. Woven cloth very long. In Slavic languages, the root of this value is found in the word, meaning a sheet, shirt, clothes — ruho, junk. They carry the semantics of the integrity of woven fabric. Many famous writing "fear a blank sheet of paper", sorry to spoil it, the same experienced by our ancestors, when torn with difficulty the fabric.

The question is: why is torn, not cut? The fact that the weaving

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Traditional Russian culture. Clothing

Russian folk costume

This article will talk about the traditional Russian costumes.

In the past, one of the purposes of protection of human clothing was from the adverse effects of the environment. Formerly known clothing clothing. It was believed that spin thread should only women's hands, as the very spinning is hidden action, like childbirth, and therefore only a woman can take over the tow, which is preparing for her man. Weaving, cut, sewing, doing embroidery, mostly women and girls in the winter. Men also had to be able to do it, and in Russia has always

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Farther militia Lukashenko

He will not allow "to plunge his country into chaos coups or separatist dismemberment"

/ / Igor Plugatarev

Collage Andrei Grizzly

Belarus became the governor-general republic, in which, in addition to the armed forces, numbering 50,000 soldiers (plus 15,000 civilian personnel) will create another 120 thousandth army. Such a conclusion can be reached after the announcement of the President of Belarus, with whom he made on November 4 Gozhskom site in the Grodno region, where the exercises were held territorial defense forces. In support of his Belarusian chief immediately handed the general managers of six major's

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News. Ru says, in the Samara region found a cave with a pagan temple

In Samara region found an ancient cave, created by human hands. Presumably, this tunnel, which is mined in pagan times, sandstone. According to scientists, the cave could be used as a church. Samara, the main finding of cavers hidden from prying eyes steep slope, densely overgrown pine forest, and the unavailability of transport natural camouflage. The nature of these places is that literally under every boulder you can look for the entrance to the cave. Underground all furrowed by hundreds of meters. But studied only a small part of moves. The cave was discovered in a sensational chance.

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Vottovaara mountain — one of the most mysterious places on Earth

In the mythology of different nations there is a story about the World Mountain. First emerged from the ocean of chaos mountain. Then there appeared to the Creator — God of the Sun — Ra.

Phoenix then shouted the beginning of time. Time in the philosophy of the ancient cycles. In terms of World Mountain walk sun and moon over its center is the North Star, and on top is the abode of the Gods. Where is the World Mountain. No one is sure.

One thing is that the mountain is located in the North.

In this ancient authors

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A shock right in Russia

Two things were a great loss to the people of Russian Slavic tribe, whose loss continues to take shape and detrimental to the education of the younger generation — it is family and community.

The loss of the family as a unit of society, indeed, within which a person comes to the Light of God and dies, its impact on the education of their ancient way of life, their home, where there are male and female halves, where before the eyes of the boy are representatives of all four stages of life human, I will not say. This is

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Unique city built in Berarusi masters, in the Gomel region

On the territory of Zashirskogo cultural and sports center, which at Yale Renee is a big building. Its result should be unique to the city of Gomel artists. Fundamentally different from their "brothers", which takes place at the festive event, this will be what is an exhibition and sale, and the very real studio.

Significantly more and that provides minimum investment in the project budget. A significant portion of the cost is covered by sponsors. Besides the construction of even use bricks from decommissioned farms. Expect developers and enthusiasts and lovers of old, reviving crafts of our ancestors.

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Nestor lzheletopisets

The first indigenous people of Moscow were vyatichi, which the chronicler Nestor says this: "… There were two brothers in lyahah one Radim, another Vyatka, Radim came and sat on the river Sozh from him Dubbed radzimichy, Vyatka and his native village on the Oka River, from He was nicknamed vyatichi. "

Then Nestor describes their manners and customs:

"Radimichi, vyatichi northerners have the same custom of living in the woods like animals, they all ate unclean sramoslove had them before fathers and daughters in law, marriage was not with them, but there were revels between the villages. Converged

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How to survive in todays materialistic world in information war

(Against the Darkness. Episode 5. Rusichi Tips wakes.)

1. Tempers and exercise your body, do not relax. This is pleasing to the gods. This also gets rid of depression, depression is a fraud awareness. Ill spirit — Get the body. It should give yourself a physical activity, have a run — and the perception of the world changes, come new solutions of urgent problems. Thoughts come to you, depending on the tone of the body. Remember that.

> 2. Watch your language. Cleanse it of unnecessary foreign terms that have counterparts in the native language, so do not

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You want to kill people, destroy it language

Alexander S. SHISHKOV

Alexander S. Shishkov, a prominent statesman and public figure of the nineteenth century, the admiral and the Secretary of State, serving faithfully for four kings, Minister of Education and President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is the author of priceless works, the significance of which has not really understood until now. One of them — "Slavyanorussky korneslov" the moral potential of the Russian language. Chapter of this book we are publishing today. Speech delivered by the President of the Russian Academy of Science annual meeting in solemn Our language — TREE, breed adverb

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