On the Australian golf resort settled man-eater. VIDEO

On the Australian golf kurorote Carbrook Golf Club settled in Brisbane sharks, and the owner has no intention to dismiss. Now this — sight, making the club the only golf course with such serious obstacles for the players, points Sky News.

After one of the sharks were flooding into the lake at the 14th hole — and now lives there about half a dozen sharks bulls. Fish of this species are slow, unpretentious food, but are known for their aggressiveness. It is often the shark bulls appear in reports of attacks on human fish — especially common

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New landslide in Armenia

In Tuesday night on the road leading from the city of Vanadzor in Bagra village, on the Georgian-Armenian border again collapsed.

To arrive at the scene for more rescue teams in place mobilized heavy equipment.

As a result of the landslide on Sunday under the rubble were about 35-vehicles, including trucks.

Injured about 10 people.

They were taken to hospital with injuries of varying severity. Missing still listed five people, including — two citizens of Georgia.

Another two people — a father and son, and Gelu Nukri Surmanidze — was found.

They have returned to their homeland.

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Cyclamen and snowdrops bloom in Sochi ahead of schedule

Voronov cyclamen and snowdrops bloom in Sochi, about seven to ten days earlier than usual, due to the warm weather there are also instances of other early flowering plants, told RIA Novosti Senior Inspector of the Caucasus State Biosphere Reserve Julia Erofeev.

"On the trail in Yew and boxwood grove for 600 meters you can find about 100 cyclamen flowers — I think this is enough. Blossomed as snowdrop Voronov," — said the agency interlocutor, adding that the usual term for these flowering plants — the end of January — beginning of February.

The city can also be found blooming

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Australians caught a man-eating shark

Off the coast of Western Australia in Perth began the hunt for a man-eating shark. In the last weeks of her attacks killed several people. The latest victim was the ogre tourist from the U.S.. Traps with bait placed along the coast of Rottnest Island in the Gulf of Little Armstrong. "There are six lines, lures, each has a large shark hook, we are trying to lure the shark, which is in the vicinity," — said the representative of the Department of Fisheries Western Australia Tony Keppelluti.

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Cold in the Czech Republic


A strong earthquake struck off the coast of Taiwan

Earthquake of magnitude 6 occurred on Saturday morning to the north-east of China Taiwan, the Xinhua news agency reports referring to the State Seismological Service. The epicenter of the earthquake in 09.11 local time (11.05 MSK), with coordinates 25.3 degrees north latitude and 124.1 degrees east longitude at the depth of 130 km. Reports of casualties or damage from the earthquake has been reported.

Scientists dispersed in the stratosphere over the U.S. aerosols that block radiation

American scientists from the Harvard plan in the coming year to experiment spraying sulphate aerosols that block the penetration of solar radiation on the Earth's surface, the newspaper Guardian.

Spraying sulphate aerosols (fine particulate matter) in the lower stratosphere — one of the most popular global geoengineering projects to combat global warming. It is assumed that this will create a screen reflecting solar radiation back into space, and slow the rate of warming. The idea of the project came after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991, when the stratosphere fell 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide.

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Overalls by European standards

What is the image that appears in your head at the mention of the phrase work clothes? Most likely it is dirty pants, smeared with paint and ragged jacket. Such clothes are most often used when it comes time to harvest potatoes in the country. However, if you look at the modern versions of clothing, which is used by the workers, you will see that it looks not only correct, but also stylish! To understand what we mean you just look at the site http://www.spets-odezhda.ru/ and consider several options. To date, even the handyman in construction will not allow himself

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Six Chelyabinsk remain in hospital after being poisoned with bromine

After the leak of bromine at the station Chelyabinsk-Main in the hospital are six victims, said Sunday RIA "Novosti" Chief Medical Officer Gennady Onishchenko. Their condition is satisfactory.

According to him, all containers with bromine unloaded from the train, the question of their disposal. Service regularly investigates air samples for hazard to humans. "There is nothing in the air are released. Samples were collected on the territory of Chelyabinsk and in Kopeyskoye urban district. Excess not" — said Onishchenko.

Recall, on Thursday at 07:35 in the MOE received a message from the duty station manager "Chelyabinsk-Main" that one of the

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The number of springs in Stavropol three years decreased threefold

The number of springs in the Taman and Mamayskom forests Stavropol three years fell three times, up to 46 sources, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the head of city public organization "Environmental Patrol" Andrei Evdokimov.

"In 2008, studies were done, including laboratory, the quality of drinking water in two forests — Mamayskom and Taman. Then there were 154 active spring, at the moment only 46" — said Evdokimov.

According to environmentalist if Stavropol remain only two or three of the spring, and then comes the "moment of X, then the stock of bottled water is hardly enough for the

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