Budget punitive structures: Social spending treasury cut almost 800 billion rubles

Last week the State Duma did not dare to consider the draft budget for 2013 and the planning period of 2014-2015, which was received at the end of September. And no wonder, because the bill was left "unfinished" — the budget came in the form in which it entered the Kremlin, after which he criticized President Vladimir Putin. Therefore, as announced earlier this week, the State Duma are going to pass a bill with only the presidential amendments to be made in the second reading. The source of the "United Russia" said that work on the budget to be a

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Veche autocracy ancient Slavs

How our ancestors lived? How do they manage to live without fear that the prince will issue a decree or a robber escapes with tribal coffers to Khazars? Without fear that them come into the house, local robbers rogue and take away all their possessions, and all the neighbors gather around and laugh at failure neighbor? Why farmhand was not afraid that the owner will not give him a salary, but the owner — that farmhand propet its deposit and even run away, taking with him his grandfather's sword and prababkino necklace? Why did the magician knew Knyazhev squad will

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Hyperborea — the morning of civilization

How old is mankind? Modern scholars tend to put the number at 40 000 years — from the very dawn of Cro-Magnon man. This is — the standard time period, allowed human history in teaching, research and reference books. But there are other numbers do not fit perfectly into the framework of officialdom. 400,000 years — the date is calculated by the ancient historians — Chaldean, Egyptian, Greek, and — as projected for Russia Lomonosov. "(Actually, in the scale of events in world history, there is another, clearly fixed date which is unable to accommodate the imagination of modern humans:

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Who is behind the looting of Syrian history

Ancient artifacts purposefully been stolen and traded for weapons. Who is the main customer is referred to theft?

Syria is at the crossroads of cultures and religions for thousands of years, but the ongoing civil war, supported by the United States, leading to the destruction of the world's antiquities. All six monuments inscribed on the UNESCO list, suffered damage. The looting of archaeological sites depriving the country the chance to rely on economic growth that is based on the end of the conflict would be tourism. But it's not only that.

Syrian kotrabandisty work under the order: "The war is

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Ancient Slavic culture in pictures

Chuprin Viktor is the custodian of the magnificent paintings Belarusian painter Nonna Kukel. Plots of these paintings — our past intangible cultural heritage, namely the orthodox Vedic culture, which is a school of spiritual and moral maturity of many generations of Slavic pre-Christian era.

Karina bring light, love and beauty of this world. The exhibition presented 52 works, 90 works written by the artist. Exhibition fully reflect the Vedic culture. For 4 years the exhibition was successfully held in four cities of Ukraine. They are visited by tens of thousands of Ukrainians.

Written hundreds of enthusiastic appreciation reviews. Presented in

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Archaeologists have found traces of the barbarian kingdoms

Archaeologists Baltic expedition IA RAS found at ancient burial Ladushkin estiev. Since ancient Roman historians called those who lived in the east of the current Europe.

Riddles estiev

The expedition did not have to look long. Little deeper into the forest, correspondents "AIF" saw men in camouflage with an ax and a shovel. The dig took about 150 square meters. m Archaeologists fought back with a huge rotten tree. They braided a large earthen vessel — an urn with someone's ashes …

Tribes living there at the end of IV — beginning of the VI century., Buried their relatives

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History the Rus North. And whether baptism?

V.M.Nazaruk. Diptych "Baptism of Rus'

Hardly, who would not agree that of all the regions of the North Ruska, the most mysterious and least understood is Vologda. Speaking of pre-Christian Vologda region, one can not make assumptions about the existence of her pagan shrines, which had apparently been vandalized and cruelly destroyed by the example of Novgorod and Kiev. It should be noted that the first proponents of radical Christianity in no way inferior to the atheist impulse "militant atheists" — Communists.

Recall that in Kiev, Perun was tied to the tail of a

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Transition periods for turn of the century

Structure eras

Deserve special consideration events occurring at the intersection of eras. Transitional periods that precede each age, and crowned it, occupy, as it is written, a few hundred years (for the calculation of the demigods). One hundred years since the demigods, is 36 thousand years have passed in the world (Table 2.1). At the intermediate time the degradation of man, society and nature are most intense. They are accompanied by natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tectonic subsidence and uplift-land, flooding of land and possibly cold snap.


Era Years of the demigods Years on Earth Dawn 400

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The correct chronology in. What is the current year is in reality?

We need to remember our history, and go on your way.

Currently, we use the dating years of Christmas and the Gregorian calendar. Not forgotten and the Julian calendar, the so-called "old style". Each year in January, we thought of him, when there was an "old" New Year. As the media carefully resemble the change years of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other calendars. Certainly, it broadens our horizons.

Let's expand your horizons. But in order to become even wider horizons, let's touch to the ancient tradition of chronology of Slavic nations — Daariyskomu Krugoletu Chisloboga on which

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The air in the Russian bath concoctions of herbs and recipes

Etymologically the air as well as the soul as breathing, judging from the old Slavic beliefs — the same structure. Also close view of the air and steam sauna. Air — one of the four elements of the cosmos, along with water, fire and earth is "The four-force", which in the bath "peresotvoryaet" man, that is, regenerates again.

Air serves as a vehicle or medium through which malicious people can didst send defame and spread the disease, an infection. In the old harmful and dangerous to man the air is called — the "bad" or "evil" air-to-Ghost sickness is

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