Active volcano Semeru. Video

A small increase in the activity of the volcano Semeru watched Indonesian Geological Survey in recent weeks and his danger level was raised to 3, to February 3, 2012 opastno code remained at 2.

For much of the last year there was not much activity:

— C 29 December to 15 January, recorded eight explosions and ash emissions by up to 600 meters. — From January 15-29, were observed only weak explosions and small emissions of steam and ash on 25-50 meters

— Between January 30 and 31 explosions were recorded 5 to 400

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Flooding in Bavaria, Germany

  In Germany Bavaria due to heavy rains the water level in the Danube rose to a critical level. Many highways and flooded basements of buildings.

In Kemerovo region meteorologists recorded a record high temperature of the air

Anomalous heat broke a 20-year record. Last weekend in the Kemerovo region forecasters recorded a record high temperature of the air. Told NGS.NOVOSTI spokesman of the West Siberian Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Renaud Yagudin, in the second half of last week, the temperature in the regions of Western Siberia rose by 5-10 degrees above normal, and on weekends in several regions were beaten temperature records. Thus, in the Taiga Saturday air warmed up to 18.9 degrees, the warmest before Oct. 15 was in 1992 — when the temperature rose to 17.7. In Barzase on Saturday was 19.8, the

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In the U.S., the hungry three times more than in China

The number of Americans who experience difficulties in providing food and medical care, has reached its lowest level since the beginning of the economic crisis. The report Gallup research concluded that the number of hungry people in the United States as a percentage three times more than in China.

According to the experts, the so-called core index of welfare, reflecting the population's access to basic goods and essential services, in September in the U.S. fell to the level of 81.4, reaching the low of the history of such statistics.

The researchers found that the proportion of Americans who can not

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Winter in South America

In South America continues zima.Poholodalo and Chile — the northern regions of the country freeze. Snow also fell on Brazil, Peru and Paraguay.

Locals like it pomnyat.Zdes frosts, but do not last more than one, two dney.No this time severe winter lasts more than a week in the region.

The provinces and Kopayo Cornfield completely destroyed the harvest of early varieties vinograda.Nepogoda found locals vrasploh.U population sunny country simply did not have warm clothes.

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In Europe, came the real winter

Snow-covered road in Bavaria, southern Germany, the temperature dropped to zero degrees

Autumn this year in Europe surprises for a surprise. Two days ago there was a real tropical summer and winter here soon, and the temperature dropped to zero degrees.

Roads in Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, were covered with a thick layer of snow, a phenomenon in October can be seen except in Siberia. With snow on the inhabitants of these countries has fallen cold strong wind. On the road was a large number of accidents as a result of drivers urgently have to readjust to winter

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Khabarovsk counts damage from typhoon

Operational groups Khabarovsk cupola MOE began to clarify the situation in areas of the province after the passage of Typhoon "Bolaven" (Bolaven), began counting the damage, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a representative of the regional management office.

"In all the municipalities continue to work GUMCHS operative groups, victims and victims are not" — said the source, adding that now the typhoon gradually leaves the territory of the region.

According to some data Emergencies Ministry, in the Khabarovsk Territory light due to typhoon disconnected in 14 localities, which are home to nearly 13,000 people.

Power supply four settlements and four

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Magnetospheric anomalies — the compass is behaving strangely


Air traffic in France should return to normal after a snowfall

Air traffic, which was disrupted in France because of snowfall, gradually getting back to normal, it said the largest French airline Air France.

According to the orders of the chief of Civil Aviation (DGAC) of France, on Sunday and Monday because of snowfall airlines have cut about 40% of flights out of Paris Roissy (CDG) and Orly.

"Improving weather conditions this morning made it possible to reduce the risk of flight cancellations and delays," — said in a statement.

According to Air France, on Monday, none of its long-haul flights will not be canceled. In addition, the airline is willing

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Tourist in Australia hands pulled approached the shore shark

Tourist from Wales was able to ward off the threat of bathers on a beach in Australia of people, arms pulled him from the shores of the shark, reports on Monday, BBC broadcaster BBC.

The incident took place on the beach Balkok Beach (Bulcock Beach) in the tourist town of Caloundra (Caloundra), located in the south-east Queensland. Heroic act of 62 years Welshman Paul Marshalsea (Paul Marshallsea) was captured crew of one of the local TV stations, which carried out shooting near the site of the accident.

In the words of the Marshalsea, vacationing with family and friends near the

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