Without doing this, people will repeat the dinosaurs

A group of scientists, described the situation in the oceans processes beginning of the sixth "great extinction", argues the opinion the following facts. In the area of Brazil in January of this year, mysteriously killed 100 tons of sardines. Mangroves that serve as a refuge for many species of fish, shrinking at an unprecedented pace, outstripping the most pessimistic forecasts. Coral reefs could be lost forever during the lifetime of the present generation. The reason for this degeneration is a combination of three main factors that led to the extinction of entire species of fauna in the past. This

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In the south-eastern United States hail the size of a tennis ball

Powerful cyclone covered the weekend south-eastern part of the United States, struck the high winds, heavy rains and hail and tornadoes. Suffered more than the rest of Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina, which had the weekly rainfall for this time of year. According to media reports, on Saturday in the state of Georgia and South Carolina, hail the size of a tennis ball. Fortunately, no one was hurt. People had time to escape, but the cars were seriously damaged and the roofs of houses. According to forecasters, the most dangerous area in the cyclone were Alabama and Georgia. They

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In Santiago declared anxiety because of the deterioration of the environmental situation

Authorities declared the capital of Chile concern over air pollution in Santiago, said on Saturday agentstvoAssoshieyted Press.

Santiago is located at the foot of the Andes, so the exhaust gas emissions and plants literally "plug up" the city.

City authorities have imposed restrictions on emissions of industrial facilities. Santiago also planned to adjust the density of the vehicles.

Particularly strong high level of air pollution in Chile is felt in the winter, which comes to the Southern Hemisphere in June. Environmental degradation contributes to the well-established in the region dry.

In Saratov, a foreign car fell into a hole in the asphalt

Around 12:30 near the building in Saratov Oblast Prosecutor's Office, at the intersection of EF Grigorieva / October, the car "Skoda Octavia" fell through the asphalt.

"In captivity" of the roadway was the left front wheel foreign cars with Chelyabinsk numbers.

As the correspondent of IA "look-info" auto driver Vitaly Zverev, "I missed out on a pedestrian crossing." According to the man, DPS inspectors arrived at the accident scene quickly. To the question whether he had expected in Saratov this "adventure" Vitali said:

'Honestly — no. The more near the regional prosecutor's office. I did not think that there is

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In Khakassia wolves and foxes attacking people and animals

According krsk.kp.ru, in Khakassia increased attacks of wolves, foxes on humans and farm animals. This prevents the State Committee for Protection, Control and Management of wildlife and habitats of the Republic of Khakassia.

Khakassia residents asked to report cases of the appearance of wolves and foxes in the vicinity of human settlements, causing harm to people and animals.

We recall that we have already talked about the fact that because of the risk encounter with a bear sanctuary closed "Pillars". Krasnoyarsk began to see the dangerous predators and close to their dachas.

Experts say that the predators

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Earthquake in south-west Colombia

In the province of Cauca, in the north-western Colombia, the earthquake, which had a magnitude of 7.1. The U.S. Geological Survey initially estimated thrust force of 7.4 points, but later reduced the value to 7.1 points. Despite such a strong push, none of the inhabitants of the province was not injured. Basically, people have described the incident as a fairly confident and clear, visible tremor. Has felt the earthquake around 4315 people.

At the moment, information about large-scale destruction also been reported. The fact that the epicenter of the earthquake quite impressive depth. As reported by the National

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Sinkhole in Canada

7.07.11.V this year Overflowing rivers in the extreme-changing landscape Kanady.Voda slowly grinds Valley and ravniny.Novy failure occurred on the Souris River not far from the town of Souris, Manitoba.

Uploaded gnomegawd, date: 04.07.2011

original: http://readreidread.wordpress.com/2011/07/07/another-manitoba-sinkhole/ From Wikipedia

Suris (born Souris River) — River in Canada, occurring in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as the United States (North Dakota). Originates in southeast Saskatchewan, flows into the Assiniboine River in Manitoba. Length of 720 km. [1] In North Dakota is mentioned under the name Mouse.

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Engineers gathered gigapikselnyh camera

Created a photographic device, forming an image with a large number of mikrofotokamer. Whole panoramic image is created by gluing together all the images. Using 98 cameras with a resolution of 14 megapixels, managed to gain permission to 960 megapixels.

In normal cells is limited by diffraction resolution images on the diaphragm, the diaphragm and the increase in logarithmically growing complexity in the manufacture of lenses. The camera light reflected from an object passes through the first lens is projected onto the hemisphere, consisting of the microchamber. Viewing angle is obtained panorama 120h50?. Dimensions of the device with all the

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In Nicaragua, there was an earthquake of magnitude 4.6

4.6-magnitude earthquake occurred today in the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, the ITAR-TASS news agency. As the representatives of the authorities of the Central American countries, the data on casualties or damage as a result of the disaster has been reported.

According to the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies, the epicenter of the earthquake was located in the Pacific Ocean 183 km south-west of the capital, Managua, at a depth of 14 km.

Hurricane Nadine goes to the Azores

In the eastern Atlantic, is expected next, the eighth hurricane of the season. At the time of his eye is formed over the Azores. Meteorologists are very surprised, because in 2012, the year it will be the second such storm in the same place, which contradicts the statistics.

Experts that monitor the state of Nadine, note that the system has reduced its activity to the level of a tropical storm and will maintain a minimum hurricane status until the middle of the week, despite the fact that the wind speed may slightly fall. The strength of the wind in

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