In Minsk region staged a holiday Christmas carols kings, which is included in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

This folk ritual originated in XVIII century, but remained only in the village Semezhevo. It involves only the young men and boys, who are called kings. This ceremony is a list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Ivan Matskevich these words will never forget. In the early 50's, he was one of semezhevskih kings. Played important — King Maximilian. While remembers now.

Today is the first guy in the village — elektromanter Dmitry. The fact that at 38 he would become king, was not expecting. But local residents have decided so. For its textured appearance and humor.


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The swastika as an ancient symbol

At present, I (author site — »Folk Costume") has been known for two fundamental studies — studies swastika symbol. Both suggest that the swastika and the concept of fascism should finally came to share, because the swastika is an ancient symbol! And they are used everywhere, just look and vintage ornaments (including embroidery on clothing), jewelry houses (thread), as well as many others confirm that yarga (swastika) — ancient Slavic character. Therefore, on our website offers a section on this subject.

Svastichnye symbols are in embroidery on clothing for the entire territory of Russia, and not only in

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Path to the Truth. Book 1. Parting words

Film project Sergey Stryzhak "Game of the Gods" has galvanized millions of spiritually sleeping compatriots. The project is designed not for sorcerers, magicians, yogis, and the common people. After watching the film, many felt the need to expand the knowledge culture of our ancestors, which are indicated on the screen. Movie format can not account for a lot of detail, in contrast to the book in which the author of the book "The Way to the Truth" tried in an accessible way to bring together a lot of disparate information on Azam secret knowledge. First book, "Parting"based

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Koschei the Immortal — demonic creature of the world of the Dark Navi


Koschei the Immortal — demonic creature dark world Navi. And how would Koschey not boasted, he was always defeated, because Bes_smertny. Koschei Immortal are the lords of the Grey and they like to organize a defense. Therefore, no kalena boom, nor sword, seasoned with herbs, Koschei the Deathless are not taken. And it only takes a sword kladenets. How is this different from the tempered sword?

Kladenets sword — is a powerful information weapon as the sword was RUNOVYAZ, ie some spell. It created a special energy structure of power around the Sword. Thus the sword is

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Rusichi We!

Arias, Rusichi — we are! We knows: without knowledge of the past, can not properly understand the present and predict the future. We know that people are deprived of the heritage of ancestors, can lead you anywhere.

Ninety percent of the information relating to the chronicle of the last Russian people, its origin, especially to the time of Christianization, from us to you hidden until now. In fact, and who we were and are Russian? After all, the time elapsed before the Christianization, a thousand times more than the past since the forced baptism of Rus. In the Rig Veda

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Ancient Slavic calendar. Data

How much did not argue the scientists and how fiercely they did not prove their case, the truth they are no longer able to hide. For the data given here has been tested and can not be questioned, and the calendar of the ancient Slavs in their grants much faster than all the others and has its roots in the mists of time, to the point, which still did not dream theorists Darwin.

Let's start with the title. The concept of calendar did not appear by accident, and it is no accident that in all languages

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On the Russian bath! The origins of traditions

Lev Gumilev in his book "Ancient Rus and the Great Steppe" writes that Christianity is difficult to get accustomed to the Kievan Rus', but the harder the Slavic tribes conquered Kiev princes. Military victory over the pagan Slavs — vyatichi was won by Vladimir Monomakh, but spiritual, or rather, an ideological victory long in coming to the XIV century. On most of Russia in the narrow sense (Kiev, Chernigov, Pereyaslav) dualism existed long. The most ancient cult — veneration of the spirits of the dead — stood up to the XX century. These spirits — navii — demanded little from

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Russian conscience not trade: the traditions of Russian merchants

Recently, the country faced a wave of claims for breach of their obligations under these businessmen. According to the Supreme Court of Arbitration, in the past year by 66% increase in the number of applications from foreign businessmen complain of non Russian partners of foreign judgments.

In autumn 2008 not to pay the debts to Russia again became "trendy." Statistics on more than doubling of the load of a judge in a few months is as shocking. Increases and severity of the violation. According to RBC, now behind bars "languishing" 40 000 (!) Entrepreneurs.

Modern business

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Odin Runes and Slavic place of issue

Fig. 1. Alphabet rune stone from the island of Bornholm

In the XVIII century, the German researchers did not doubt that much older Germanic runes Cyrillic, and the Germanic tribes came to Europe long before the Slavs. Sympathizing with the Slavs, they attempted to show a century later, that the Slavs in retreat, church Radegast also used Germanic runes, and even a little of their volatility, and thus, at least in part have been attached to literature and civilization. Later, however, it became clear that the modifications Germanic runes in their inscriptions

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Subculture — a disease of modern youth

With representatives of various subcultures we encounter in everyday life. People informally species can be found in urban areas, with a small amount of the population.

In general, a subculture known that different from conventional crops (ie under-represented.

So, for example, distinguish subculture formed on ethnic, demographic, professional, geographical and other bases.

Occupy a special niche subculture of contemporary youth.

Causes of the young men and women, are being singled out, there are several.

It is believed that the main reason — it is the desire to stand out, to show their individuality.

But not always

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