Two tornadoes swept over New York

Two tornado funnel takes in the outskirts of large American cities, damaging power lines and trees scattered around the debris by blowing sand, water, benches, beach gear and rubbish. New Yorkers are still in shock, as they are not used to the weather surprises of this nature.

Fortunately, among the people who have witnessed one, and after 10 minutes of another, more powerful tornado victims. First walked through the funnel of the peninsula Rokeuey called Breezy Point in Queens. According to witnesses, the sound of approaching tornado whistle and roar like a moving train. The second episode has affected

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Explorers in February finished collecting barrels lost in Antarctica

Russian polar explorers at Novolazarevskaya in Antarctica in mid-February to complete the collection of fuels that are lost in May of last year because of a splinter of ice shelf, the press service of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Roshydromet (AARI).

Due to difficult ice conditions in the past, the vessel "Akademik Fedorov" could not get through to the base of the barrier Novolazarevskaya, which was necessary to unload fuel, equipment and products to ensure polar winter. (Barrier base located at a distance of about 85-90 kilometers from the station.)

Russian polar explorers used by Indian counterparts, as

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In the Yaroslavl region are operating rabid fox

Today in the Yaroslavl region recorded twenty-two localities were found in foxes, sick with rabies. Have even been attempts to attack them on the people! The situation is very tense, given that last year at this time there are no known single infected animal. The main carrier of rabies virus — red fox.

— It is a night can go from Rostov to Gavrilov-Yam, especially patients — told City TV Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor gosvetnadzora Yaroslavl region Inna Chikurova. — It does not feel tired, her wild desire of all bite.

Interestingly, the fox itself most often die not from

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Flare on the Sun on September 1,

In Chukotka established abnormally warm weather

At the time, both in the south of the Far Eastern region crack forty-degree cold, north-east of the country the temperature is close to the record high values. The average daily temperature in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug above normal by as much as 20 degrees! Even at night on the Bering Sea coast cold very weak, from 0 to 5 degrees. During the day the temperature in the entire district raised to 0 .. +5. Its such values are observed except in Dagestan.

Install winter regime not give easterly winds, which supply relatively warm air. A rule of the anticyclone

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Volcanic eruption Soputan began in Indonesia, no casualties

MOSCOW, July 3 — RIA Novosti. Volcanic eruption Soputan in northern Indonesian island of Sulawesi began on Sunday morning, the Associated Press reported, citing the head of the agency Volcanological Surono (Surono).

According to him, during the eruption occurred volcanic ash and gases to a height of six kilometers. Volcanologists declared evacuation zone within a radius of 6.5 kilometers from the volcano, but no one was evacuated.

"At the moment, no evacuation was not made, because the nearest town is about five miles from the volcano," — said Surono.

The possible impact of the eruption on flights

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Europe offers winters

If the forecasts of solar activity are correct, then in the coming decades Europe expect snow and cold winters, not global warming. In an interview with the Financial Times, said of the British Meteorological Office Met Office Professor Brian Golding.

The latest research shows that solar activity affects the Earth's climate is much stronger than previously thought. "We believe that about half of the differences in weather conditions between years is a change in the form of solar activity," — said Golding.

The previous two winters that Europe remembers unusually frosty and snowy weather, at least partly due to low

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In Myanmar, there was a new earthquake

In the South Asian country of Myanmar (Burma), again there was an earthquake, this time near the newly-made capital city Naypyidaw. Fortunately, this time there was no casualties and widespread destruction, but not in the earthquake, which occurred a few days ago.

New impetus had power of 4.8 points and there was a 56 km south of the capital city. Data on deaths from a push force of 6.8 points and repeated episodes constantly refined. According to latest information, the cataclysm took the life of 26 people, about 230 were injured. In some places, there is information about the

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More than 60 marine animals delivered to the Dolphinarium in Primorye

Specialists brought to the Dolphinarium near Nakhodka in the Primorye 60 marine animals caught in the northern sector of the Pacific Ocean, according to the regional administration.

In the seaside Dolphinarium, located in the Bay of Nakhodka city district average, received 61 marine animal.

As specified regional administration of the North Okhotsk subarea in Primorye delivered a killer whale, 32 beluga whales, 10 ringed seals. In addition, from the East Sakhalin subarea Okhotsk Sea from the island were brought Seal 10 northern fur seals, and of Chukotka — eight walruses.

"Right now, marine animals are adapting, doing well. Veterinary care

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Eco-friendly batteries will work on plant extracts

A group of scientists working with the City Kollezhd in New York, Rice University and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, has announced that in the near future it will be possible to completely replace our usual lithium-ion batteries for analogs, which are raw materials for the manufacture of herbal extracts .

New eco-friendly batteries will be made with a purpurin, red dye substances extracted from madder root, a common enough herb. Both the purpurin and accompanying natural dyes are molecules whose behavior is very similar to conventional electrodes penlight batteries. Purpurin molecule consists of six-membered rings connected with carbonyl

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