Where are Slavic names and nicknames?

What we are proud of, and that is a distinguishing feature of our, it's our name. When there were our names?

Collectors "Dictionary of Contemporary Russian surnames" IM Ganzhina writes: "… Much of the modern Russian surnames formed from the names of the church calendar. These names, foreign language and foreign to RUSSIAN PEOPLE, only in XIX-XX centuries. have become an active base for the creation of Russian names. But in the XVI-XVIII centuries. such names were few and formed, as a rule, from the secular, consumer variantovkanonicheskih names, usually from long-form (Borisov, Yuriev, Andreev, Nefedov, Isaev, etc.). The bulk

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Usury and loans — parasitism decomposing society

Unfortunately, in wide use in Russia and other CIS countries in the past 20 years have become part of the transaction, which are made with a view, quite the opposite foundations of morality and law and order of our people.

It is aboutusurious transactions. These transactions are studied by students of higher education and training institutions in Russia and other countries under the guise of "credit agreement", "loan agreement" (if there is a condition of payment of interest), etc. In order not to go back later to the concept of the basic contradiction of morality, law and order

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Iranian President assured that the Zionists invented a fake ancient history

The President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that "the Zionists have created a false 2500-year old culture for itself" in order to "deprive other nations of their historical roots".

This was the Iranian president said at the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Treasures dzhiroftskoy civilization" dedicated return 5,000 artifacts in the south-western region of Iran, Jiroft, after they were smuggled to the UK seven years ago.

Ahmadinejad stated that the "enemies of the West and the Iranian people do not have enough historical background." They are, in his words, "are opposed to any steps that represent the history and culture

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Shadow over Russia. Plan OST (2011)

Crew met in the German Bundesarhive with the document entitled "Plan" East. " Until now, he never fully published. At meetings of the Nuremberg Tribunal quoted excerpts from it. On yellowed pages — cost estimates for the export of the Urals Soviet people. In the European part of the USSR will be only thirty million to service the caste masters — relocated to the occupied territories of the Aryans. The others will be eliminated. The Soviet Union ceased to exist as a state, and its peoples must be transformed into a herd, deprived of education, culture and

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Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Vatican — who are they, really?

Chief investment bank Rothschild Group "Goldman Sachs" in 2005 for the next decade predicted China's growth of 10% a year and began to transfer its operational base in the Celestial Empire.


And in the background started in autumn 2008 global financial crisis and global economic decline of the West, firmly states that in 2009, China's gross domestic product will grow by 9.4%. However, the main investment bank of the Rockefeller "Merrill Lynch" China did not, leave a base of operations in the U.S., and with the beginning of the crisis came to a line of bankruptcy

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A series of films Games Gods going to recognize the extremist material

I would like to inform you that the October 15, 2011 in the city of Ufa, Bashkortostan Russia after a demonstration of my latest movie from the TV series GAME OF THE GODS and creative meetings with the audience I was detained by employees of the Federal Security Service of the Republic and was taken to the building of the Federal Security Service at the address. Sverdlov, 96, where he spent two hours asking questions and record the answers on my activities, ideology and religious views.

After this particular "interview" I was presented with a service summons

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As civilization crumble

For centuries, people and cultures flourished and sliding into chaos on the basis of the same certain principles. In some cases, the period of this majestic and terrifying extinction stretched for centuries (as in the case of the Roman Empire), others — took a few years (the first comes to mind is the example of the Soviet Union). But in such instances of social destabilization danger signs manifested long before the finals, some of which were specific to a particular culture, some — common to all.One of the most persistent and frightening features common to all nations crumbling — is

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Premonition hordes

Social and political conditions of the acute setting question of our identity makrotsivilizatsionnogo: "Europe and Asia" pretty clear and obvious. At least for a person living in Moscow. The Russian capital has become today in non-Russian city. Today, it is, in fact, five minutes to the new barn. Here you can not walk down the street at least three hundred meters without encountering a group of visitors from Central Asia. Here you can not go down into the subway, not to discover with surprise that more than 30% of passenger traffic are the ones we politely call "guest workers." What

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The history of the Russian people according to DNA-Genealogy

In human DNA of 46 chromosomes, half of it inherited from his father, a half — from my mother. Of the 23 chromosomes derived from the father, the one and only — the male Y-chromosome — contains a set of nucleotides that is passed from generation to generation without any changes over the millennia. Geneticists call this set of haplogroup. Each man now living in the DNA is exactly the same haplogroup that his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-grandfather, and so on in a number of generations. Haplogroup because of its inherited unchanged the same for all people of

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The problem of the middle class savagery

Dear Readers, Across the country, drunken teacher, menedzhershi staff, nurses and young mothers are of serious concern to their behavior. Each night they get drunk to swinish state, have sex with unfamiliar men in the back of stores, dirty curse word and celebrate the natural needs of the street. A home at the time they are waiting for their husbands and children …

The above realities — not domestic. They are taken from Special report British newspaper "Daily Mail" on October 9, 2011 with the title "Why intelligent nurses, teachers and mothers across Britain to get

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