Boy from Mars

Boris Kipriyanovich. Photo from

In Russia, lives a boy, he is 15 years old, his name is Boris Kipriyanovich. He claims that in his past life to live on Mars. From an early age he talks about the Martian civilization, cities megaliths and spacecraft Martians on flights to other planets and the Earth's country Lemuria. He argues that once flew from Mars to this huge continent, which is now lying on the ocean floor.

The boy has exceptional intelligence from an early age, he sometimes sits in the lotus position. In two years, he surprised his parents

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Lada C Day — Mother!


Elet 40, Summer 7519 S.M.Z.H. on May 20 this year Lada C Day — Mother!


Loving and gentle mother of the Gods of Light Majority of the Great Race, the Virgin, patroness of all the people of the Great Russenia (territory, which settled the Great Race, ie Slavic and Aryan tribes and nations) and the Hall of Los Svarog Circle.

Goddess Lada was not in the pantheon of Slavic gods, they do not go in there and Rod — ancestor of all life on earth. Both

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Games of our ancestors

Russian rounders.

Russian rounders — one of the oldest national sports games, and probably the most ancient. Accessories for her — bits of wood and felted balls — were found in the excavations of Novgorod the Great, dating from the XIV century. Any holiday in Russia has managed without playing rounders along with fisticuffs.

Played rounders and Peter I, played the soldiers and officers of the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment. And in the Red Army at the initiative of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Physical Culture Nikolai Podvoisky this game was

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As in Russia were VYkat

How to handle: for you or to you? Like, you say, we express our respect to the person — to higher and strangers made contact to you. Why, then, you know say — are you? Do we respect them less than those of others?

Is not it strange: we turn to God for you (… Hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done …), but to any small head — to you?

Really, the Creator of all things worthy of less respect than any passer-by, whom we speak — are you? To the saints turn

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See you at Yasnaya Polyana

About Leo Tolstoy, we used to think, as the epic hero. "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina", "Resurrection", 90 volumes of the "mirror of the Russian revolution," the old man in his old age began to wear a peasant blouse and plow

Then went barefoot from Yasnaya Polyana and died — a classic set of stereotypes that have taken root in our consciousness from distant schooldays. It may be worth once they break once and for all? Drop everything and go to where he lived and worked for this great man and where did somehow November night is gone

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The reverse side of the sexual revolution (Lecture Tatyana Morozova)


Lecture held by Tatiana Morozova in one of Ukrainian universities. Want to know why we do not reveal the secret of the back of the sexual revolution, which is why the people that no one could win, now degenerates and soon we "take your bare hands?" What is "Telegonia" and why we have not heard about it? What is the "Golden Billion"?

What is the secret meaning hidden in the Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian folk tales? All this and more from the past and present of the Slavic peoples of the

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The symbolism of nature, the earth and fertility. Rhombus.

SIGN planted fields

Diamond — one of the fundamental symbols. It is included in the oldest rhombohedral meander pattern, denoted human representation of the surrounding reality, filled with obscure his own. Later, in the Neolithic diamond signified feminine: the woman became associated fertility. Further diamond, divided into 4 parts, was a symbol of fertility and planted fields. Transferred from monographs Acad. BA Rybakov term national heraldry, primarily through designating kosoperekreschenny diamond, followed by the internal circles mezhkrestiyah-grains, and which belong to the category of original geometric symbols.

In Russian folk art prevalent various interpretations of the character first appeared in

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Good news from Siberia!

Hello Friends and fellow believers!

I think everyone understands that our people do not dissolve completely in many other nations, the need to preserve their culture and religion.

Father of Alexander the Great in the 1990s did a great work for the rehabilitation and registration of the Church as a clear structure, when at the core of tribal communities (family), Tribal communities united in intergeneric Communities intergeneric Communities unionize or Regional Office of Spiritual and those of the Office turn submitted to Graduate Theological missionaries, in Omsk, headed by Pater Dy.

All of these communities were in

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What is meant by: Cross you have no or Put a cross on it!

What kind of cross, Jesus spoke to his disciples? Where they were to follow with his cross? What is the procession? What is meant by: "Cross you have no" or "Put a cross on it!"


VSESLAV (GLOBE Igor), an elder of the community of Vedic Aryan culture of the Russian "CENTURY RA", Krasnodar.

From the magazine "Vedic Culture» № 1

"Take your cross, follow me n …" Luke (chapter 9, article 23), Matt. (Gl.16, Article 24), Mark (Chapter 8, Article 34).

In the mind of an atheist, probably, any associative images related to the

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What is honor? Why would a man friendship? The purpose of love?

What is honor?


Today, the notion of trying to replace the words honor chastity and virginity. But the honor was no less important concept, because it determines the ability and the right to human incarnation and gave him a heroic power. The concept of honor was associated with the function of God which a person acquired through sincere service to the gods, and if he loses it because of indiscretions or betrayal of the gods, he was deprived of the divine power, that is, ceased to be God, and took off from the chain of reincarnation.


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