Ethnic mafia in Russia

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Old Russian mounds in the Leningrad region destroyed for sand mining

Unique cultural — Barrow Group with Old graves in the village Yaskelevo Gatchina district of Leningrad region — completely destroyed the development sandpit.

Currently, the entire surface of the buffer zone, which previously housed barrows, leveled by bulldozers. Along the edges of the buffer zone of the cultural heritage sites remains of marking tape, with which the zone was located, said the regional prosecutor's office.

Supervisory authority is transferred to the materials of the police to deal with a criminal case under Article 243 of the Criminal Code — "The destruction of the cultural heritage and history."

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To a global catastrophe only a matter of days?

Approximation August causing economists willies. Appointed on August 2, "hour X", the occurrence of which the United States would be unable to meet its debts and, logically, will be forced to declare a technical default, approaching at a speed of an express train.

If on this auspicious day of the American national debt ceiling is not raised and the printing press starts printing a new batch of dollars to pay the bills, not be good throughout the world economy.

Even U.S. technical default can trigger global economic chaos because for many years the dollar is sort of a

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In Russia, there are no state


Please tell me what news you catch the eye is the best? Political, is not it? And that's something I wonder struck another statistical series. Here it is:

January 18 morning, a bomb exploded in Saransk. Alleged assassination objects — deputy director of Mordovia Branch TGK-6 Vyacheslav Safonkin with his wife. January 16, Ivanovo. Doctors operated on chapter eight o'clock local FAS Alexander Borovkov, seriously wounded in assassination. January 6. In the village of Pearl in Buryatia three dozen people staged a mass shooting.

You know, that brings these news? In Russia, there are no more

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Teleconference Trehlebov and Kurowski from 19/05/2011


Teleconference communication with Trehlebovym and Kurowski. Questions about the transition in 2012, and their opinions. Dan look at the events from the perspective of Vedic orthodoxy.

White Russia

Mysteries of History — Aliens and sinister cults

Description: Mass suicide. Human sacrifice. Diabolical rituals. Throughout history, there were people who claimed to possess otherworldly knowledge. They pushed his followers to terrible violence. But who they really are — mad, or conductors will aliens? And what in fact this will?

On the subject:

What do the secret message, which now and then find in Washington? Is it possible that the great founding fathers knew more about the aliens than the general public? And if so, can this knowledge be enclosed in architecture, symbols, or even the founding documents of

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In Russia, the occupation army will create

"A foreign citizen can no longer be a cause of failure for contract service in the Russian army. Published on the website Defense draft amendment requires "mercenaries" knowledge of Russian consent to fingerprinting and a willingness to conclude the first deal for five years. The plan may be innovations in rescuing a failed plan to transfer the army to the contract. … Service in the Russian army is entitled to Russian citizenship after three years. "

The idea is different: to be, to whom the Russians to drive on the reservation. One police is not enough, and an army of

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Russians freed from forced chipizatsii: The project was too expensive

Universal electronic card, which would replace the passport will not be required. The project proved to be too expensive.

The government has decided to abandon the mandatory issuance of universal electronic cards (UEC), which provides in 2014. UEC had reduced communication of citizens and officials to a minimum and actually replace the passport.

Nikolay Nikiforov, Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of Russia: "Today there is instructed to amend the 210th federal law regarding the deletion of article, which from 1 January 2014 requires the issuance of a mandatory universal-universal e-card." To receive your card on a voluntary basis will

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Secrets of water


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