The Truth About Paganism

Call pagan Rus wrong. Moreover, it is insulting. Since the early Christians called other people (s), all non-Christians.

Therefore, it is pagan and do not believe in God, and practicing any other religion. As for Russia, it long before Christianity she was a slender, moral, based on the proper outlook religion. This was monotheism. Acknowledged the existence of the One God. Was in the religion and the Virgin.

Where this religion? — You ask. We in Russia it for thousands of years trampled, tarnished, polluted, and then in general perverted. You want to enslave people, cast out of his

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The origin of the Slavs quarreled Polish geneticists and archaeologists


Polish scientists from the University of Copernicus in Bydgoszcz, on DNA analysis proved that the first Slavs settled the territory of Central and Eastern Europe, four thousand years ago. This completely destroys the concept on which the claim that the Slavs first appeared in Europe only in the Middle Ages. The researchers examined mitochondrial DNA of more than 2.5 thousand of Slav nations, including Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, and Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. "We are discussing with the archaeologists, who argue that the emergence of Slavs in Europe — it relatively recent period.

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Vedichestvo. Space Pocono. Is it possible to destroy the faith of their ancestors? ..

We know what is on the ground is an information war. That he who owns the information, it has the right to raspostronenie — owns the masses and chooses the direction, pointing the way. In the information war, we are constantly inspired a variety of information about our ancestors, the pre-Christian period. They said that they were allegedly cruel barbarians, bloody sacrifices and tried hard to make us believe that the faith of our ancestors, it's a relic of the past, stretching back centuries, and that the day for today, the day of space technology, we do not need

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The ancient Slavic state and religious plagiarism Christians.

Long before the formation of Kievan Rus ancient Slavs had one of the largest state formations existed according to the historians of 1600 to 2.5 million years old and was destroyed by the Goths in 368 year. The history of ancient Slavic state was almost forgotten by the German professors who wrote the Russian history and aims to rejuvenate the history of Russia, to show that the Slavic peoples pristine clean, not tainted acts Ross, Antes, barbarians, vandals and the Scythians, of which very well remembered around the world. The purpose — to tear Russia from the Scythian past.

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Calendar of the Maya gave a wise ruler with white shiny skin tall

For the Mayan people came wise ruler with white shiny skin tall, who invented writing and gave people the calendar.

Mayan calendar — is the most mysterious legacy that left modern humanity from the incredible advanced civilization of the ancient Maya. The date of its completion is December 21, 2012. On this day, over a great era of Jaguar, which lasts for five thousand years, and come the end of the world.

As the ancient documents say that after that day there was a great era of the White Jaguar, beginning years of death and destruction that

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Traces of ancient Slavic civilization in Primorye

Henry P. Costin lives in Vladivostok. Underwater archaeologist, researcher and historian. 17-time champion of the USSR in scuba diving, divers coach athletes, head of club divers "East".

At the bottom, the banks and islands of the Gulf of Peter the Great, he found clear evidence of the existence in Primorye powerful ancient civilization (12 cities and 30 castles in the Golden Horn Bay wintered 200 ships), who died in the quake.

"On the islands, the coast and the bottom of bays and coves divers club" East "are fragments of pottery and bronze mirrors, traces of culture that existed back in

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What the Russian barbarians

Russian barbarians broke into villages, villages and camps, leaving behind only the libraries, theaters and city.

Russian has always been the most backward and underdeveloped. We went to obscure pants and wore a fur why, when all the normal Europeans swathes rags. Long been intolerant. Prohibiting same-sex relationships, and in enlightened ancient Europe, men loved to love each other. In Russian barbarians was not even slavery, what a shame. Russian did not wash, and lived up to their ears in mud baths and probably borrowed from the Finns. In Russian cities even incorrect. In a normal European medieval town in

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Slavic entertainment with bat and ball

Russian rounders — one of the oldest national sports games, and probably the most ancient. Accessories for her — bits of wood and felted balls — were found in the excavations of Novgorod the Great, dating from the XIV century. Any holiday in Russia has managed without playing rounders along with fisticuffs.

Played rounders and Peter I, played the soldiers and officers of the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment. And in the Red Army at the initiative of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Physical Culture Nikolai Podvoisky this game was used as a component of fitness. True, with

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On Earth, there were many civilizations

Accumulated a lot of artifacts and evidence that the living, sentient beings many times were (are) in the world is very, very long time. That's just our "science" pretends she blind-deaf-mute from birth …

Why scientists are lying, what on earth people built the first intelligent civilization?

In order to prove that we are not even second in the world, taking only what lies literally under our feet. Deliberately exclude most striking evidence of this, such as the pyramids of Egypt, sparing orthodox beliefs.

Ancient teeth with precious stones — a find in 2009. It demonstrates a

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Women and female golden section reptiloydov

You can cite no evidence of a few in the world extraterrestrial intelligence. Ufologists, for example, believe that the Reptilians happy to engage in sexual intimacy with earthly women. Most likely, with a certain type of earthly women. With so that they care about, which is physically similar to themselves. What is it then for the women? And where such find? Far there is nothing to walk, they have long been found, and during the whole show off their charms on the catwalk.

Just who? That is the question. Clearly not earthlings. Well what

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