In Astrakhan fishermen found Sarmatian gold

The total weight of treasure trove was about 1.15 kilograms. Photo

Sarmatian gold ornaments weighing more than 1 kg found two Russians, fished near the village of Trinity Astrakhan region in the coastal zone of the river Bakhtemir. This was reported in the provincial Ministry of Culture.

"Find the necklace and bracelet — the total weight of 1.15 kg. Decorations are unquestionable attributes rich Sarmatian burial time (the early Iron Age, the 4th century BC — 5th century BC). Not closed ends of the bracelet decorated with a griffin head, ends hryvnia — as lying with

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Rusichi We!

Arias, Rusichi — we are! We knows: without knowledge of the past, can not properly understand the present and predict the future. We know that people are deprived of the heritage of ancestors, can lead you anywhere.

Ninety percent of the information relating to the chronicle of the last Russian people, its origin, especially to the time of Christianization, from us to you hidden until now. In fact, and who we were and are Russian? After all, the time elapsed before the Christianization, a thousand times more than the past since the forced baptism of Rus. In the Rig Veda

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ROC refused to forgive Leo Tolstoy

Russian Orthodox Church can not cancel the excommunication of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, in spite of the appreciation of his work and the 100th anniversary of his death.

Executive secretary of the Patriarchal Council for Culture Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov noted that the decision of the Holy Synod on February 20, 1901, according to which Tolstoy was excommunicated from the church, can not be canceled because it was "a statement of a fait accompli," reports Russian newspaper.

As Count Tolstoy himself excommunicated themselves from the Church, "which he did not deny, but at every opportunity strongly emphasized."


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This is a terrible word swastika

Interest in the Slavic-Aryan symbolism in modern society is quite high. And this interest is mainly polar. On the one hand, it is often spiritually awakened patriots and compatriots who have realized that the salvation of the Soul, Spirit and Fatherland is possible only through the revival of the Original Native Faith and ancestral roots. This part of humanity understands the value of the ancient clans of characters awakening to the Slavs and arias their inner Divine Essence. Graphics and power of these symbols in the birth and genetic memory are causing an effect similar to the birth of a

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Russian — the progenitor of all Indo-European languages?

Could the "great and mighty" is the ancestor of all Indo-European languages?

English-speaking inhabitants of the planet Earth was lucky — they are understood in almost every corner of the world. After all, "Inglish" is the language of international communication. We can only envy and quietly cramming irregular verbs … However, it is possible that thousands of years ago, everything was different — on the territory of modern Europe and the Middle East could be a single adverb and almost all the inhabitants of Eurasia communicate with each other without interpreters. The most amazing thing is that the ancient proto-language

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Workshop on the Old Faith (video)

October 8, 2010 in Surgut head clan of Omsk Darislav Starikov held a workshop on the foundations of the Old Faith.

The seminar addressed topics such as: Generic force its manifestations in man and the people, the people as a single organism, and the dependence of the people on the revival of the revival of each kind separately, the ability and the way of reviving family tree; Slavic worldview about life and death, common pathways out of the situation and the individual objectives of each person in this world, as well as other issues on the Slavic

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Prince Svyatoslav I Rusich!

Svyatoslav Igorevich statue on horseback with hazarinom defeated. Sculptor Vyacheslav Fangs. The monument is in 2005, in the village of Withers Belgorod region.

Russian troops were silent system, behind them towered city walls Dorstola. The gates were closed, with walls on his comrades looked wounded remained in the fort, who were not able to take part in the battle, but able to stand on the wall and cover their children in case of retreat. At the center of Russian construction was Prince Svyatoslav, as well as everything on foot, he looked at his men, who were with him,

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Rus, Rusich, Russian

Appears in many publications fasilsikatsiya concepts Rus, Rusich. It is said that as there is no such ruses. The Russian Constitution is all nations, except Russian. The Constitution does not Russian. However, sometimes the heads of the state still negotiated, saying that Putin recently in an interview: "… for the Russian and other peoples living in Russia."

It is believed that the concept of "Russian", "Rus" comes from the fact Varangian prince named Rus, who was invited to Russia to rule. Its name was called as if people and the country. His children were Rusichi, all the rest

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Nikolai Starikov about parenting

A holy place is never empty. If you do not control something, it is controlled by others. This happens both in the economy and in politics, and in the upbringing of children. So if you do admit that your kids in the head formed a vacuum, the Anglo-Saxon foreign "friends" kindly "help" fill the void — of course his music, his movies, language, culture and other things. So the only way — to keep the education of their children is completely under control, get away from it and give it to someone at the mercy does not

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Could be a story out of politics? It turns out — can not

Read some stir passions around Veles book, and right before my eyes there was a Christian church with cupolas and crosses covered several poods of gold leaf — it shines!

What scientists think about Veles book?

No evidence of divinity, except written "masterpieces" Monas and the word "witnesses", but at what cost the blood of this world staroliteraturny masterpiece. Modern scientists have not particularly interested in the content — the main authenticity: correct spelling and examination of antiquity. We, contemporaries who use partial knowledge of their ancestors and of all humanity, the so-called education, it is difficult to

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