Yuvenalizatsiya, sodomizatsiya plus: universal chipizatsiya Russia

Foresight apocalypse: childhood-2030

The "innovation" of the future of Russia ("Foresight Project"), which is prepared liberals, officially unveiled at the Beijing Exhibition "Expo 2010". This yuvenalizatsiya, sodomizatsiya plus: universal chipizatsiya nationwide. And the main victims should be children … It has long been known: "Children — our future." So, what are the kids, so is the future. With this fundamental position, hardly anyone dares to argue. And at the World Exhibition of scientific achievements "Expo-2010" in the name of Russia as nearly foundations exposed exposure draft tech "cities for the children." And this is done as

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It is an ordinary liberal fascism Caucasian

Protested against what people (including women and the elderly) on Manezh Square? — Against the law to kill with impunity (cut and score namert) Russian implicitly granted Caucasian bandits korrumpirvannoy bureaucracy.

Yes, there has been an element of provocation — but it is almost always, and people protested sincerely.

Protested against what Caucasians, who took to the streets today and attacked the police? — Against those who protested at the Manege.

Suitability, they — consciously or not — advocating for the rights of the Caucasian bandits and terrorists to kill with impunity Russian (or rather, non-Caucasians in general, it is

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First Romanovs: Who and how to destroy Russian history?

In the early 17th century in Russia, came to power of the Romanov dynasty. After the destruction of his political opponents, the new rulers of Russia set about destroying the history and culture of the Russian people.

By a wave of pogroms, which resulted in most of the monuments to the Romanov era were irretrievably lost. Some of them will tell the movie "First Romanovs: Who and how to destroy Russian history? '.

It is known that the monuments are keeping the considerable information about the era to which they belong. Sometimes the

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Theory Golden billion, or Dulles plan

In the mid-90s in Russian was translated book American Colonel Main Intelligence Directorate "Committee of 300?. For about 30 years, he studied the secret mechanisms to control the world, and came to the conclusion that global processes run 300 of the wealthiest clans. This "Committee of 300? ordered in 70 years of large research corporations, research and development. When the results were obtained, it was found that the natural resources on earth are limited. And for a comfortable stay in the land of natural resources enough for only one billion people. Then there was the theory developed "Golden billion", who

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Nicholas Zyatkov: One million children in the garbage

Not everyone knows that in the country there are people who make a material abortion

The president's words, made a bid to strengthen the family, increasing the birth rate, the majority of Russians have caused internal support . What else could help solve these problems, but for different reasons have been named to handle the president? Reducing the number of abortions, which in Russia are made every 18 seconds.

We have this issue once shame is not discussed, it is believed that an abortion — a personal matter. Although, if you take the figures, obtained a terrible picture. According

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Thamaha and queen Siromahova

Most residents of the Krasnodar Territory have heard (and many there are) strange to the modern ear the name "Thamaha." Is the title of a beautiful mountain range, located in the Seversky district of the same name, and with it the settlement. Many people probably think that this is not a Slavic name, but it is — confusing. Based on the study of the ancient Slavonic chronicles, narratives and chronographs have reason to conclude that, in ancient times, our ancestors settled throughout Eurasia, including the Krasnodar region. The proof of the above are the same, repeated from one region to

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Where are the Russian Indians

North American Indians know any Russian. We all know the noble Mohicans, cunning Apaches and other characters in the books and westerns, which is very popular. But few people know that our country has its own "Indians" — Itelmen. December 7 opens photo exhibition dedicated to this small nation.

All to see Itelmen necessary to do not a short journey. Nine hours by plane from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Then — ten hours by car to the village of Esso. Then half an hour to reach by helicopter to the village of Ust-Khairyuzovo.

Finally, forty minutes shaken in a car

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Do not touch the Russian language without gloves if your hands are not clean

Who are just not taken for reforming the Russian language, which may only offer to him? And bent over his knee, and poach and mangle, and torn to pieces, and put in the spokes of a wheel in its history, to stop, to break, to defile, and he still lives, the great and powerful, and will live forever, is still alive on earth at least one real Russian man.

I would not, perhaps, as they say, put pen to paper in connection with the performance of Michael Epstein on the Russian language in the TV program "Culture" on October 14,

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The Great Shift 2012 — Oleg Cherne

Oleg Cherne He studies ancient Vedic culture for over 25 years. Traveled to more than 120 countries, studying the various internal and external practices. Oleg tells the story of "The Great Shift 2012"

Time greats gone. Today is the time of gray people, little people, who are able to adapt and adjust to this down-beat. And nothing to do but wait until they die. The rhythm of today's development, the education system is set up for just such recruitment perishable mutated bioproducts. Therefore, those who have not become the slave

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In Kiev for auction pictures of children with cancer

November 26 in Kiev in the Ukraine's first Diamond Ball The Glam Classic Fair held a charity auction of paintings that were painted with cancer children with Ukrainian artists.

A group of artists led by sculptor Oleg Pinchuk, it included just Rafalski Olga, Olga Kondratska, Kate Cold, Elena Vlasyuk and Artem Shevchenko.

Young artists, aged from one to sixteen years with the help of bright colors described on paper and canvas of his dreams and fantasies about their favorite fairy tales and characters of close people, activities, distant countries, where they want to go, and many other exciting baby showers

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