Myths about the Slavs or stories about Russian

Russian barbarians invaded the villages, camps and villages, leaving the city, theaters and libraries. Worn, do not get why, fur and wore trousers, while the cultured Europe wrapped up in rags …

It has long been banned gay marriage and despised tolerance and European men love to fuck each other. Russian lived in mud and rarely washed, and the baths, which are borrowed from the Finns, did not go out of laziness. And the cities they were wrong, according to the European medieval tradition in the city center was located gallows with "torture", and the streets were special ditches

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Vladimir Kurowski. Meeting with the enormity of the Kiev

The influence of the inner world of man to the world and how the world affects us? How is this interaction? Creation of the world by man in the Vedic tradition. By what laws does it happen? How to change the situation in the desired direction in your life? On this and many other things discussed at the meeting with the Kiev Vladimir Kurovskiy hulk "Pocono Family" international center of Slavic Vedic Culture "Generic Ohnište." The conversation recorded 04/13/2012.

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Solar sign

Solar signs or symbols for the most part are all to the same svasticheskim simvolamvliyanii, meaning. Represent the sun, the world of light, solar poetry. In Slavic history, pagan beliefs is one of the most common symbols oberezhnyh characters. Sun-Yarylo one of the main and most important gods of paganism, so the sign, which refers to its elements, is one of the strongest and most powerful.

The vast majority — a cross with curved edges. Denotes the circle and rays that are bent in the opposite direction of the direction of movement. Continuous movement, the process

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The world of the Russian people

Russian people. Photo:

The magnificent collection of quotes on foreigners like the Russian people."The Russian people will never be happy, knowing that somewhere is going injustice" — Charles de Gaulle, French statesman, President of France.

"The Russian people do not need materialistic" values "of the West, did not need dubious achievements of the East in the abstract spirituality, which has nothing to do with reality," — Albert Schweitzer, German-French thinker.

"The Russian people want the truth, and they are looking for it, especially in the life" — Francois de La Rochefoucauld, French writer and moralist.

"Live by

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Decorations should be oberezhnuyu force

For social "protection" it is important that ornament caught the (confusing) view other people take him directly from the power centers. View has its own power and charge state of the individual forms, so there is glare, kind, jealous, etc. But from such a power and protect our jewelry.

Human energy that is contained in the potential (small) state has its own structure and components of which are known to us as the energy meridians and chakra system of man.

Person's energy potential always obvious though perhaps we do not realize that what we see, so we have a

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Choosing the gods we choose destiny

The main holy book of the Jews is the Old Testament. The main holy book of Christians — the Bible, consisting of two parts — the Old Testament (about 80% of the Bible) and the New Testament (about 20% of the Bible.) So, Christianity and Judaism is almost one common ideological tree on which the New Testament — only small twigs and branches. In words, Christians for centuries trying to distance themselves from the Jews, to prove even that they are, with their opposites, at least — two qualitatively different fruit.

Even Christians, do not hesitate to

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Psihokod Bible, the religion of slaves

"Nineteen hundred years ago you were innocent, free, natural pagan race. You prayed to their gods, the spirits of the air flowing streams and woods. You do not blush at the sight of a naked body. You were ecstatic on the field of battle, fighting, fighting spirit. War was the institution of your system. While living on the slopes of the hills and valleys of Mother Nature, you laid the foundations of natural science and philosophy. You had a sensible, noble culture, unalloyed pangs of social conscience and sentimental questions about human equality. Who knows what great and rosy future

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On the creation and destruction of the family

We Lesha married six years ago, and soon the seven years since we live together. The worst thing is that almost all those who were married at the same time with us — or later — already divorced. Almost all have children. And the reasons are different. Some went because he wanted the joys of life on the side. With mom has a little girl. Other divorced, when they realized that marriage aerial any good will not. More precisely, can result if this is something to do. Again, my mother is raising her daughter alone. Third divorced because his

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That we shall be in 2012 and beyond. V.Kurovsky

That we shall be in 2012 and beyond. Results of the trip to India and the revival of Vedic culture in Russia. The concept of rebirth of man. Why is it important to return the power of Roda. The conversation recorded in January 2012.

Russia — the cradle of civilization

European civilization was born in Russia in Voronezh region, about 40,000 years ago

Vedic Russia

To date, the science did not know anything about where, when and how was the formation of the modern man — Cro-Magnon man (Homo sapiens sapiens), with the advent of which begins a new period in the history of mankind — the Upper Paleolithic. It was believed that it began 35,000 years ago. However, recent discoveries of skeletal remains near Voronezh (Kostenki) and tools in the north of the Russian Platform (Mammoth Kuria) belonging is established to be the oldest to date Caucasians, pushed

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