Giant sinkhole in Toronto, Canada

Big failure, reminiscent of the Hollywood film footage covered the road to traffic. According to the preliminary version, the reason for the failure of soil in water damage to underground utilities.

A fire in a national park in Chile destroyed 5.7 thousand hectares of forest

Over 5.7 thousand hectares of forests destroyed by fire raging in the national park Torres del Paine (Torres del Paine) in the Chilean Patagonia, said on Friday channel Univision.

The fire started in the park Torres del Paine on Tuesday. The rapid spread of the fire has forced authorities to evacuate visitors and staff. In the year the park receives about 100,000 visitors from all over the world.

According to preliminary data from the park, which occupies more than 230 hectares, has evacuated 700 people.

"Now the situation is very complicated, we can say that it can take an

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Mutant plant frightened Muscovites

Biologists from the Russian Academy of Sciences will put experiments on genetically modified plants in the center of Moscow. A unique greenhouse, which can simulate any climate, has already started working, but residents of neighboring houses were frightened neighborhood with mutants and came to the rally.

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4.2-magnitude earthquake occurred in northern Italy

Earthquake of magnitude 4.2 occurred on Saturday in the Northern Italian province of Trento and Verona, according to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.

According to the Civil Protection of Italy, clearly felt the quake not only residents of a number of settlements in the immediate vicinity of the epicenter of the earthquake, but also the inhabitants of the more remote cities, particularly Padua and Rovigo.

Hundreds of phone calls concerned citizens to immediately reach the fire department and civil defense. According to local authorities, no reports of casualties or damage from the earthquake has been reported.

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Weather Center promises to heat in the first days of July in central Russia

The first days of July, in the central regions of European Russia are very warm, some days the temperature will reach the 30-degree mark, soobschaetGidromettsentr Russia.

"Calculations of hydrodynamic models of medium is adjusted to warm the beginning of July," — said in a statement.

The heat comes from the subtropical air that will bring Atlantic cyclone. Though the night of July 1 in the CFD will be relatively cold — the temperature in the morning may drop to 5-10 degrees, but the day will warm up to 20-25 degrees. On Monday, the temperature in the central region will rise

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Syria: In Damascus, snow fell

Here is a rarity, even for mountain areas. This storm began in the Syrian capital during the night and continues to this day. Unaccustomed to such weather locals rush to capture palm trees in the snow on a mobile phone camera. According to weather forecasts, winter came to Damascus for a short time, to a maximum of Monday.

Your image of Elena Maximova

Today it is very fashionable to use the services of the image maker Elena Maximova. Imagemaker Elena Maximova at individual shopping accompanied give the right advice and help to take a step towards a proper choice wardrobe. Every customer wants to change his image, and, in parallel, look very fashionable and attractive. However, not everyone knows where to start. There are important aspects of image consulting, analysis, wardrobe and shopping service. Shopping service is a competent and proper selection of clothing, jewelry, accessories, gadgets, shoes and cosmetics to fashion shops of the capital and abroad. In most accompanies shopping service

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Earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred in the Solomon Islands

Earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred on Wednesday in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific, U.S. peredaetGeologicheskaya service.

According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 37 kilometers south-west of the capital of the archipelago — the city Honiara. Hearth tremors occur at a depth of 23 kilometers.

To property damage and no injuries were reported. Warning about the threat of a tsunami has been reported.

Auroras without flares

Against the background of tumultuous events of October this month the Sun is "bleak." No strong flares, spectacular ejections of plasma, high-velocity winds and magnetic storms. But for all that periodically appear aurora.

NASA experts believe that the auroras are a response to variations in the solar wind.

People search on the Internet is faster and easier!

Among the diversity of modern mobile devices occupy a worthy place devices with Android and IOS. On the merits and shortcomings of each of them, a lot to say, but there is one fact that they share this application. Every owner of a smart phone and PDA, "fills" your machine, the most essential and attractive applications for themselves. A list of these applications is largely dependent on the age of the owner and his activities, whether school or work, this is not important. But there are programs that will benefit almost everyone. Such applications include finding people on the Internet

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