Open letter to the Russian elite

Gentlemen "elitist"! Government officials at all levels and corrupt big business! Ministers, heads of departments, the generals of all arms, prostitute figures intellectuals, military leaders "Arbat Military District" and other "warmed glory!"

We know that you regularly browse NSN "Wends", and we have to not only indirect but also direct evidence (reprint in government media, quotes in your speech and writing, etc.) Therefore decided to appeal to you personally.

Although you lighten up, trying to pose as a riddle of the Sphinx (no inflation or denomination, buy a stock with a lag of deviation …), to understand your shallow

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Empire of good

The film is about the process of distribution of "good" America around the world.


Pensions in Belarus at 2.3 times the subsistence wage for pensioners

January 17, Minsk / Correspondent. Learned /. In Belarus, the average size of pensions assigned the labor, employment and social protection, in December last year amounted to Br584, 7 thousand, BelTA learned from the National Statistics Committee.

This 2.3-fold increase over the cost of living for pensioners (in accordance with the Council of Ministers of the BPM for pensioners in prices in September 2010, based on one month from 1 November 2010 to 31 January 2011, the amounts to Br252, 2 thousand) .

The average size of old-age pension in December 2010 amounted to Br612, one thousand, disability — Br532,

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Russian girls are the most beautiful. Graphically

In Belarus, children learn to talk to Dolphins

In dolphins, doctors with patients learn new methods of treatment.

Prophecy ancestors. Sacred lands of Altai


In the Greater Altai is about 40 thousand stone mounds. Researchers believe that these facilities could build only advanced civilization.

The film tells about who and why build tombs and ancient mummified body of noble warriors. And also why the excavations of ancient tombs in the Altai lead to a series of terrible earthquakes.


Economy near future


Domestic conversations with his father Alexander. Issue 7

Boris Mironov — Russian go!

Events Manezh Square 12/11/2010

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