Monstrous flood destroys Romania

According, most went to the district of Sibiu (Sibiu) in Romania. There gendarmes in a hurry to evacuate people. Indeed, meteorologists were not warned of the impending disaster.

Within 24 hours the sky splashed on Romania about 240 liters of water per square meter. The region Balea Lac has the highest rainfall since 1978.

Ten-stream of dirty water, which was carrying tree trunks and stones, with incredible strength to find their way forward, sweeping away everything in its path. Authorities organized the construction of gravel barriers to block the road to the ponds.

As a result,

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Siberian village covered with hail

In the Amur village hail the size of a quail's egg. In the last week this is the second element in the invasion of the Omsk region.

Within twenty minutes of the Amur village and its surroundings raging elements. Storm accompanied by squally wind, and hail the size of a quail's egg broke many landing near her house.

Currently hail over but storm still continuing, according to our readers. Gardeners and farmers have to assess the damage to the vagaries of nature.

Recall, last weekend element cleared in Odessa region Omsk region. Then a huge hailstones beat

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Ukraine threatens earthquake, like Haiti and Chile

This was warned by specialists from the Romanian Institute for Earth Physics.

According to them, after the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile danger looming over the so-called "zone of Vrancea," which is on the border of Ukraine and Romania in the Carpathian Mountains. This site has already made itself felt in 1940, 1977, 1986 and 1990.

By the force of a new earthquake "Vrancea area" will be more powerful than the element in 1977, while in Bucharest killed 15,000 people.

"The epicenter will be deep in the earth, and the more — the more powerful the earthquake. Feel it

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Flood victims were 94 people in China

BEIJING, June 11 — RIA Novosti, Oleg Ostroukhov. Thirteen Chinese provinces hit by floods in recent days, as of June 11, the victims were 94 people, 78 people were missing, said Saturday the agency Zhongguo sinven referring to the Chinese service of flood and drought.

Under the influence of the mass of cold air on 9-10 June, heavy rains were in the basin of the Yangtze River and Huai River. The level of precipitation at a number of the province of Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has exceeded 200 millimeters. Heavy rainfall led to

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Number of flood victims in China exceeded fifty

Since the beginning of June in the southern and central regions of China, which hit torrential rains have killed 54 people, 32 are unaccounted for. These data are reported, the Headquarters for Flood Control and Drought.

To rescue attracted more than 3 thousand people. Total element disrupted normal life 4.8 million people. The number of evacuated tens of thousands.

Ministry of Civil Affairs has allocated 35 million yuan (5.4 million dollars) to help victims of the 12 provinces. Thus, the most affected southern province of Guizhou, where 21 people were killed, schools are closed, do not work,

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Element befell Leningorsky region of South Ossetia

In Leningor district of South Ossetia evacuated due to flooding. According to Deputy District Sergei Gagloyev, Ahshadur river burst its banks. "At night, June 6 Ahshadur river burst its banks, scoring stones all channels. We have taken appropriate measures — evacuation began at 10 pm, 11 found a breakdown in the main channel. Yesterday all day fighting the elements. Dozens of houses were flooded, "- said Gagloev. As the correspondent of IA "Res" in the MOE RSO because torrential rain washed away nearly all the crops from the fields in the area. "The residents of the area

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Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 occurred in Northwest China

The results of the elements — a large-scale accidents, broken rail, the abolition of entrance exams, students

VLADIVOSTOK, June 9, PrimaMedia. 5.3 magnitude earthquake that occurred on June 8 in northwestern China has provoked a massive accident, violated rail, abolished entrance examinations for applicants, there are victims in serious condition, according to RIA PrimaMedia. The earthquake occurred at 09:53 Beijing time, the county Toksun in Turpan Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (northwest China), said China Seismological Service. Quake epicenter was located at coordinates 43.0 degrees north latitude and 88.3 degrees east longitude, the center lies at a depth of about 5

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Fourteen people are still missing due to heavy rains in China

Heavy rain that succeeded lasted in some parts of China several months of drought have caused floods in Guizhou Province in southwest China's missing among the 14 people, according to Xinhua news agency, referring to the local authorities of 14.00 (10.00 MSK ) Monday. Affected by the disaster, a total of about 130,000 residents 29 towns and townships provinces affected were left without communications, electricity and transport. Element 140 buildings destroyed, damaged crops on an area of about 4 hectares. Direct economic losses exceeded 160 million yuan (25 million dollars). The county level Vanmo same river on Sunday by three

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Tornado destroyed the city of Springfield

Tornadoes in the United States claimed the lives of at least four other people. This time the target was the element of Massachusetts.

New tornadoes devastated the American city on Wednesday night. "It is particularly strong blow came in Springfield" — quoted Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick RIA Novosti. In Springfield tornado uprooting of trees, dozens of homes were damaged. Tens of thousands of people were without electricity. Most affected 19 settlements, including Oxford, Charlton and Palmer.

Currently known about the four dead, accurate data on injuries have been reported yet. One person was killed in Springfield, two — in Westfield,

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In Adygea element ruined crops

As the TVC that hit in late May on the republic flood literally washed away all of spring on more than 11 000 ha, and the only way out for farmers — pereseyat field maturing seeds, the government promised to purchase 13 tons of sunflower seeds and 2 tons of corn

In Adygea element ruined harvest right on the vine. In late May, the republic flood literally washed away crops in an area of 11,000 hectares. Now farmers have to sow anew field with sunflower and corn. Report Ekaterina Belousova.

In Adygea started to count losses that

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