Magus Veleslav and Lada — Slavic calendar rites and ritual singing

May 17, 2009 in Kaluga, the restaurant "Arkona", a lecture Magus Veleslava and Lada. The lecture "Slavic calendar rites and ritual singing." The lecture was attended by bosses Veles vlh Circle. Veleslav performer and ritual songs (including during the lecture) Lada. The meeting was organized by the Kaluga Corps' Russian way. " And this lecture is recommended for those who think that because the written sources on paganism until we almost did not make it, then talk about a succession of Slavic paganism is difficult. Of course, this lecture is not a model of scientific reasoning (but

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Sidhi — Legend of the Urals

This video shows a statue depicting drevneuralskaya Siddha and photos of strange creature found in Kyshtym that near Chelyabinsk.

Londons elite is preparing to leave in underground shelters before the apocalypse

And below, on two underground levels, is the most chic "Noah's Ark" for millionaires

June 25, 2011. London's elite decided in advance to hedge against the threat of the Apocalypse, and is completing the construction of luxury underground shelters for its castles.

Swimming pool, sauna, hair salon, massage salon, cinema, parking, rooms for servants — all this, in their view, would survive the troubled times in prosperity and luxury. It costs — £ 50 million.

Modern ventilation systems, heat from escaping wells deep into the earth and the depths of the earth to heat retention.

That's just

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Crimean population continues to die

Simferopol, November 28 (New Region, Evgeny Andreev) — The population of Crimea is not just actively shrinking and dying.

This writes the weekly "Crimean Telegraph".

According to the General Department of Statistics in the Crimea, according to the publication, since the start of this year (January-September) in the Republic of 21.5 thousand people died. Compared to last year most of the dead in Simferopol — 3.7 thousand. Following the Crimean capital of the "leading" Kerch, Yalta, Feodosia, Evpatoria and Simferopol, Bakhchisarai and Krasnogvardiysky areas.

This year, most Crimeans died of cardiovascular diseases, neoplasms, external causes (accidents and assaults), digestive diseases,

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As Masons killed Pushkin

This film, made in the 170-year anniversary of the death of the great Alexander Pushkin, flashed again on just one channel and disappeared. Before — in the Soviet Union, there was censorship in the face of censorship and the Politburo, and now a lot easier — rang around all the film ideologically dangerous — and separatist channels under the pretext of his brother refused.

In Moscow, discussed the legalization of prostitution

The legalization of prostitution. Debate, "for" and "against." Heated debate supporters of legalization and prohibition, the arguments of the parties. Leading Tutta Larsen, participate in the debate: Yuri Ryazanov, Zinaida Korneva, Dzheniz Krause (USA), Olga Kryshtanovskaya, Joseph Kobzon, Oksana Yartseva ("Silver Rose"), Alex Lunev, Henrik Grigoryan, Vadim Ants Yushkina Hope (Mrs. "Moscow 2010 "), Tatiana Ogo, Feni Tat (Philippines) and the reporters in the room. Full version.

Hedgehogs at night walk along the paths of homes



A night on the garden paths and wander around the house hedgehogs. Closer to the fall in the garden for them — expanse: many fallen shrubs with berries, apples and other fruits. If we listen, — urchins talk to each other and funny sopyat.



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Boy without touching — contactless fight


Very interesting lecture sorcerer Vladimir Kurovskiy

Very interesting lecture, held at the Festival "Sun Valley", which talks about such deep things as the foundation of the universe from the point of view of the Slavic tradition, of where there are life-image imprints, which controls a man as we shape the world around us egregors, himself, and how all this affects the strength of our faith.

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