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Cartoons: Shine clear

Embarrassing pictures online pravitelstvo.rf

Infographics on the state website — it is very correct and modern. And I'm glad that the site pravitelstvo.rf in "infographics" hang 11 works. But look closely and upset — how carelessly done.

I will not write, why most of these images can not be called infographics, but the basic rules of walk.

First, the site of the first state-level indecent save on corrector. Such a number of typos I have not seen.

At least a "km" learn to write without a point!

Second, the lack of an editor. That will not only copy-paste officious rules text,

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Eat, drink and dress in 2012 will be only millionaires

Prices for food, clothing and other trash that has no spiritual world, absolutely, nothing will grow uncontrollably and viciously. For the purpose of owning a self-canned goods, second-hand and two or three cows. What you need to be happy? Often we hear this simple question, that's just the answer makes a wise man think, and choose the near word answer: a million! For human beings, who had never had in my hands this same million — amount seems fabulous. Is this true? Statistics tell us that a million dollars in 2011, equal to about 17 thousands of

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Congratulations on the occasion of the Slavs! Veleslava — Kolyada

Nikolai Starikov: contemporary globalism is no different from the Nazis

Each step barefoot — an extra minute of life

Each step barefoot — an extra minute of life

The phrase belongs to the famous German scientist hygienist XIX century Sebastian Kneipp, theorist barefoot offering this technique as an effective tool for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

In its judgment of human ecology, he relied, in particular, and on the historical facts. For example, Socrates always went barefoot, and instructed his disciples to do the same, because I thought that by this acute thinking. To old age this theory held and Leo Tolstoy, preferring all other dewy grass. So did the Roman philosopher Seneca,

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Lecture Veleslava in Ladoga October 8, 2011 g

Meeting where Magus Veleslav shared new doctrine of the Great Perfection, brought from the Altai.


And break the yoke as yoke broke More than once the rebel army … Russian born — is too low: They need to be, they should be! I.Severyanin

Vedic Slavs put before the people spiritual goals, so Slavs in Sanskrit is called Society Aryani. Aryan — follower of the Vedic culture, the people, the purpose of life is to achieve spiritual perfection.Long before the new era of the Slavs had clearly defined the concept of morality as the basis for the development of the soul: in this they saw the meaning of human life.  As set forth in the

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Astrakhan history or heritage of their ancestors

Over the past 20-30 years, all those interested in ancient culture and traditions of the Slavic people it became clear that the official story is false. This is evidenced by numerous archaeological finds unearthed Slavic cities, etc. For example, current and former Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Urals in Arkaim, was surprised by what he saw, but quickly forgot it all. And this is just one example.

Another example on many maps of the atlas «Theatrum Orbis Tenarum» large Dutch publisher cards of his era William Blau Janson (1571-1638), the south we see the inscription Tobolsk district, "Cossack Steppe

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